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Trying not to shut down
So far, I've noticed that a lot of people in the Fediverse are very welcoming and helpful. Kudos to @MasterOfTheTiger especially for all the hard work and hand holding of us newbies.

And a lot of people... aren't. They are extremely vocal about the fact that this is their sandbox and they just don't want us "#plusses" here. (And, of course, there are the "I'm going to post racist, inflammatory bs and call anyone who dares to disagree with my greatness a 'troll'" assholes, but they're everywhere.)

Maybe I'm taking the vocal few as overly representative of the whole, but it's almost enough for me to say "fuck it" and go to someplace like Facebook where (almost) all my friends already are, and who gives a shit if MZ gets my data because I'm already a lost cause according to these elitist assholes.

Or maybe I'm just too old and tired for dick waving.

Federated YouTube clone, PeerTube, reaches first stable release.

#PeerTube v1.0.0 is... Out! Announcement scheduled for October 15th!
Good job everyone! 👏

My first actual post

#newhere Not really willing to touch Facebook with a 100-foot pole, so I looked for alternatives, and came here. Seems good, so far.

@all new users:

It's not about diaspora or facebook!
In these free networks every project has it's own network and is sometimes connected with other networks. So we're here not a single company like google or facebook.

Very often you can change the System (for example from Diaspora to Friendica) and you're able to reconnect to the friends you've found here.

Each project has it's own target, it's own definition and works a bit different. So they're all different like the people are.
It's a network of networks.

Let's connect!