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Got a software solution for dynamic instability? Didn't think so.

Any sensible Democratic nation will not delegate security of its citizens to private organisations. Yet, over the last few decades, western nations have done just that! A fictitious theory that this would create more efficient states. I'm not sure this has been achieved. What has been achieved is a precarious labour market where those that once worked in the public sector today work for the private organisations that work for the public sector at half the salary and with no rights. Those that run these organisations have made lots of money, increasing the divide between rich and poor. Now I know that this sounds very Marxist but maybe its just capitalism gone horribly wrong!! Neoliberism has broken it all!!
So Boeing built a bunch of passenger jets that have an inherent tendency to yo-yo and crash under normal operating conditions like take off. In a sane society the Boeing executives who signed off on this would be right now facing criminal charges with lifetime prison sentences. They'll get a bonus instead.