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Full Name:
Murray J Brown ∯


Eclectic rebel, nighthawk, eco-geek, & software developer.

I have an off-beat, dark, wickedly irreverent and sarcastic sense of humour, with an especial fondness for puns.

I value integrity, honesty, intelligence, passion, compassion, fair play, tolerance, humour, adventure, an open mind, a stout heart, ... and a sense of purpose.

As an avid environmental and social justice advocate I'm interested in issues of ecological sustainability, climate change, peak resources, biodiversity, population growth, food & water security, global development, and post-growth economy.

I use free/libre software. My open source software experience began with Unix V6, the original non-commercial distribution by AT&T Bell Labs to academic institutions (circa '78). I'm a long-time Linux user: Yggdrasil was my first distro (circa '93); Debian for most of the past two decades.

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Murray J Brown ∗ (Diaspora)
Murray J Brown ⊚ ­(Hubzilla)
Murray J Brown ∯ ­(Friendica)

climatechange, climatejustice, climateprotection, ecology, sustainability, collapse, biodiversity, peakresources, population, socialjustice, foodsecurity, watersecurity, globaldevelopment, postgrowth, philosophy, history, socialism, anticapitalism, goth, freesoftware, opensource, linux, debian, rust, javascript, python, postblockchain, distributedcomputing, decentralizedweb, squirrels, toronto, canada

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