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Every time I run I imagine a mountain lion is about to take me down.
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rare cases in practice

This was a new one for me: a healthy 2-year-old girl with shingles. Pretty classic presentation: clusters of fine, protovesicular papules limited to a single dermatome (L T10 from navel to mid-back). After some back-and-forth with her (Spanish-speaking) parent, it was revealed she'd had chicken pox when she was 3 months old in the DR. Neither of my attendings on duty had had a case in someone that young either (actually, I'm not sure either has ever seen shingles, period, but I've seen dozens of flares in adults). Luckily this kid was completely unbothered by her rash or by any other symptoms. I prescribed antivirals (with the aim of preventing future postherpetic neuralgia), but I don't think they ended up giving them.
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An explainer on the murderers' metastatic online culture and recruitment methods. (Contains "manifesto" excerpts and 8pol screenshots.)
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Wild. Like distributed steganography.

Interesting. A class of viruses that distributes it's DNA in many parts, yet they communicate and work together to replicate.
It is a truth universally acknowledged among virologists that a single virus, carrying a full
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Happy pi day!

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and from past π days:



(For a main course, we made lasagna in a circular casserole dish).


temp = 75C damnit

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Bikes for distracted kids

Tadpole's outgrown his current beater bike, and is now the right height/leg length for 24" wheels. He bikes to school almost every day, all weather, and ranges further afield in the neighbourhood (generally still on bike paths and sidewalks). He needs a new bike and his b-day is coming up.

The question is what to get for a kid who's pretty likely to forget to lock up the damn thing at some point. The reason he has a "beater" now is that his Specialized was stolen from our bike shed when he forgot to lock it last year. Cheap big-box-store bikes are generally pretty heavy and made with understandably cheap parts. I see nice-looking models from Trek, Fuji, Woom, & Specialized, in the $350-$600 range. That isn't a lot to spend on a bike that we'd eventually hand down to his younger sib, if he can hold on to it. But hopefully we'll find something decent used on craigslist.
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Man is there a market for locks that snap around the rear wheel when the kid is out of range.


The atmosphere has thwarted formal learning!


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the rules of cooperating

This is pretty interesting stuff, a nice boiling down of conclusions about moral beliefs about cooperation, from analysis of ethnographies collected across hundreds of years (mean=1961). It'd be interesting to see follow-up studies comparing beliefs to practice, i.e., how much do people in {some of} these societies actually abide by cooperation rules -- how much tolerance for hypocrisy do they have, and who's allowed to get away with breaking the rules? And how applicable are any of these rules to our globalized, fractured, WEIRD societies?

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BTW, the multiple responses to the study, and especially the authors' reply at the end, are all well worth reading.

My morals pretty much break down to one single meta-rule.
* Only do X to people who do not obey this rule.

Where X is something you wouldn't normally want someone to do to you.

So you get to rob the robbers, kill the killers, obstruct the obstructionists, and if someone isn't doing anything bad to you, you leave them alone. It's kind of like the Golden Rule, except without having to be nice to jerks.

As for the article:
How did you lose your virginity?
Fuck my life...

I'm in a funk these days about the vanishingly small chance we have of escaping climate catastrophe, pretty much everywhere. Wonky articles like this give me a little hope that we "just" need some rational dealmakers to make big changes (albeit ones motivated by fear of social and political disaster).

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"Get glasses, Alice!" (but she'd need to take out a 2nd mortgage)

I recently bought new glasses from Warby Parker, and was feeling mildly glad that I'd spent only $200 on "fashionable" frames with photochromic lenses. My experiences with online eyeglass retailers has been mixed, but maybe I should give Zenni another shot next time.

(The quote in the subject line of this post, a slogan from a local commercial, should ID the area and era of my youth pretty easily for most other people who grew up then and there.)
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What's the worst trash humans produce?

Most experts agree with Mr. McGuire (from The Graduate): the answer is "plastics".
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personally I’m way too brilliant and complicated to waste my time on social media, and I’m also way too envious and pathetic to tolerate it, and I’m also too restless and needy to avoid it.

I've been involved in online discussions since I first logged into a local BBS in NYC in the mid-80s -- although really, I mostly always just lurk. Facebook's firehose was overwhelming almost from the start, and I had to bail years ago, embarrassed that I couldn't handle it. G+ offered a manageable mix: a few personal friends, provocative and sometimes eloquent political advocacy, technical news, art and photography, generally presented in a cool, soothing way, not constantly demanding attention. A little impersonal, which was good because I didn't really want to share very personal stories. A bit of the world to check out, without getting lost in it.


Testing the waters

The post-G+ era is hurtling toward us. It's time for me to dip my toes in the free and distributed social network world. I always found G+ a comfortable, friendly, and manageable environment, and the ambassadors from Friendica have given it much the same vibe. So helloooo fediverse!
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Glad you decided to join Friendica!

Very good to see you here! Please join us in the !Progressive Refuge community too. We have only a few weeks left on G+ so let's bring folks over!