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Home made log home

A neighbour is storing his retirement home at the farm. He hand stripped all the logs and needs to build it temporarily to store it until his property is ready to build. He has a lot of hours in it so far.

handmade Loghome

Good morning to all.. Thanks JR for reposting the pics. Thats too bad about the pictures not showing up. It showed up on my Diaspora stream right away. Is it a pod issue?

yeah, that, or something to do with 'camo'.

Mirror image

It was a beautiful day of fall paddling today in the pristine waters of northern Ontario
camping kayak lake

what a view

My son and and I are hiking in northern ontario. Tomorrow is a long kayak trip with Portages. Today we made it to a peak of quartzite formation of the Killarney igneous complex. The formation is all white metamorphophic rock with areas showing abundant faulting and alteration zones. The entire surface has also been polished to a smooth finish by glaciers making for a great hiking environment.
hiking killarney north ontario
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Here is the view at the top. This is the view of the top of "The Crack". Thus is where the famous group of seven Canadian painters immortalized the canadian north. t/18159327655db2289974970778011258][/url]
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Corporate influence over University leads to purging of faculty.

The wider problem of corporate capture

The corporate control in New Brunswick is so blatant that it has made headlines even outside of Canada. But the problem of corporate capture goes far wider than the issue of a “company province”.[/url]
corruption glyphosate NewBrunswick roundup wildlife
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Sundown at the cottage moments ago.posted with cell service only.Image/photo
cottage lake manitouwabing sundown

We managed to make some time and rent a cottage at a lake for a few days and this sign was on the property. Lol

bird forest

I still don't see it... @Adam Clark Is it some kind of server glitch?

Funny tho.... it shows up fine in my notification email.. O.o
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Cutting the hay finally. The weather has cleared and we can cut a bunch of hay. It will be dry enough to bale on third day.
farming hay horses

Hi appaloosa. Southern Ontario was worst hit. In Vineland Niagara area there are some areas not planted at all. We are not too bad here and crops are late but look ok. Had rain last night so I'm hoping to get some hay in on Sunday long weekend :(

Planting some crop before the next rain out on the "back 40"

farming seeding

I was actually planting Camelina in this field. It was in corn last year. We had missed most of the rain but other areas had heavy downpours.

Ohhhh :) The result is a very tasty oil with a high cooking point that I saw in a show about food.

This is Annie and she is 2 and half weeks old now. She can run like the wind already and stop on a dime.Image/photo
farm horse

She is a Standardbred.

Ah, ok. I have a photo of William Shatner's (yes, *that* WS) standardbred horse "All Glory" -- driven by his wife Elizabeth.

Are planning to train/drive/ride?

That was cool. My daughter is the horse girl. She has a few Standardbreds that are bred and a few that she races. Some of them she has a share in. Also has a couple for riding Quarterhorses. She has her trainers license.

Repost. The week old colt "Apollo" makes a new friend with Luna.Image/photo
dog farm horse

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Lol. These are all my daughters horses. She said that she has never seen a colt so shiny.

Here he is with his mom.

How does a modern corn planter work

Have you ever wondered how the corn gets planted. Modern planters have been one of the main contributors to yield increases. They plant with excellent seed spacing and depth while allowing faster speeds and good soil to seed contact for fast and even seedling emergence. Corn seeds are planted about 5 inches (15 cm) apart with a seeding rate of 27,000 to 35,000 seeds per acre. A 16 row planter would average about 20 acres an hour during the course of a day. That would average 700,000 seeds an hour.
corn farm food machine planter
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How about politics with no Party Line

Are you tired of Canadian Party politics and being stuck with inept leaders. This is an interesting concept. They are working on a federal version as well.

"The beauty in the Consensus Government system is that the government cannot do anything without sufficient support from the Opposition...meaning a consensus has been achieved. No omnibus bills and budgets under Consensus Government. Each is presented and discussed and amended until consensus is achieved. They could be replaced by the Legislature. No elections are needed other than one every four years."

"The current party system sees all three major parties having had a turn in government, and all three having done a poor job. Further, when one party replaces the other, they stop pet projects of their predecessor and launch their own. When they get tossed out of power, so too do their initiatives. And so on it goes! A colossal waste of time and scarce tax dollars."
government politics
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They're now in full bloom here! (southwestern ON)


Heirloom tomatoes

We have a bunch of tomatoes that are waiting patiently for warmer weather to arrive so that they can go outside. Notice how they are all trying to look out through the windows.Image/photo
food garden heirloom spring tomatoes
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The weather has been dismal lately. My houseplants are getting cabin fever.

It sucks. We moved the tomatoes onto the deck a few days ago and today I picked up a new cover for the greenhouse. Want to tarp it this weekend and get stuff planted,,, finally!

Meet the new member

Luna is meeting the newest member of the farm born last night. Somebody new to play with. Annie is 8 hours old and is very energetic and stable on her feet already.

animal farm horse newborn
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A little miracle! Post an updated photo when you can!

Hi. Yes I can. We have a second colt and one mare that is overdue.

A creek winding through our property

The sun was bright and faded the colours of the photo. But it is early spring and the grass is just starting to green up.


nice. never been to Canada. Would like to. used to read a lot of alaska adventure novels like white fang and such. Always liked the idea of endless forests in the northwest territories .

Hey, I read White Fang too. I think I was in grade 6 at the time. My son graduated from 3 years of Mining Engineering and he has been all over the Northwest of Canada doing everything from prospecting in the Whistler area to building small drill rigs completely flown in by chopper in the Yukon. The last number of winters he worked in northern Alberta supervising a crew of 25 guys and heavy machinery clearing and prepping natural gas pipeline right of ways. He has been way out in the wilderness in the winter. Two and half hour drive from camp just to get to job site.

Dunes of Peru

You can find these south of Lima half hour from the coast.

desert dune-buggy myphoto oasis Peru sand

March is going out like a Lion

Winter doesn't want to leave. It growled at us yesterday and last night. This is what we have this Sunday morning. Had at least 10 cm of fresh stuff plus some freezing rain on the branches.. Image/photoImage/photoImage/photo
snow spring

Haha. That's the scary part. It will go to -11 here tonight but not above 4 all week:(

Brrrr... -11° is what we have at the moment....
Spring, my buttock ;)