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Hi all! I'm #newhere on to give a whirl as a potential destination for this Google+ refugee. I actually registered a few days ago, at about the same time as I joined Diaspora ( @Murray J Brown ), where many other refugees have gone. I've been drawn back upon favourable comments made by @Shelenn Ayres.

First Impressions:
I like the broad interoperability has with both the Federation (e.g., Diaspora) and the Fediverse (e.g., Mastodon, where I also have accounts: @mjb ).

The look & feel of the user interface is somewhat more familiar and intuitive (to me, anyways) than Diaspora, with many features th... show more

Feeling slow on my node as well so not sure if its a server resource or server software issue. Will need to set up a self-hosted node at some point and see where the bottlenecks might be.