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What's the list of principles or the platform of a Progressive today?

!Progressive Refuge As somebody who didn't care about politics more than who won the #POTUS till when Clinton was first running, and was a "dickish" republican till Bush Jr. was running, and was an apathetic unaffiliated till Obama ran, and now think I'm a #Liberal (aka: #Progressive?) #Democrat, I am wondering what it is to be a "Progressive Democrat".

Hiya! I see you found out how to connect with this community. Good job! On my G+ profile there is a pinned post that has links to quick tips on how to do most of what is in the new member page you mentioned to get started finding other users, community forums, etc. I hope it is helpful and welcome!

I have not seen anything regarding takeout imports into the Fediverse as of yet. But the person to ask is @Doc Edward Morbius I do know it is possible to use your google takeout to move the data to a blog or site. Set an RSS for the blog or site then add the RSS as a contact in Friendica. Then anything posted will appear in your network via RSS.
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!Progressive Refuge
When Democrats propose policies that work have been in place for decades and work well in all of Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, etc. and the Republican response is that it will turn us into Venezuela we need to point out this idiocy and fast. We can't let that zeitgeist take hold and it's already easy to spook Americans by simply invoking the word "socialism" to describe anything. It's like the "I don't want government healthcare a la ACA taking away my Medicare" BS we saw when we were debating ACA. We have to make sure that moderates and on the fence Republicans don't fall for this bullshit. #progressive #politics