Dungeons & Dragons never got a proper ending ... until now ... in a car ad.

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I miss gaming. We've fallen into the trap of "we have a toddler, therefore we are no longer independent entities with our own interests." :-(
How To Spot a Dragon Using an Illusion Spell
There are a lot of traps like that. I fell into the trap of we moved and I don't know anyone and stayed there for years. Found a group at work, and then when they fell apart, fell back into that same mindset. #PbF and #Pbem broke me out of that mold. I still haven't tried any live remote gaming platforms, but that seems an option too. I've come to the conclusion that it's just a matter of re-framing what gaming means for your situation, at least for me.
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10 RPGs That Influenced Me

What the heck.

1. D&D - Yes, yes, it's on everyone's list. There's a reason. I got the books from my father's business partner at the time, I ran my first game when I was 6, I brought the books to summer day camp. It's the system that planted the seed.

2. Toon - I used to run late-night (like, 2am) Toon one-shots at a gaming convention I attended in high school. That was a heck of a lot of fun, and where I really learned "when in doubt, roll and shout!"

3. Torg - Where I learned that "mechanics" and "setting" were not inextricably linked. The Torg setting remains one of my favorites. The mechanics, on the other hand, were pretty horrible.

4. Shadowrun - I played in a BBS-based Shadowrun game when I was in high school. It was brilliant. I played a vehicle rigger with a blood-red motorcycle named Bonaparte. I still miss him.

5. Paranoia - Where I learned to stop fearing death. (Fear is not happiness. Happiness is mandator... show more

What?? I liked The Strange. (OK, so I never actually had a chance to play it, but, I mean, I've got the books and everything. When you have a 2-year-old, I'd say that counts!) Balls.

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“After today, we have no immediate plans to publish additional print titles under The Strange logo”
Damn! Have not seen this until now.

I'm currently playing my first campaign with Numenera, and I could clearly see links to The Strange in the story... I guess I will need to use what they have published until now, and move on.

Re: the 2-years-old... Our son is 6, and I'm starting to introduce him to RPGs. "No Thank You Evil",the cypher-system "setting" for the youngest is my next step. tl;dr: They grow up, it gets better (gaming-wise)
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