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Longtime state lawmaker quits the GOP, joins Democrats

When Trump boasted last week that “many people” are “quickly” switching parties “right now,” perhaps he was confused about the partisan direction?

I suspect Congress will take this to SCOTUS to compel cooperation as per the Constitution.

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Facing tough questions, White House rejects congressional oversight

We've seen examples of tensions between the branches, but Trump is pushing the envelope, effectively denying the legitimacy of congressional oversight authority

And I am sure others are hiding their returns as well...

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In the White House, Trump's not the only one hiding his tax returns

Donald Trump hides his tax returns, which leads Mike Pence to believe he has to hide his tax returns, too.

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It's not enough to be outraged. Any American calling themselves Republicans are complicit in the corrupt Trump administration. Become a Democrat to shift the party power in the Senate to the Democrats for the good of the country. Always put country and its people before party to earn my respect.

If Romney is 'sickened' by Mueller's revelations, what will he do?

The seven words that stood out for me in Romney's statement were these: "The business of government can move on." What if it can't?

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This is a detailed fact check with links to the redacted report that shows us just how badly Barr lied to Congress on behalf of Trump. IMO it's enough evidence to impeach Barr and others for perjury (the same charge Bill Clinton was impeached for by a majority Republican Congress). Impeachment is not limited to Presidents.

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Number 18... here is a look at his voting record

For those wanting real details of the Mueller Report so far, I've posted quite a bit of analysis from multiple experts in the Progressive Refuge community forum.

I hear you two there...I think this whole "I'm F*cked!" thing says it all...I never would have thought we would be here again

I stress that it's about the environment and economy. Things look bleak for America, if we don't win 2020.