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Instance to consider blocking

I don't normally do this sort of post, but if there's no admin to be found for an instance, and that instance is essentially on auto-pilot with no checks & balances, I don't see any reason to not post about it.

Whoever is in charge of the Diaspora node "" - supposedly "podmin" - and if one signs up to the site, they're directed to email "" - mail is bouncing to them. Can't even direct message that user on the instance.

There seems to be some of the neo-nazi contingent on, so as I can't reach anybody there, I'll be blocking them.


It's not every day that a billing system screws you over so badly it goes from 'all fine' to disabling services.

... Un-thrilled, to say the least.
... 7 hours later and I have yet to receive communication on what happened.

I've created a peertube channel to start archiving bad driving in my neck of the woods...

More bad lane-change cornering

A variety of fun in one video! Follow the van to see that each time they turn on to a new street, lanes don't matter! In fact, at the top of the hill, I have to slam on my brakes because they cut the corner so brutally. Along the drive up the hill, I have to hit the brakes because a newbie doesn't understand that it takes them time to accelerate. (And hey, we have patience for newbies, right?) The van, though... ohhhhh, the van....

iSurf Social Registrations open again!

Hi all!

Well, with some of the bugfixes and improvements that have gone in with system cleanup and performance, I've been able to re-enable some cleanup settings. That, in turn, has led me to re-open registrations for new accounts here.

If you know of anyone who's been looking to give a North American Friendica setup a go, do let them know!

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Of course! Look forward to hearing more about this so we can get it figured out!