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Diaspora & Activitypub relays moved!

Hi all,

If you utilize the Diaspora/Friendica relay at or the ActivityPub relay at you should be aware that they've both moved hosts in the past 24 hours.

Both appear to be running normally at the new host, but if your DNS info is stale, you could have interrupted service until your system or DNS cache picks up on the changes.

Thanks, enjoy!

Gaming & Rocket League

I decided to split off my gaming content to a separate Peertube channel in case anyone likes following that sort of thing. I see little love for #rocketleague around, but it's about the only game I'm in to currently so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

If anyone does play RL and wants to pair up or set up some game, I'm kinetix242

Going to start livestreaming for awhile, and if possible I'm going to keep the stream up for hopefully a couple of hours, whether I'm playing or not


A short bit of Rocket League live streaming about to begin.

For fun I'm going to live stream a short bit of Rocket League play. "Play" is literal, here, I'm pretty basic.

Live Rocket League

Having some fun - Setting this as a permanent livestream location - not sure how that works out so testing to see what it all looks like.
I suppose 20 minutes is a pretty short amount of time for it, but it was fun.

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Do you have kids who like playing or watching Minecraft? Or... do you?

My youngest son has been making YT videos of some various bits of Minecraft he likes to talk about. I've recently been working with him on moving to using Peertube as a primary platform, so he opened his Peertube channel this weekend.

I'm hoping that he will be able to drum up some interest in order to try and have some fun all ages or kids stuff showing up in the video part of the fediverse!
Oh it's definitely quite a game + game system. I'm not much of a gamer and minecraft really hasn't ever been my style, but I've seen some of the things that can be done in it and it's pretty impressive. I wouldn't try to suggest the game is just for kids - but I know lots are in to it and I know one kid really well who loves it.

I'm apparently mostly geared toward games with 'rocket' in the title... years ago I played a fair bit of Rocket Arena in Unreal Tournament. Lately, the only game I've spent any real time in is Rocket League. Best description I've seen of it recently: "Soccer cars vroom"
Have you tried Kerbal Space Program? There are a lot of rockets in it. ?
@Hypolite Petovan @Adam But it's pretty hard for the kids 😀 I usually build the rockets and show them to my daughter 😀
I've only watched other people play, I probably wouldn't personally enjoy the try-and-fail approach of this game.
lol! I'm not sure it's quite my style of destruction, though. Looks like it could be pretty complex.

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Status update?

It's funny, I spend most of my Friendica time working on updates or maintenance, posting or updating issues, and lurking.

Can I just do some self promotion today? I have a silly Peertube account that I'd be happy to have subscribers on, if nothing more than for comments on silly things, help stress-test the instance at times, and just general activity.

Not only have I been really, really impressed with Peertube, but I think it's going to be really necessary to help create a viable alternative to YouTube. I've found YouTube has really been turning in to an advertising-hell wasteland for viewers, and I'm really glad I'm not a content creator, having to fight with ContentID and YouTube's inability to provide people toward problems.