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Sen. Graham explicitly stated that the courts are going to decide the election:

“As a Republican, I am ready to accept any decision of the court as to the outcome of the election and there is no alternative than a peaceful transition of power.” (on Fox)

Can we actually call this treason yet?


I've been in Twitter jail all day. Should be back up by 10 pm.

Apparently, calling out would-be despots for wanting to harm journalists = harassment. Who knew?

@ThoraSTooth - There was a comment that said this is reflecting tonal inconsistency in the original. What do I know from Anglo-Saxon poetry?
OK, if that's the case no problem. A-S poetry is not my gig either. :-)

Payroll taxes

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I wish I could be surprised that something that came out of his face hole is just worse and worse the more you look into it.

PSA for New Yorkers

You CANNOT vote absentee in NY unless you are physically absent or ill.

The COVID excuse ONLY covered the primary. It is NOT in effect for the general election, barring an additional order or legislation.

Do not apply for an absentee ballot unless you meet the usual requirements. I am told it is a felony to vote absentee when you are not entitled to do so.
I am going to early vote. That is something we definitely have!
NY's early voting is still a bit of a mess. Some counties only have 1 location for early voting in the whole county.
That said, I will actually not be in NY on election day. So, I've already requested my absentee ballot.

I needed this

Today started off on the wrong side of the bed. ARGH! ANNOYED! FOR NO REASON!

But my guy ordered me pancakes and bacon from a local café, and thanks to Twitter, I have discovered a YouTube reaction video channel that really hit the spot today.

There is something about seeing people discover music that is new to them and take joy in it. And the fact that they don't approach the song suggestions as jokes. They are completely earnest in their reactions and appreciation for things that are classics to us (Queen, Radiohead, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, etc).
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I love these guys. My introduction to their channel was the reaction video for "Jolene" 😊❤
Help! I'm streaming and it's past my bedtime!

This showed up about six places on my feed about the same time so I had to give it a try. I love how much of a natural rocker one of them is, and how much he appreciates Aerosmith. But this is the channel that keeps on giving, and I'm having to drag myself away. I already have a mental queue for tomorrow!


Paging @ThoraSTooth...

I gave one of the heralds on my Discord server an article by Eva Andersson Strand that she had been trying to find online (Tools and Textiles –Production and Organisation in Birka and Hedeby from these proceedings:

Do you have experience with this author? Any critiques/cautions I should pass on?
(Also, I grabbed her article on Now there's a fun rabbit hole. :)

Oh what in the nine hells...

I think I made the right decision to quit FB over 10 years ago.
Is it the cascading SCA shitstorms or the site / platform / algorithms confirming your wisdom today?
I have never had an account. Sometimes I regret it. Rarely.

Finally something good this year!

Angry... (Flames... on the side of my face...)

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"He also said the rule could save hospitals and insurers and others $2.9 billion over five years since they will be relieved of the requirement to print notices of nondiscrimination in several languages"
Yeah. Sure. That's why health care is so expensive. The printing costs. Definitely.
Theocratic POS.

"Religious freedom" does not include forcing other people to suffer for your beliefs.


My parents have made it home after wintering in FL. They delayed their return this year due to the pandemic. They had to push through the last 4 hours or so of the trip because WV's restrictions meant they couldn't stay.

She said hardly anyone in the south was wearing a mask.
I suspect that Western PA (like upstate and southern tier NY) benefited from being in a state that had localized large outbreaks elsewhere. Since most control measures were implemented on a state-wide level.
No doubt. Also not much in the way of population density.

Things that are helping with isolation

I'm an introvert. Sometimes I slide over to the ambivert side, but mostly not.

So I'm ok with staying at home, but I still need interaction.

I am sooooo glad I started a Discord server. I've got heralds from as far as Drachenwald and Lochac. We could stand to get a few more. We're discussing everything from heraldry (duh), scribal arts, ongoing projects, games, food/drink, peerage/award-related topics, politics, a little bit of textile arts (could use more!), and everything in between. We have zerged commentary and held online classes.

