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before Game of Thrones, before Firefly, there was Blakes 7

h/t to @Valkyrie for the newsflash.

I fell hard for this show as a tween, along with The Prisoner (and Red Dwarf to a lesser extent). My best friend and I watched its reruns on WNET and debated it passionately. Avon is still a fantastic antihero. I saw each episode 4-5 times at least, but I'm reluctant to watch any of it again in case it doesn't hold up (not the FX, which were laughable even for the era, but its characterization and 40-yo mores).
I rewatch Blakes 7 maybe every 5 years or so, and to me it holds up. But then, my expectations are not unrealistically high and I've watched it frequently enough to not remember it through rose colored glasses.

And honestly, I like laughing at some of the sillier costuming. The plastic garbage bag roach suits? Brilliant. That goofy IMIPAC scientists's getup? Classic.

I really love the chemistry between Darrow's Avon and Cally. And Avon and Servelan. And Avon and Villa.
If you haven't seen it, the "Making Blake's 7" twitter feed is a fun rabbit hole to dive into. I also just discovered the Zenith podcast which I'll take a listen to on bike rides.