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Documentary on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica Documentary-

Good job, where we learn that Cambridge Analytica executive 's where also in contact with Russian Officals at the same period ..."Crook without border's.."




#Iran #UK #USA #EU The damn Yankee's r at it again. Why didn't they do this in the 1st place, or was this intended to be a 2nd move regardless? Probably.
#Iran #UK #USA #EU

#BDS 'May God Ruin Him': Rashida #Tlaib's Grandma on #Trump





Gawd aren't these examples horrendous?!



So, its not Craig Wright?!

This is like an Elvis sighting.

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Both Tlaib and Omar are far classier than either leader!
Following her denial of entry into Israel, Omar said the following:

“It is an affront that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, under pressure from President Trump, would deny entry to representatives of the US government,” adding:

“Trump’s Muslim ban is what Israel is implementing, this time against two duly elected Members of Congress.”

“Denying entry into Israel not only limits our ability to learn from Israelis, but also to enter the Palestinian territories.”

“Sadly, this is not a surprise given the public positions of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has consistently resisted peace efforts, restricted the freedom of movement of Palestinians, limited public knowledge of the brutal realities of the occupation and alig
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