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We must transform our lives and values to save this burning planet

In decades to come we must rethink our agriculture, our love of consumption and our short-termist priorities. It won't be easy.

The case for action to tackle the climate emergency, on a scale far beyond anything that has yet been attempted, is increasingly widely understood.

Almost three decades after the first UN climate treaty was ag
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Differential Privacy

Comparing Truncation to Differential Privacy

Traditional methods of data de-identification obscure data values. For
example, you might truncate a date to just the year.

Differential privacy obscures query values by injecting enough noise
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Stack Overflow lets Facebook track us across their sites - Meta Stack Overflow

By now, everyone who follows technology should be aware of the scandals around Facebook's ethics and data privacy. Many users distrust them and are uncomfortable with their data collection practices. Unfortunately, Stack Overflow directly links to profile pictures from Facebook. This (unintentionally) allows user activity throughout Stac
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We need mandatory public insurance

Cases like this - where a hospital charges people with private insurance outrageous sums to subsidize uninsured patients and those on Medicaid to the point that they are not "in network" with any private insurers - is precisely why the US needs at least German-style mandatory but regulated public insurance schemes (that are private-run) that every healthcare providers are required to accept (rich people can pay for private insurance on top, or opt out but can't opt back in).

Fun anecdote: despite Zuckerberg's donation causing the hospital to be renamed, they don't even take the insurance plan that most Facebook employees use. #healthcare #insurance

The Free as in Freedom podcast returns after a 15 month hiatus! Your co-presenters, Bkuhn and @o0karen0o (Conservancy's Executive Director and President respectively) kick off the return with discussion of the popularity of "pretend" #FOSS licensing in 2018.
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2019: New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

Bonne année Michel !

Superbe poster par l'artiste Miriam Klein Stahl et ses etudiantsde la "Berkeley High School Arts and Humanities Academy".

Data Migration: I'm strongly considering changing my recommendation

Since the G+ sunset was first announced, I've been recommending people run a Google Data Takeout, if they are or might be interested in saving their Google+ content.

The reasons for this were twofold: preserving data early before departures or deletions removed content they might wish to preserve,
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If you're on Android, this is one more reason to make sure you're on Android 9: no-hassle DNS-based ad blocking!

As someone originally from a country where DNS is used to restrict user freedom, it is refreshing to see it put to use to protect user privacy instead

#adguard #dns #privacy

Haven't really checked about Google specifically. But in-app ads do seem to get blocked (apps handle it differently; some would continue as if the ads have been rendered, some would refuse to let you access the perks that are paid for by ads). Ironically the ads that Android Police themselves run are also blocked.

The setting is easy to toggle without re-entering the DNS URL, so I'm going to just toggle them off when accessing ads-supported apps and then toggle them back on.