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About to enforce network post expiry toward more users

No idea about the privacy settings, but I'll jump on board and publicly support the policy change, and support your very thoughtful efforts to notify people. Kudos! :)
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Starting to get more active here again so I just saw this. Thanks for the heads-up @">Anadam :-D . Expiring network posts make perfect sense, I was scared for a bit that you meant our own posts expire ;)

If there's any way for users to chip in for iSurf upkeep that woud be really cool. I wouldn't mind paying a couple of bucks a month like I do for my Mastodon accounts.


About to enforce network post expiry

@">Anadam :-D
Thanks for the heads-up. I must have set this when I first signed up, without thinking of the consequences. I'll change it now.
Hey @Garry Knight - heh, I had modified the settings yesterday to where they should be, and now you have no expiry settings enabled. The settings that were in place were the defaults from when you signed up, I believe, so it's not anything you did prior to today.
Just because I can see this post, which means my opinion got polled, even if only unintentionally, I'll throw in my 2 pennies.

Ironically, when G+ got nuked, my cynical sense of "digital permanence" went with it. Cynical, in that with so many services like Google digitally crawling the web and copying and archiving very-nearly everything, I naively thought they'd just leave it up, and the thousands of value-added comments attached to my blog would last a while. They didn't even last five years.

So, I have a bit of fatigue, I guess, and think a shelf-life of anything posted here makes sense as is part of the natural ecosystem.

I also think it's really cool that you asked people first.


Hey, I got an email notification for this one. Just FYI.
Perfect, thanks for the clarification John!
@Adam Clark I didn't receive this notification, not on Friendica and not in email. I did however find your message about the server move in the spam folder, so that's what may have happened with the other one as well.
Hey @Gidi Kroon - I see no email was attempted toward you for this post. Do you have email notifications on for being tagged in posts in your Notification settings?

The other email about the server move was a bulk email to all, so a bit of a different function compared to the tags in this post.
Oh, and one further item - does your 'spam' or 'Junk' email get marked up enough to know why it wound up as such?

Misfiling stuff as junk & spam is super annoying to poor little mail admins (like myself) who have their SPF, DKIM and DMARC stuff all going and are running super clean servers.