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What # # deck do I build next? 🤔 I tend toward "Oops, all ___" decks, and already have:

Kaalia: Dragons 🐉
Ur-Dragon: More Dragons 🐲
Odric: Equipment ⚔️
Atla: Stompy 💪
Vorosh: +1/+1 counters 📈

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?
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Mechanical Keyboard sales?

Thinking of making the upgrade for my home rig; who's got the best hot tip for a mechanical keyboard (with keypad), with Cherry MX Brown (or similar) switches on sale this cyber weekend?

Cryptocurrencies are about more than the price

# and other # are making the news cycle again due to the price per Bitcoin nearly breaking it's all-time high. If you're curious to learn more about what Bitcoin (and its children/grandchildren, like # are, hit me up (I help co-lead a local Meetup about Cryptocurrencies and love teaching others about it).

If you are interested in it as an investment, it is possible to buy a fraction of a coin (you don't need to buy a whole $17K coin to start investing). If you're interested in using cryptocurrencies, there's several merchants now accepting them, and PayPal planning to accept them for payment at any of its merchants next year!

# #
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2020-11-17 20:47:05
Giveaway! 🥰

I have ANOTHER 30 sets of rock-paper-scissors to giveaway!

I implore everyone to consider supporting local game stores to ensure we all have a place to play # once the # crisis abates.

Follow and retweet for a chance to win your set!

In this @MTG_Arena match, I went "tall", and opponent went "wide". And both decks did precisely what they did best! 😲

(P.S. to my opponent, I am SO SORRY how this one ended; I really was looking forward to seeing how it would play out, and not end on a miss-click!) #

A Brief Introduction

Teaching computers
to make art with just some code.
It is what I do.

I like to call myself a web # # developer, with dabblings in 3D modeling/rigging, and video FX. 🎨

# enthusiast and # developer (ask me about my HWACCH!). 💻

# player for the fun of it (ask me for my Arena code if you want a casual match sometime!), and Vorthos collector for the art of it. 🃏

Well-aged Millennial; no man-bun. 👍

# #