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!Progressive Refuge

I did not read the article (explained below) but the wording of the tweet is actually correct. Hitler did push what he called national socialism (fascism) to the workers in his rise to power. This is not the same as what the author of the article implies as marxist socialism (leftism incorrectly renamed as democratic socialism by convicted felon Debs) which is not what it means to be a social Democrat.

Social Democrats are the base of the Democratic Party since FDR and the philosophy of our allies since the end of WW2.

We believe in balanced capitalism funding social programs for people who need them.

We believe in universal healthcare as a right and the correct approach is multi-payer (like Israel, Germany, and Scandanavian countries have).

We believe in: ALL human rights and animal rights; environmental and social responsibilities; and equal opportunities for all in the workforce, in housing and travel, and in... show more