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!Progressive Refuge The USA is now IN the constitutional crisis forewarned by many in 2016 if Hillary Clinton was not elected POTUS. The investigations into the election have not been completed, key witnesses and employees of the people have been ordered to obstruct justice, the report of the Mueller investigation (which created the roadmap for Congress to followup) and the evidence not covered by executive privilege has not been turned over. What Pelosi meant when she said Trump is 'self-impeaching" is that he is doing the work of investigators by blatantly obstructing justice and violating his oath of office. AG Barr is violating his own oath of office by acting to protect POTUS rather than acting in the interest of the country whom he by definition is supposed to represent independently from the Congressional and Executive branches. No one is above the rule of law. I suspect this is going to play out in SCOTUS - the question is when.

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!Progressive Refuge

I did not read the article (explained below) but the wording of the tweet is actually correct. Hitler did push what he called national socialism (fascism) to the workers in his rise to power. This is not the same as what the author of the article implies as marxist socialism (leftism incorrectly renamed as democratic socialism by convicted felon Debs) which is not what it means to be a social Democrat.

Social Democrats are the base of the Democratic Party since FDR and the philosophy of our allies since the end of WW2.

We believe in balanced capitalism funding social programs for people who need them.

We believe in universal healthcare as a right and the correct approach is multi-payer (like Israel, Germany, and Scandanavian countries have).

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