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User with issues un-friending accounts

!Friendica Support

I have a user on the system who's having difficulty removing contacts. One contact is a twitter account, the other contact tried is a local account. The user gets the error "The form security token was incorrect. This probably happened because the form has not been submitted within 3 hours."

As this issue seems to be consistent for them, what should I do next?

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Hmm, this should had been solved in that version. Did this happen with deleting or unfollowing?
This is just unfollowing.
Question is, which function has he taken? In that version we had both options. This "form security" thing is a frontend thing, so the chosen function does matter.
OK, thanks for the clarification, I'll double-check. I just did an unfollow-and-then-delete on a contact, which worked, and a delete on a follower account, which worked as well. They were both Diaspora accounts.

I will get more info.
It could be a theme thing.
OK, more info: The user is using frio, and was hitting the big 'X' link in the user card on a group page, ie: /group/none

That seems to me to not be either an unfollow or delete action, but more of a group management action. However, I believe that's where he was hitting the form security token issue.

iSurf Social updated to new stable release

!iSurf Support

Hello all!

I'm pleased to announce that our instance has been updated to the latest Friendica stable release, 2021.09. The release announcement is linked below.

If you encounter any issues, please speak up!

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Do you appreciate your local fedi admin?

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Believe it or not, we already have several systems dealing with nodes coming on and off, and sometimes re-on. We have pretty long forgiveness delays so records of truly dead nodes stay for a long while.
Oh sure... I wasn't terribly specific there, probably should have made mention more on the activity relay code, at least in respect to this minor issue alone.

iSurf Social updated to the latest Friendica release candidate

!iSurf Support

Hi all!

Once again we're in to a new release cycle and we're testing out the new release candidate. If you notice any issues with the system, please let me know!

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Hi all... It's been a few days since I pulled the RC updates. Just did so, was a fairly big bunch of updates & fixes.

Do let me know how things seem for you!

Any known current issues (or recently resolved) with Friendica dev storage cleanup?

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Now we have an open Issue: 10732

Updated to the new Friendica stable!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I've updated the software to the newly-released Friendica stable code. Please let me know if you notice any issues!

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via #bittorrent?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!

Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!
Poster of the raven from the Sci-Hub logo perched atop the ruins of JSTOR, Elsevier and Springer tagged "To remove all barriers in the way of science!"
SciHub has been creating the urgently needed pressure to fix the broken, money-grabbing system that is the scientific publishing process. This is helping not only push a public-money-public-knowledge agenda but, in the end, helps good scientific practice of knowledge sharing.
Exactly. Science can't be put behind a paywall but should be freely shared – that's the mission. >:3
Thats why, we pubish #OpenAccess ! 🤘
Alexandra commented to the topic.
This toot links to a telegram post.
(Deepl, gives a roughly good translation.)

TLDR: She sais Sci-hub is not in danger. But backups are always good.

Do you have kids who like playing or watching Minecraft? Or... do you?

My youngest son has been making YT videos of some various bits of Minecraft he likes to talk about. I've recently been working with him on moving to using Peertube as a primary platform, so he opened his Peertube channel this weekend.

I'm hoping that he will be able to drum up some interest in order to try and have some fun all ages or kids stuff showing up in the video part of the fediverse!
Thanks for sharing this, @Adam. My grandson is 10 and loves Minecraft. I'll get him to look at your son's channel for some interaction. What do you think of Roblox for this age? Or Among Us?
Oh boy, I really do have to get after fixing up whatever I did to my Peertube instance - my son's channel is there, but most, if not all, of the videos just aren't playing at the moment (I had to do some odd storage shuffles a few weeks ago and I know I broke it as part of that, but once I noticed the issue I just haven't had time to fix it up yet) I'll hang on to this thread and let you know when things are playing there again.

I know my boys have had some fun with both Roblox and we played Among Us together several times, but they seem to have gone by the wayside fairly quickly. However, they both seem to be fairly good for that age group (I didn't see much in the way of shenanigans the few times I had my eyes on them, but do take that assessment with a grain of salt)
@Adam, I'll check back. Thanks!

I know there's a chat function on Roblox. The grandson usually doesn't want to hang with a group and talk. He likes being solitary, for the most part. I asked him to open up the chat (he wants me to watch him play - bonding 😀 so I could see what they talk about. It looks like they speak in code sometimes. From what I know, it's monitored.

So funny about your son making videos. My grandson always pretends we're making YT vids when we have adventures. He and I found about 8 four-leaf clovers and one five. He had to reenact the whole event on video. He has the dialogue, expressions, everything down pat. lol