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!Progressive Refuge

If the report exonerates, show us the full report. If Trump has nothing to hide and stipulated publicly he has no issue with the full report released (which he did), then he needs to order Barr to release the full report. As with all investigations of Hillary and Bill, release not only the full reports but all of the evidence gathered as well without redaction. #ReleaseTheFullReport

"Barr says Congress will get a redacted version of the special counsel report."

"redacted" by a trump appointed AG to remove evidence, like the fox guarding the henhouse.

Every investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton was released unredacted and with all evidence to Congress and the public without delay. The precedent exists for Barr to have done the same. They are hiding something. Some key words in his last statement point to protecting certain people - likely Trump and all the Republican leadership that was complicit along with the foreign sources who bankroll them.