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More Trump B$: Hospital Ship in NYC Harbour has a total of 20 Patients - None of them COVID-19 Infected

Twitter: Dan Cohen on Twitter (Dan Cohen)


ETTV Moves to New Domain

wooohoo 👍👌😂🤗

Quite a few of these have answers. Lol.

10. Why to people yell into their cell phone if the call is long-distance?


#Canada and the Ukrainian Nationalists (Fascists)


NYC Elite are Annoying Regular Citizens of the Hamptons During this Crisis
Ya' that was a creepy one!


Nobel laureate leads push for simple made-in-Canada ventilator - The Globe and Mail

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China Shipping Emergency Supplies to the US.

I trust American's will remember this, next time your leaders paint China as the evil one!

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Black irony!
Very ...


Free Breathing Org
# is a not-for-profit solution to the acute lack of respirators for the rapidly growing number of COVID-19 patients around the world.

VentilatorPAL is a high-quality but low-cost, open source ventilator that can be bought or built by anyone for a fraction of the cost of commercial ventilators.

Order yours today or download the schematics later this week to build your own. Or donate to support us as we design, test and manufacture ventilators for the global community.


CBC Interviews Middle Aged Woman who has Survived COVID-19


We are a group of scientists, engineers and clinicians who have created an online screening tool to provide information on COVID-19. This app is designed to help increase awareness and flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19 by informing Canadians and healthcare systems of relevant information.

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Cuba does develop the vaccine for coronavirus and has one of the most advanced public health systems in the world, whether Brazilian newspapers like it or not
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@Steve I haven't got that far other than I've heard of them all, but anything I guess that will work will do. I just recently thought to look for something other than Android and that is the best I've heard of so far.
@Dwayne Parsons Cool. I've got an old phone here, (Nexus 5) that I'm going to use UBports to install the Ubuntu Touch (Unity 8) on it for giggles, sometime. Should be interesting ....
UB ports has an installer available via Snapcraft.


Landlords booting out nurses over coronavirus fears — and grocery workers could be next

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[attachment type='link' url='' title='Landlords booting out nurses over coronavirus fears — and grocery workers could be next' image='']Nurses are reporting that their landlords have kicked them out of their homes over concerns about coronavirus contamination.[/attachment]


H/T @Hank G

# @Hank G


More on the Situation in #Bergamo Italy


"It takes a lot of balls to be a spy" Someone mentioned in the Youtube comments. Another said "That's just nuts." 😅
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No, the link became invalid when I loaded...

Here, it's going pretty well, still a few morons who don't care about isolation but overall, it's going well!
I only spend a little time on D*, too recurrent as a subject... :(

How about you, @Steve? I saw on the news that Toronto is deserted, it's strange to see empty streets!
How about you, @Steve? I saw on the news that Toronto is deserted, it's strange to see empty streets!

It's a weird feeling to see a deserted street here, I'm right downtown. Unreal how silent it is ...
Yes, I imagine! Enjoy it because it will probably be the only time you will see it


The Colombians Facilliating this Shite, Again!

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#Assange Has an Important Date With the Court Today.

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#Brazil: Both the UK and the USA Meddle in Brazilian Politics
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Fascinating article - I think Brazil has a Sociopath as President!

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Looks like a good watch.


Protective Equipment for our First Responders is in Short ReSupply


The Political Uses of Pandemic