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Some on Mueller team concerned about Barr views on obstruction

Carol Leonnig, national reporter for the Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting into unhappiness among some members of Robert Mueller...

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Trump inauguration subject of at least seven open investigations

Rachel Maddow reviews the myriad investigations into Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, though little is known about the specifics or why so many.

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New hearing may shed light on Trump inauguration investigations

Rachel Maddow alerts viewers to a hearing in the case of Sam Patten, who pleaded guilty to illegally steering foreign money to the Trump inauguration, which...

"One of the bill’s sponsors, ... said, 'This bill helps men who are well past reproductive age to self-report when they willfully engage in conception,' according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution."

I'm opposed to unwanted pregnancy. If we change society's moronic assumptions about pregnancy and sex, and create a shift to where every pregnancy is one that is wanted, instead of feared or life-threatening, then this naive "anti-abortionism is specialness" stupidity simply goes away.

Oh if only regressive idiots like these men had to face all the issues women do! They’re free to use their “member” as they wish and all too often escape the consequences of providing for their own offspring, or even caring what happens because of their behavior. It’s sickening how they think that they have a right to tell US WHAT to do with our bodies... I like this new policy for the 55+ male population! The state of Mississippi ranks 1st in infant mortality and last in Women’s healthcare and also pre-natal care, and yet I learned that they are stopping abortion for a while, against the law of course. It’s about control, and they want to forbid women from exercising their constitutional rights. I don’t think that they even care which rights they can stop them from exercising, but they just want control over women because they are losing control and they will continue to lose control-in the government, in elections! It’s about time we have more women in office!
The “right to life “ far exceeds time in the womb.... show more

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The rats are fleeing looking for a home with the Democrats... be wary

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Are they really holding him because he was convicted of fraud in Romania in absentia or because they don't want him to dish dirt on Trump? If it were because of the criminal conviction he would have been deported already.

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Running as a Democrat!

!Progressive Refuge I smell something fishy.

Years of Mark Zuckerberg's old Facebook posts have vanished. The company says it 'mistakenly deleted' them

These disappearances, along with other changes Facebook has made to how it saves its archive of announcements and blog posts, make it much harder to parse the social network's historical record. This makes it far more difficult to hold the company, and Zuckerberg himself, accountable to past statements — particularly during a period of intense scrutiny of the company in the wake of a string of scandals.

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Twitter: Rob Price on Twitter (Rob Price)

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If the report exonerates, show us the full report. If Trump has nothing to hide and stipulated publicly he has no issue with the full report released (which he did), then he needs to order Barr to release the full report. As with all investigations of Hillary and Bill, release not only the full reports but all of the evidence gathered as well without redaction. #ReleaseTheFullReport

"Barr says Congress will get a redacted version of the special counsel report."

"redacted" by a trump appointed AG to remove evidence, like the fox guarding the henhouse.

Every investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton was released unredacted and with all evidence to Congress and the public without delay. The precedent exists for Barr to have done the same. They are hiding something. Some key words in his last statement point to protecting certain people - likely Trump and all the Republican leadership that was complicit along with the foreign sources who bankroll them.

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The most interesting brackets in recent political history

Arguably the most politically provocative line in Bill Barr's summary of the Mueller report began with brackets. What did the rest of the sentence say?

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Congress just rebuked Donald Trump over the trans military ban in a bipartisan vote / LGBTQ Nation

Representative Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) authored House Resolution 124, which says the House “strongly opposes President Trump’s discriminatory ban on transgender members of the Armed Forces.”

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Gillibrand releases tax returns, challenges other 2020 Democratic candidates to do the same

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!Progressive Refuge because he is a Nazi

Trump's posture toward Puerto Rico becomes even more antagonistic

We're well past the point at which the president appears to be indifferent toward Puerto Rico. He's now openly hostile and antagonistic toward the island.

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Federal judge ends North Carolina ban on abortions after 20 weeks | Reuters

A U.S. federal court struck down North Carolina’s decades-old ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, saying any “week- or event-specific” abortion ban is unconstitutional.

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AOC in the hood

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I follow #AOC with great interest from Boston (her college town), partly because she represents my old neighbourhood (#Sunnyside #Queens). I hope she can survive & thrive in such a harsh spotlight.