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Bob Woodward's new book Rage expected to be quite revealing

This book, to be released Sept 15, promises to be quite revealing of Trump.

...Trump provided Woodward a window into his mind through a series of exclusive interviews.

Basic Income March

Basic Income March in various places in Canada and around the world. Join the international movement and show your support for an economy that works for everyone!
WHEN: September 19, 2020 | 1 PM (ET)

Professor Dies of Coronavirus During Zoom Lecture

This incident is yet another example of how, despite the global pandemic, employers are prioritizing “normal” operations over the health and lives of their workers.

xfce4-weather-plugin not working

Is anyone else who uses XFCE having problems with xfce4-weather-plugin? I use version 0.8.10 on Debian 10. Lately it just says "No data". I'm not sure why.

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Books I just finished

I just finished a couple of books, those being Everything is Fucked by Mark Manson, and Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. Both books were fun engaging reads about the human condition, but each ended with silly speculations on AI. Regardless, each are recommended.

I'm now going to read a more down to earth (and Canadian) book by Linda McQuaig called The Sport and Prey of Capitalists -- How the Rich Are Stealing Canada's Public Wealth.

Hour long interview of author Anand Giridharadas on CBC Radio.

Here is Anand Giridharadas discussing his book Winners Take All (hour long radio show). He discusses billionaire philanthropists, public services, regulation, tech companies... he's both illuminating and entertaining. Highly recommended.

Our Networks Conference

Conference taking place September 8-13, 2020, on "all aspects of the distributed web in Toronto" --> what exactly that means I'm not sure, but it sorta looks interesting. I saw this on Scuttlebutt's Patchwork.

NDP's Angus says youth minister should resign over WE deal

Charlie Angus:
"Today I walked the national media through the myriad of internal documents that completely contradict the Liberal government's claims about the WE scandal. The government claims this project was driven by civil servants. This is not true. Key liberal ministers made it happen.

"The key moment was an April 17th meeting between Minister Bardish Chagger and Craig Kielburger? This meeting set WE on the inside track with top government officials. She mislead both Finance and Ethic Committee about this meeting. The Minister in charge of this scandal has not told the truth. She failed."

CBC article by Aaron Wherry

Could we be seeing a situation like the sixties, which brought us universal health care via Tommy Douglas and Lester B. Pearson? Could Trudeau work with Singh to bring us a nationally funded $15 a day child care plan? Or maybe a pharmacare plan? We'll see.

Article in Vanity Fair

Author Jesmyn Ward writes of her experiences within the pandemic, beginning with the loss of her husband.