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#Brazil #Lula Oh, I'm sure there is nothing to see here, right? 🙄 | Brasil Wire

#WTO Presented by, Community Alliance for #SocialJustice, UFCW 21 & Town Hall Seattle. Co-Sponsors: Earth Care not Warfare, LELO, Puget Sound Sage, PSARA, Tools for Change, WA Fair Trade Coalition. Recorded 11/30/19… via @YouTube

Hm Wonder who's invisible ✋ is behind this? 🤔🙄🤐

#MicroDosing #LSD #selfhelp Looks interesting — haven't viewed it yet myself, but will! Any experiences?

More and more people in Germany are discovering what’s known as microdosing in order to be the best they can be. Every three days, a 28-year-old man takes his LSD out of the freezer and slowly lets the ice cube containing the drug melt on his tongue. He’s taking ten micrograms of LSD. He learned about it online and says the allegedly harmless dose makes him feel more focused, productive and empathetic.

The trend from Silicon Valley is an open secret at many innovative start-up companies. Paul Austin, who’s something of an LSD guru in Silicon Valley says, "People who responsibly take psychedelic drugs in microdoses will rule the job markets of the future.”

But others are sceptical. They warn about self-medication, saying there’s no way of knowing the LSD’s concentration. If things go wrong, psychoses and persistent sensory disorders may follow. But this documentary shows there is more to it. After years of being locked away with the poisons, 'acid' is back and a hit among a new generation of researchers and doctors. Some
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Exactly! Let's hear it for the #LabourParty and Mr. Corbyn!

#BlackPanthers “Agent Provocateurs are used today in the same capacity.” Don't be fooled America! It happened in Ukraine too and elsewhere recently! via @YouTube

#GeoPolitics: Dr Marcus Papadopoulos discussing Hong Kong, NATO and the terror attack ... via @YouTube