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"It’s a mark of tyranny to prosecute reporters who truthfully report on government corruption."

When Computer Crimes Are Used To Silence Journalists: Why EFF Stands Against the Prosecution of Glenn Greenwald

This week, prosecutors in Brazil filed a criminal complaint against Glenn Greenwald, an internationally lauded jo
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Must be Caturday somewhere now

My two Tom's - Father & Son. They get along pretty good since they're 'fixed'. When they're frisky, both of 'em are scoundrels. This is the scene pretty much every morning when having my coffee.

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Hedges details what a real prosecution of our Presidents would look like.

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Journalist Chris Hedges describes what's happened so far in the Senate's impeachment trial.

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cool beans!

and, they'll be biodegradable, unlike the polyester fibers currently polluting the planet.

^^ Hhahahahaah! Never forget the roll away from the conveniences!

Citizen science traffic monitoring with Raspberry Pi

Homes in Madrid, Dublin, Cardiff, Ljubljana, and Leuven are participating in the Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport (WeCount) project, a European Commission–funded research project investigating sustainable economic growth.

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Crazy Innit?!

wait...what? ?? oh doesn't the usa and tons of amex complain socialist countries doing this type censorship. hypocrisy is rampant in the usa.

yup. Orwellian, almost Kafkaesque.

# # # This is despicable — US law enforcement shouldn't have this power on Canadian territory. Why is the PM lying about this?! via @YouTube
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The Reality Game: How the Next Wave of Technology Will Break the Truth.

Higgins is a sideshow.

The Washington Post. The New York Times. The Clarion-Ledger. CNN. ABC. OAN. It's a long list. All essentially written by The Ministry of Truth. That was what Dr. Ulfkotte was talking about. He published his book in English as well (try to find a copy)

Washington Post == Bezos Blog. Bezos supplies cloud computing for what agency, again? Hillary's bathroom email server was child's play by comparison.

@J R Yup I was aware of Dr. Ulfkotte prior, in fact I've posted about him. :-)
@J R

He must be a male ;)

Hope so for its sake! :-)

Badass Cyclist Gets the Better of Bike Thief!

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only if they are taken off duty ... removed from service (so if you're no longer useful I guess) ... we don't care if we take out whole families at weddings ... but I guess they weren't useful to begin with

@Xenophrenia True, but who knows with the 'fog of war'. Studies have shown that in warfare, injuries are more effective than just killing. It takes more men of war to care for injured soldiers than dead ones. ;-) I've seen figures that one injured NATO soldier, takes 5 out of action.