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Mutual friends (5)

These contacts both follow and are followed by Mark Grieveson.

  • Adam
    linux, hamr, hamradio, ps4, kamloops, canada, fishing, movies, music, travel
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  • Gidi Kroon
    film, movies, music, tv, photography, scifi, actresses, fandom, science, physics, astronomy, electronics, programming, technology, android, politics, news, environment
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  • Hubert Chathi
    christianity, linux, programming, freesoftware, opensource, emacs, debian, jabber, xmpp, privacy, security, photography, music, guitar, clarinet, algorithms, datastructures, environment, permaculture, homeschooling, unschooling
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  • Mark Grieveson
    vegetarian, cyclist, movies, politics-canada
  • Titicelina
    mastodon (AP)