In Memory of Freddie Mercury..

Good Sunday Plusporians!! Got 7 or 8 minutes to kill? Check out this Beautiful arrangement by the Brooklyn Duo joined by the Dover Quartet of Queens' Bohemian Rhapsody. Thank you and have a lovely evening. <3

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Really stunning! I was especially impressed with the violin cum guitar solos.

I will say that it's remarkable the degree to which a strong base line contributes to the overall feel of the music. This felt... "floaty" is the only word I can think of. It was suspended above where the bass line would be, if that means anything. If I didn't know the piece (being of a certain age) I would probably not have noticed.

But overall and certainly on its own it's excellent.
Thank you, @Robert Rowe! I will say, I share in the shivers part. Some real thrills in there.

That's two. Who's three?

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Today's flavor: Authors. h/t David Brin
One of the finest storytellers of any kind, ever. Go read the first page of The Princess Bride. Tonight. To someone you love. I defy you to stop there.

I have hopes that he willed us - at long last - the "Reunion Scene"!
I... did not need to see that right now.

\<mourn> :'(

Stan Lee Dead at 95

Most of you that read this probably also read @Syreene and so have already seen this. But just in case...

Excelsior. h/t the aforementioned @Syreene . #comics #superheroes #MCU #Stan-Lee #celebrity-deaths #rip
Syreene diaspora
I hope he has found his One-Above-All.
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