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A quick post so I have at least a status!

Hi there. I'm a crazy Canuck who's been doing internet service engineering, support, management, consulting and whatnot for about 25 years. Linux system administration and networking have been a huge part of this adventure.

I'd been reading about these federated social network platforms for quite some time, but as I've never been much of a 'social network' type of person - at least not in the way that it's been used popularly, such as ogling over a celebrity, spreading false information faster than the old e-mail chains, or posting pictures of meals, I'd never found much motivation to tinker with these platforms. I decided recently to kind of 'check up' on what the state of these platforms were in, and wound up digging in. It's been a bit of an adventure, and I'm keen on the idea that we can all help make them better.

So, here we are, we've got Friendica going, and I'm hoping we have a long, fun and fruitful relationship!

Welcome to Diaspora!
You should have tagged this post as #newhere
If a post isn't tagged, it's almost invisible. Don't know how @Passagier 451 has found you, but I have found you through his reshare only.