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Laurel elevation

As we weren't initially sure of the elevation date for Elizabet Marshal, it's going to be at Mudthaw. :)

Gabrielle and Beth, wiry assistance by John Marshall.

oh geez. ick. sounds like no one was home or hurt at least.

Bang & Olufsen was founded by a couple of Danes. Those would be bynames. Nice to see it pushed back.

Bad Ideas - SCA heraldry/onomastics

So I had a totally Bad Idea last week or so.

(1) Submitters often want bynames ("last names") with specific meanings. e.g,, "I am a fighter. I want something like Longsword!"

(2) Our sources are mostly masses of names that are not organized by meaning. I think we only have 1-2 books specific to descriptive/occupational terms, and they're both English. For almost everything else, it's a matter of hoping we can find something by looking up the modern term or its root.

(3) I decided that I had a lot of music-related bynames, so I'd do an article on that, crossing multiple languages. Not meant to be complete, by any means, but something to help people.

(4) So then there was this bottle of wine.

(5) I decided, "Hey, I've done the bards!"

(6) ...

(7) I've now started a series of articles breaking out occupational/descriptive bynames by player class, and also follow-on "modules" for NPCs, travel terms, weapons & equipment, and quests/encounters. The idea is that I or others can add more languages, etc as we mine the sources. It's m... show more

Next: a character sheet for the ek wiki

Oh, the D&D households we could have...

I just found the phrase "the Petition of the Governor and Company of the Adventurers of the City of Westminster..." dated 1646.

Source: Journals of the House of Lords, Volume 8 (

I would argue that "Company of Adventurers" is a generic identifier... :)

One certainly could. But at least no one has tried to register one of these.
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Lovely tale

This lovely story/eulogy comes from Twitter (no login needed). You'll need to open it to see the full thread.

Twitter: antoine h. on twitter (Antoine H.)

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Just received a few pairs of white linen drawstring pants for $23-ish each that fit me perfectly. (The Amazon Essentials brand, of all things.)

Now I want to run out to get some dyes to make them not white. Because Pennsic mud.

And a pair of black ones arrived too. They were out of most colors. I only ran into them because BJs was carrying a brand of linen-cotton striped pants, but were out of my size, and I was looking for them elsewhere.

It looked interesting, until I saw the prices. (though I'd love to go)

Welcome to today’s B’way and tour prices.


The comic book nerd in me is dancing because Gail Freakin’ Simone just followed me on Twitter.

Another sad day

RIP Kazuhiko Katō, a.k.a. Monkey Punch. I will always be a fan of Lupin the Third. Time to reread the manga…

While poking around Kickstarter

I found this RPG on Kickstarter. PDF versions of the new game and the original, and then discount codes for the actual printed matter should I like them.

For fans of Cheapass Games

Kaja Foglio posted this on today's Girl Genius:

Back in the early 1990's, when Magic the Gathering was new, Phil and I shared a house with James Ernest and Carol Monahan. James created Cheapass Games during that time, and now, nearly thirty years later, he's putting out a gorgeous, huge, bound collection of all the games. He's also writing up notes on the inspiration behind the games, and some of the history connected with them. It's going to be fantastic. I've got a sample chapter sitting in my living room, and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest. I've watched the company grow and change over the years. It's hard to believe it's been so long, I can still hear the paper cutter going as James cut out endless playtest cards. Their Kickstarter begins on April 1, I'll post a link to it when it goes live. I hope you'll all check it out, it's not our company or product, but it has been a huge presence in our lives!

And... it's already funded.

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I knew James Ernest back when I joined the SCA in the Barony of Three Rivers lo many years ago. This takes me back a while!

I didn’t realize he was a Scadian.