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Brennan disheartened by Congress members who ignore Russia intel
Former CIA Director John Brennan talks with Rachel Maddow about Republican members of Congress who were briefed by intelligence officials on Russian...

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Trump campaign gave polling data to Russian in Spring 2016: NYT
Ken Vogel, political reporter for the New York Times, shares new reporting on the Trump campaign, managed at the time by Paul Manafort, giving polling data...

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As Trump debates his own team, China laughs at White House confusion
It's a bad sign when the White House hosts a meeting with a key global rival, who literally laughs out loud at Donald Trump's confusion.

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Following election fraud, North Carolina to hold do-over election
In North Carolina's 9th, the Republican operation appears to have engaged in fraudulent and illegal activity. Then it got caught. So where are the prosecutions?

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House Oversight outlines wide scope for upcoming Cohen testimony
Rachel Maddow reviews the lengthy list of topics the House Oversight Committee intends to cover with former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen when he...

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Democrats see return of divisive social media manipulation
Natasha Korecki, national correspondent for Politico, talks with Rachel Maddow about research showing coordinated social media manipulation targeting...

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Stone faces consequences of attacking judge at Thursday hearing
Rachel Maddow alerts viewers that a hearing on Roger Stone's social media attack on the judge in his case, at which Stone could be hit with a gag order or...

Too many of these snowflake assholes have lived without consequences

Judge issued a full gag order but did not send him to jail to await trial. I think the judge was too lenient.

Exactly. I think Stone is a perfect example -- a guy who lives in an imaginary bubble of perfect immunity from laws. He's always known powerful people and had connections that could "fix" any transgression. He not only thinks he's above the law, he knows it. We'll see if he can weasel his way out of this one. He just might, you know. These guys are very slippery.

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A.G. change may test steps taken to protect Trump investigations
Rachel Maddow looks at the steps taken by officials at the Department of Justice and in the Obama administration to document and preserve as much of the...

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Broader criminal probe of Trump already exceeds bounds of Mueller
Chuck Rosenberg, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about what is likely to come of the work still in progress by Robert Mueller's investigators...

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Self-proclaimed white nationalist planned mass terror attack, government says. ‘I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth.’

A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant and self-identified white nationalist was arrested after federal investigators un
... show more

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Trump poised to challenge idea that climate crisis is a security threat
Trump's own team has told him the climate crisis will create new national security risks. Now he's looking for an excuse to ignore his team.

No doubt Navy is the most knowledgeable on this (I know this as a fact.) All ports and operations are affected worldwide.

Yeah, Navy is directly affected. The other branches are too. Things like the lack of fresh water in places where it used to be messes with Army logistics -- and that's just one of many effects. Overall strategy is really at the top of the list. Upheaval and probably war in lots of places in the world over the next 50 years is giving long-range planners and strategists nightmares. The military is always asking themselves "What might we be called upon to do, and where, 15 years from now?" I suspect you already know that. ;-)

It's a worry.

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Whitaker answers to Congress getting second look from Democrats
Rep. Eric Swalwell talks with Rachel Maddow about the points in former acting-Attorney General Matthew Whitaker's testimony to the House Judiciary Committee...

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Stone could have bail revoked for social media attack on judge
Rachel Maddow reports that after Roger Stone posted an attack on the judge in his case on social media, that judge has ordered a new hearing to discuss,...

Stone is an arrogant pig. His arrogance makes him stupid, and he deserves to reap the reward for his dickishness.

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NYT bombshell outlines Trump's efforts to obstruct investigations
Rachel Maddow reviews the highlights of a major report by the New York Times into the many ways Donald Trump tried to undercut, obstruct, or discredit the...

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Trump took no action on Mike Flynn except lying: NYT revelation
Rachel Maddow reviews the details in a New York Times report about how the Trump White House responded to warning about then-NSA Mike Flynn being compromised...

"Trump lied." In other news: "Water is wet," "The sky is blue," and "Shit stinks."

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W.H. plan to give nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia under...
Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi talks with Rachel Maddow about a new investigation by the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees investigating whistleblower...

I think I know what went wrong. I assumed my initial message didn't go through, then I deleted it to clear my feed a bit. It was after I deleted what I thought was a worthless message that you responded to something that was already gone. Hashtag PEBCAK. Sorry. Still cutting my teeth in this environment.

So do you have an automated system to post news to your Forum, or are you curating them individually?

I am seeing two methods as possibilities. The first I am doing right now with TRMS RSS feed as a contact in Friendica. I see the posts on my stream and simply share them to the Progressive Refuge community. I have not looked into automation yet but in theory I should be able to login to the Progressive Refuge profile (which is an advanced account type called community forum) and add TRMS RSS feed there. If that works, then it should post to the forum automatically. If that works, then I will add others I know are factual if they have RSS feeds.

I've setup TRMS, MSNBC, Mother Jones, ProPublica, 538, Guardian RSS feeds as contacts for the Progressive Refuge account. Let's see how those post if at all in the forum.
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New report adds to questions of whether Whitaker lied to Congress
Rachel Maddow reports on the House Judiciary Committee's questions about the veracity of Matthew Whitaker's recent testimony and notes reports by CNN and the...