Syreene diaspora
Thing is... we wanted all the choices in one place where we could select one title at a time. This isn't ala carte.... this is having to hit 5 different drive-thrus because your family can't decide on what they want to eat.
@Syreene That's a really good analogy. (Thankfully, because most of the services are launched from the same point -- usually either a smart TV, a Roku, or your phone through a Chromecast -- I'd say it's actually a bit closer to having to order delivery from 5 different places. Which, while still annoying, is at least less maintenance on the car... er, I mean less gas money... er, oh hell, this analogy's gotten out of control. :-) )
@Syreene Also, I see we have a new symphonic metal fan to cultivate over in G+land. Bwahaha.
Syreene diaspora
@Trevor Schadt I'd heard of Nightwish but not that song that you'd posted... thanks for the share!

Nope, nope, nobody I know would possibly be interested in this. I can't hear my wife's squeals of "Corgi!!" from here. Nope. Not at all...
It's known as one of the greatest animes of all time. #netflix #netflixcominc #parrotbebop #bebop #tv #anime #corgi
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