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South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg (D - IN) ranks third in Iowa polls

"The biggest surprise in this poll is Mayor Pete, last week we saw him inching up in our national poll, and now he’s in double digits in Iowa, America is going to be asking who is 'Mayor Pete'?" Spencer Kimball, director of the Emerson Poll, said.

“If Buttigieg is able to maintain his momentum, his candidacy appears to be pulling from the same demographic of young voters as Sanders, and that could become a problem for Sanders,” Kimball said.
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In giving Trump the all-clear on obstruction charges, Barr appears not to have considered whether Trump obstructed the actual crime in question. He instead considered whether the president obstructed a different crime. This is the legal sleight of hand that has allowed Barr to proclaim that Trump will not be charged.

The Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee now has abundant reason to get all the underlying materials from the Mueller inquiry, because the attorney general just cleared the president of something he agreed constituted a crime just a few months ago.

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Steve doesn't like this.

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Hillary Clinton: ‘We are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy’

Clinton went on to say that while there may not be "tanks in the streets," "what's happening goes to the heart of who we are as a nation."
“To anyone who has ever wondered what you w
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When Democrats propose policies that work have been in place for decades and work well in all of Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, etc. and the Republican response is that it will turn us into Venezuela we need to point out this idiocy and fast. We can't let that zeitgeist take hold and it's already easy to spook Americans by simply invoking the word "socialism" to describe anything. It's like the "I don't want government healthcare a la ACA taking away my Medicare" BS we saw when we were debating ACA. We have to make sure that moderates and on the fence Republicans don't fall for this bullshit. #progressive #politics

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Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown

Employees of the U.S. Coast #Guard who are facing a long U.S. #government #shutdown just received a #suggestion: To get by without pay, consider holding a garage sale, babysitting, dog-walking or serving as a “mystery shopper.”

The suggestions were part of a five-page tip sheet published by the Coast Guard #Support Program, ... “Bankruptcy is a last option,” the document said.


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so makes sense the UI is different since you are on mobile... but frio is based on bootstrap for mobile ... at least you can customize all the color nd contrast and get all the functions of the desktop... just have to find them ;)

I need to study a distributed social network glossary of terms...