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About to enforce network post expiry

@">Anadam :-D OK...running my backup program now...hopefully the only way you noticed was me telling you :)
Yup, very little noticed on the monitoring graphs!
That's good to know. The query performance was abysmal. I think it's doing full table scans so that's putting some load on the server. I posted some data to the Friendica matrix channel. Here's the plot of the queries. Average is 10 seconds with the median at over 7 seconds. Also weirdly it's not always returning the 20 requested max posts so I'm not sure if I'm actually getting all of them except for the fact that it is *consistently* returning less than the requested number on the exact same pages:
Unfortunately, we do filter some posts after the query is performed based on user settings. The query has a limit of 20 results returned, so the final result may have less.
What other filtering would that be? The documentation doesn't say that 20 is the absolute limit btw. I just happened to set it to that explicitly even though it was the default.
If I remember correctly, the user blocks. And I didn't mean that 20 was the absolute, I just was speaking in your case.
What are "user blocks"?
Users blocking contacts.
Ah got it. That doesn't make sense in the context of querying against my own posts though. I'm running the query "api/statuses/user_timeline?user_id=<userID>&count=<count>&page=<page>"
Indeed, I'm not sure what other shady filtering we do between the query and the output but I'm not surprised.
I don't find that encouraging :). The good news is that from my limited sampling it appears that the drop outs were consistently on the same page so I'm not missing posts. The other weird thing that happened was comments on comments were being returned in the query for posts by the looks of it. Not sure why.
A lot of things in Friendica aren't encouraging, but I believe we are fixing them one by one. One day...
...and done now...

Hey, I got an email notification for this one. Just FYI.
Perfect, thanks for the clarification John!
@Adam Clark I didn't receive this notification, not on Friendica and not in email. I did however find your message about the server move in the spam folder, so that's what may have happened with the other one as well.
Hey @Gidi Kroon - I see no email was attempted toward you for this post. Do you have email notifications on for being tagged in posts in your Notification settings?

The other email about the server move was a bulk email to all, so a bit of a different function compared to the tags in this post.
Oh, and one further item - does your 'spam' or 'Junk' email get marked up enough to know why it wound up as such?

Misfiling stuff as junk & spam is super annoying to poor little mail admins (like myself) who have their SPF, DKIM and DMARC stuff all going and are running super clean servers.


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Twidere malfunctioning - maybe non-coincidentally?

@Adam Clark Clear the cache in the Twidere settings (somewhere in storage settings), close the app, open the app.
This bug is so annoying that I stopped using Twidere.
Yeah, that was one of the first things I did. I have resolved the non-Twitter issues with it by re-installing the app (so much fun, of course!), which of course has meant starting from scratch again. At least with the fresh start, I can see that it's Twitter consumer/API key stuff is what's causing the problem there, and all I need to do is setup the devel stuff at Twitter (eye rolls!), heh.


Goodbye, OpenSUSE, hello again Debian

For the past few years, after getting away from Gentoo on nearly all systems in my house, I settled on OpenSUSE on my primary workstation, partially due to my being familiar with it once prior, and also it appeared that the project had continued heading in a pretty good direction.

After not too long, however, and I think it was the upgrade from the first Leap 42.X to the second, things started to break on the desktop, which I was surprised and a little disheartened with. I don't have the time for narrowing down bugs on my desktop that I used to have.

I put up with it for a couple of years, wound up on the 15.X Leap series, wound up using their separate KDE repository, etc, and things never went back to just normal stability, something was always broken, some revisions of this or that were more or less broken than the last.

I gave up last week, after having several stellar years of Debian on laptops (never mind the server reliability), I decided I'd put it back on the desktop as well.

Sure feels a lot snappier than OpenSUSE did, too, but it's early days.
I concur, had a problem with Debian on my RPS, switched to Devuan and problem gone.
You know, I had thought about that not too long ago and completely forgot....

The only problem is, I feel like I *must* continue to get familiar with systemd, much as I dislike it.
I see. You made a good choice with Debian though.


So disappointed with the status quo here in Canada. An in awe with the popular vote. Why do so many Canadians think we're in a 2 party system? Fuuuuuuuuck...
Okay, I mean the same. :-) Here are not just #SPD and #CDU/#CSU but also #DieLinke and #Gruene and #FDP. Not that most of them are any better than the 2 famous, but they are there in the #bundestag .
We definitely have better parties here. The petro-state is sure doing a great job of keeping everyone dumb here.