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#SouthAmerica #Venezuela: This is criminal in my opinion, what the US is allowing happening at #Citgo. It's clearly the property of the #Maduro #Venezuelan government!…

#Venezuela: Authorities have issued International arrest warrants for #Saboteurs alleged to have sabotaged the Venezuelan electrical grid




#Censorship We're adults we don't need the government of the day telling us what we can see or watch! What's the US government afraid of? That their propaganda won't work against the back of this organization? Shame on #Google!


The current US Secretary of State tells A&M audience how they lied, stole and cheated under his leadership at the #CIA. Of course, he's doing the same in his current role, in my opinion!


Rep. Ilhan Omar, on racist tropes

"I was having a conversation with my predecessor, Congressman Keith Ellison . . . We are talking about some things that were historically offensive to African Americans. And he's going through a list, and I said, I mean, I wouldn't be offended by those things. He said, well, your an African immigrant — none of those things hold history for you. And so often time
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#Privacy Dubious Denials & Scripted Spin: #Spyware Company #NSO Group Goes on 60 Minutes - The #CitizenLab

Now israel spying on Canada? WTF is wrong with them.

From Spin to Spooks? Private Spies Targeting Citizen Lab, Litigants Against NSO Group

While NSO Group has made extensive attempts to paint themselves as concerned about accountability and abuses, we note two recent attempts to infiltrate the Citizen Lab and target our researchers by individuals with reported links to the Israeli-based private intelligence firm Black Cube. We note that that the same operation targeted four other individuals all of whom happen to be involved in litigation relating to NSO Group.

@Dr. Sam PhD Fascism, and being used to getting away with everything, by Uncle Sam and his nutter born again evangelicals, in the US Bible Belt