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It's not every day that a billing system screws you over so badly it goes from 'all fine' to disabling services.

... Un-thrilled, to say the least.
... 7 hours later and I have yet to receive communication on what happened.

I've created a peertube channel to start archiving bad driving in my neck of the woods...

More bad lane-change cornering

A variety of fun in one video! Follow the van to see that each time they turn on to a new street, lanes don't matter! In fact, at the top of the hill, I have to slam on my brakes because they cut the corner so brutally. Along the drive up the hill, I have to hit the brakes because a newbie doesn't understand that it takes them time to accelerate. (And hey, we have patience for newbies, right?) The van, though... ohhhhh, the van....

iSurf Social Registrations open again!

Hi all!

Well, with some of the bugfixes and improvements that have gone in with system cleanup and performance, I've been able to re-enable some cleanup settings. That, in turn, has led me to re-open registrations for new accounts here.

If you know of anyone who's been looking to give a North American Friendica setup a go, do let them know!

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Hi, I don't know if this is related with but I have another account on Isurf Social and with that I have difficult to connect. I also request a reset password but I always get:

504 Gateway Time-out

While with this account everything is ok... 🤷‍♂️

Can I send you PM about the other account?

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Of course! Look forward to hearing more about this so we can get it figured out!

About to enforce network post expiry toward more users

Starting to get more active here again so I just saw this. Thanks for the heads-up @">Anadam :-D . Expiring network posts make perfect sense, I was scared for a bit that you meant our own posts expire ;)

If there's any way for users to chip in for iSurf upkeep that woud be really cool. I wouldn't mind paying a couple of bucks a month like I do for my Mastodon accounts.
I didn't respond to this comment? Wow, I was positive that I had. My apologies!

I should have said that I had thought about this along the way, and had started looking in to it, had setup Liberapay and then let it fall off my radar.

I do intend on double checking on everything and I suppose putting up the information on how people can donate. Thanks very much for the suggestion, too!

About to enforce network post expiry

@">Anadam :-D
Thanks for the heads-up. I must have set this when I first signed up, without thinking of the consequences. I'll change it now.
Hey @Garry Knight - heh, I had modified the settings yesterday to where they should be, and now you have no expiry settings enabled. The settings that were in place were the defaults from when you signed up, I believe, so it's not anything you did prior to today.
Just because I can see this post, which means my opinion got polled, even if only unintentionally, I'll throw in my 2 pennies.

Ironically, when G+ got nuked, my cynical sense of "digital permanence" went with it. Cynical, in that with so many services like Google digitally crawling the web and copying and archiving very-nearly everything, I naively thought they'd just leave it up, and the thousands of value-added comments attached to my blog would last a while. They didn't even last five years.

So, I have a bit of fatigue, I guess, and think a shelf-life of anything posted here makes sense as is part of the natural ecosystem.

I also think it's really cool that you asked people first.