It's been nice. And now I feel like I know more of these folks a bit better. These nerds are my people.
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Yeah, it's mostly heralds, but we aren't exclusionary, @Richild.
Ok, Thank you. (god I miss my office, at least there were people there)., I have you among my contacts on discord, I'll reach out to you over on that platform.

For the Pennsylvanians
Wow. Next thing you know, they'll let you buy your wine and cheese in the SAME store! :-)

However, I find it interesting to note that they do not appear to have included the restriction that NY did. Under NY's alcohol-to-go regulation, it must be sold along with food (although enforcement appears to be nil).
Oh, we can buy wine, beer, and cider in grocery stores now. They just have to have a separate checkout lane for them.

What a bunch of incompetent fools.


It was just announced that Hugh Casey, who had been involved with Philcon for so many years, passed away today following a brain bleed after a recent surgery.

Details are on FB for those who want to see them.
I lost track when LJ folded.
Yeah, I think that was a big part of it for me too.

Product recall

Cooking in Isolation

This is what we made the other day. Extremely tasty.

We substituted roast turkey because we needed to use it up, and topped with some chopped onion & chili-lime hot sauce because that's what we had on hand.

Quite tasty, and looking forward to trying it again sometime, but using the chicken as directed.
That sounds delicious, although with my two having dairy sensitivities I think I'd wind up eating most of it.

It's giving me a hankering for green chicken posole, though. :-)

For Boston area folks

Twitter: Perry Russom NBC10 Boston on Twitter (Perry Russom NBC10 Boston)

Dropkick Murphys

DKM live-streamed a concert from Boston (just with no audience) rather than not have the concert.

Skip ahead a few min past the trailer, etc:

Brilliant! (NSFW due to language)

Filtered word: nsfw

For Apple Card holders

For medicinal purposes, I'm sure
Tuesday I think? Regardless, we have secured vodka for making alcoholic ice cream :)
Ha! I bought my house because of its wet bar, so we are fully stocked.

Gonna go stir crazy

I had an ill cashier at Target a few days ago. Whee?

I skipped going to D&D (very small group) yesterday. I had a scratchy throat and that headachy feeling you get like when you start to get a cold. It's probably just my allergies, but just in case...

And it doesn't help that my small bronchial tubes have been hating me ever since I was sick in January with a nasty respiratory virus. Had a less than great peak flow test a week ago, and get to continue with the extra steroid inhaler.
zen hugs incoming. That stinks.
I don't like asthma affecting my life, but asthmatics are a high risk group. Sigh.

Also, teen has a sore throat too.

This is fine.

No disrespect to Kusher's brother's FIL, but WTF???

Today's playlist

For some reason, I decided I needed to hear this today. (Trigger warning: sexual assault) I hadn't watched the video before today. It has some really nice moments.
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So it appears that I'm finally taking a student/protégée: Lady Joscelin le esqurel got thrown under a bus by her wife, and is now my nerdling.

Me: Hey, Alana (wife), who is your Peer again?
Alana (wife): Mael Eoin.
Me: THAT's right.
Joscelin: *mutters* Because you didn't grab them fast enough!
Me: Hey, I was free-range. I have no idea how these things work, what the protocol is....
Alana: Hey, you should take Joscelin. She needs a Peer.
Me and Joscelin: Ok!

A day later, an illuminated letter was in my in-box with a formal request. It made me weepy. I just fired off a reply in Middle English. I got back a "Squeee!"

Discussions need to happen so that we can formalize expectations, when to make it "official", and the like, but looks like all will be well.
Wonderful, congrats!

Quite a day

Kitsune, my Office Cat and nap buddy, joined her brother Gilgamesh over the rainbow bridge today.

Also, IEP meeting for the teen.

Also, a contractor on whom we rely to get shit down with a document management system is leaving the contract next week.

So it was a lovely day.

Laurel elevation

As we weren't initially sure of the elevation date for Elizabet Marshal, it's going to be at Mudthaw. :)
Gabrielle and Beth, wiry assistance by John Marshall.