I really am starting to think I'm not "edgy" enough to read anyone who posts on Mastodon.

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LOL!!! I gave Mastodon almost 2 weeks and I still felt like I was an alien abductee on a foreign planet!! Or, a Cryogenic recipient who just thawed out in the 'future' and couldn't understand the culture of my peers at ALL!!! LOL

On the transparency of blocking

I will preface this by saying that I completely understand why blocking is not a visible thing. I get it, I'm not arguing it. There are unbalanced creepers out there who would probably do something particularly nasty if they knew that the object of their stalking had blocked them.

That being said... I wish I could see when someone had blocked me, because while I might continue to read their posts, I wouldn't bother commenting, or otherwise attempting to engage them in conversation.

Which, aside from "feed" accounts like RSS feeds or news feeds, is pretty much the primary reason why I participate in social media: to engage with interesting people. So knowing whether they're not responding because they aren't seeing my comments, or because they're seeing them and actively ignoring them, or because they're seeing them and just choosing not to respond, would be useful information for me, and potentially beneficial for them.

Like I said, I get it. This is just me musing.

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AFAIK Mastodon is only public posts (i got a warning when connecting with a Mastodon user from Friendica telling me all messages to the Mastodon user would be public)
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