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Judge orders Flynn-related redactions removed from Mueller report

Rachel Maddow reports on an order by the judge in the Mike Flynn case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, ordering the Flynn-related redactions in the Mueller report to...

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If you believe all of the candidates deserve a seat in the debates and disagree with the new rules, donate!

If you believe the next SCOTUS nominee needs a Roe v Wade litmus test, donate!

Candidates now have two paths to reach the stage for next month’s debates: Breaking 1 percent in three polls from pollsters approved by the DNC, or tallying 65,000 unique campaign donors, with at least 200 donors in 20 different states. You don't have to donate a lot to help a candidate get the 65000 unique donors.

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The only way to stop the GOP's War on Women is to elect Democrats!

Even more craven and depraved than originally thought.

Alabama Senate Won't Fund Mother and Child Healthcare As It Bans Abortion

"State Senator Linda Coleman-Madison proposed an amendment to the bill that would require the state to provide free prenatal and medical care for mothers who had been denied an abortion by the new law. Her amendment was struck down by a vote of 23-6."

#Alabama #WomensHealth #abortion

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This is one way to fix the College.

While I believe we need electoral college reform, it serves some purposes that have to be reformed or replaced. But the movement for the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact at least will prevent the corrupt electoral failure that happened in 2016 on behalf of the voters for the time being. Another fix which I support more also can be done by the people in all the states without a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the College - every state (has to be all of them for it to work) simply needs to allocate and legally bind electors proportionally - no faithless electors allowed. Then the will of the voters translates as long as there is no election fraud.

That leads me to the issues for reform. Under the current system, electors in multiple states failed to be faithless as was their duty when there was evidence of election fraud and foreign influence. They point the finger at the FEC and FBI failing to do their job justifying faithless action. No doubt the FBI and the FEC are not doing their jobs but some of that is caused by a lack of authority and resources from Congress... show more

Yeah, proportional helps with the problem. Winner takes all allows you to exploit the imbalances that result, which is what happened in 2016. It's reminiscent of gerrymandering. And there's the apportionment problem. The vote of a person in Wyoming is worth triple what a vote of a person in California is worth. That's absurd.

Electoral college reform requires a Constitutional Amendment regarding number of electors per state. There are some legit reasons on both sides but that is a long discussion ;) The quickest Constitutional Amendment process is 16 months - we have already seen the partisan divide that prevents far less in progress - an Amendment is never going to happen until the country becomes a stronger majority Democrat society with Democrats in power at both the federal and state levels. Need 2/3 Congress and the Senate as well as 3/4 of the states to pass an Amendment.

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I think it is probable the US Government is going to outsource this to Blue Origin ;)

The problem with Trump's latest pitch for a moon mission

Trump has directed NASA to spend Americans to the moon before the end of his second term. NASA is "scrambling" to figure out how to meet his demands.

Hah! That would be another ironic Trump backfire, if it happened. Blue Origin is Bezos and Trump hates Bezos more than anyone on the planet. If NASA chose this route, Trump would surely block it.

He hates Musk too, but not nearly as much as Bezos. On the other hand, Musk isn't going to the Moon, he's going to Mars.

The Blue Moon project is a private effort with no plans to market to the government but I am sure if the government reaches out they will set a price to make it happen. Blue Origin is already quite profitable and part of the NASA private sector team.

I'm just saying if Trump figures this out or someone explains it to him, he'll nix any plans to collaborate with Blue Origin.

On the other hand, Trump's comment is likely just another flip remark that means nothing.

He has already tried to destroy Bezos and failed. Blue Origin's contract is solid and to Trump's advantage politically. He won't mess with him on that front. He will continue to attack WaPo without success with anyone but his racist base who could care less.

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WATCH: Georgia Representative John Lewis Supports Equality Act

Lewis was one of the “Big Six” leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, helping to plan and speak at 1963’s March on Washington. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1986 and today represents Georgia’s 5th District.

#EqualityAct #lgbt #lgbtqia #JohnLewis

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Tech Companies Are Deleting Evidence of War Crimes

HN Discussion:
Posted by anfilt (karma: 712)
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!Progressive Refuge The USA is now IN the constitutional crisis forewarned by many in 2016 if Hillary Clinton was not elected POTUS. The investigations into the election have not been completed, key witnesses and employees of the people have been ordered to obstruct justice, the report of the Mueller investigation (which created the roadmap for Congress to followup) and the evidence not covered by executive privilege has not been turned over. What Pelosi meant when she said Trump is 'self-impeaching" is that he is doing the work of investigators by blatantly obstructing justice and violating his oath of office. AG Barr is violating his own oath of office by acting to protect POTUS rather than acting in the interest of the country whom he by definition is supposed to represent independently from the Congressional and Executive branches. No one is above the rule of law. I suspect this is going to play out in SCOTUS - the question is when.

#... show more