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Libra : Global Money for 2020

At 12 Noon EDT today Friday June 21, #vuc757 is about #libra #libracoin
Time 5:00p UK, 6:00p Paris/Berlin

You can not escape all the talk about it in every news source online and every social network.

Is this Facebook’s attempt to become a government, as Zuckerberg said years ago?
Or is this something that could, as they put forth, actually help people around the world who can’t have a bank account?

What do YOU think?

Phone in and tell us (or just listen) :

You can also watch (there may be a few slides) at
#vuc757 #libra #libracoin cryptocurrency libra libracoin


VUC755 - Emil Ivov on Jitsi Meet

In about one hour (12 Noon EDT, 5PM UK? 6PM Paris/Berlin) we'll be talking to Jitsi creator Emil Ivov. If you're not familiar with Jitsi Meet, it's an amazing platform that we will be using to replace Hangouts on Air, said to be disappearing in 2019.

Watch at

jitsimeet opensource videoconference


Retirement isn't just about pursuing interests

Retirement is about not having to wake and get up at a specific time. It's about not being in a hurry most mornings. It's about making food, if you want breakfast, or taking a hot bath, relaxing.
I known a few people who had dreams of retirement. In two cases they were very disappointed, because once they moved or got the setup they wanted, they found it was a dream that wasn't really them.
I'm lucky in many ways, but I think after finding my long-term partner, my continued interest in playing music, and my new found interest in cooking makes my retirement from the work I loved even better. No clients!
Today, I grabbed the leftover veg in the fridge and improvised an omlette.
cooking cuisine food retirement

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A thought about censorship and curation

I've said it before, I'll say it again. One of my favorite features of this platform, Friendica, is an option to not show posts with certain keywords. What reminded me were numerous posts on censorship. When practiced on the receiving (or "client") side, it's called curation. I wouldn't enjoy the platform nearly as much without it. It allows us to follow tags or people who ordinarily post interesting things but occasionally post in areas we do not care to see.

Now is the thyme


This isn't necessarily grave and egregious things. It could be someone who posts an occasional long diatribe on the evils of eating meat, for example. I don't mean that is wrong, I myself am an omnivore, I don't eat a lot of meat, but do eat some. If I was interested in certain things, I could follow tags or let them slide by, but if I am weary of seeing other things, and in... show more
censorship friendica social networks

Just glad it's late spring/early summer and spending a lot of time gardening. And nowhere near computer...unlike winter months.

I'm "on it" all day, but while I have it on, I'm doing other things. I seldom look at social networks, but monitor my email and music sites.


Wayne's Thang (Kenny Garrett)

I decided to make a simple version to show to potential band members.

SoundCloud: Waynes Thang (Kenny Garrett) (Saxoholic Me!)

funk jazz music mywork


Swing Low for Sunday

Sunday reflection

The spiritual "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" was written by former slave Wallace Willis some time after 1865.

#mywork #mymusic

SoundCloud: Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Saxoholic Me!)

#mywork #mymusic music mywork saxophone

There are so great gospel songs out there.


Who remembers....

beta gmail

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Yeah me


If you use Hangouts on Air to Stream to YouTube, you should read this

I knew I saw this somewhere, yet searching for information the usual ways revealed nothing at all. Some vague conjecture in obscure blogs, but looking via or found nothing. Finally, I saw this note in Hangout on Air Help. The YouTube feature, “YouTube webcam”, can instantly stream one source, which is great if you do single person broadcasting, but what about multipoint guests, as in a live conferences?
opensource streaming youtube



I did.
election eu europe


Photos in the Key of Life

Sometimes, the camera just goes off. I found this, taken accidentally a few weeks ago while looking for a photo of a street that I wanted, but that somehow was not saved! This happens when I put the phone away too quickly.
myphoto mywork


Summer Lunch

The weather is beautiful suddenly, warm and sunny, perfect for eating outside.Image/Photo
cooking cuisine food salad salade

Glad someone is having nice weather......


What's your favorite YouTube alternative and why

What's your favorite YouTube alternative and why?
Are they all front ends that use YouTube as the source or is there a complete, independent federated platform?
federation opensource OSS video youtube
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yes. it's called #PeerTube

there's number of instances that you can join.


Beatles Press Conference 1965

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They keep taking it down and someone keeps putting it back up!


If only

If only there was a way to spread posts out over time and not publish 5 or more at the same time...

LOL there are ways...

@Shelenn Ayres It was kind of like "If only there was a way to put your phone down for 20° minutes". Yes, there is. But now I read that there's a "Zen mode" that will lock your phone for 20 minutes.

Yes the person has the power to control their behavior ;) I switched from Windows Phone to a Moto running Lenovo Android 8 yesterday. I was looking into the settings etc and found quiet time and DND time settings. Now if you are blogging, you can schedule posts. If you are integrating the blog to your social media posts, problem solved there. If you are using Twitter, There are free tools that will schedule tweets. If you are integrating Twitter posts with other social media, problem solved. If you are on FB, there is a free tool to schedule FB posts too. I don't need these atm but here is a link to 5 free tools for those who are interested
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@Shelenn Ayres There are two "sides" to this question:
1. How we are tied to our phones or tablets. My wife and I are not.
2. How you post, broadcast 5 photos or aphorisms or links at once, or spacing them out.

Good link you have there, although I don't need it some decidedly do.

Mostly, it's pros who use these scheduling things for obvious reasons. I use Twitter's post later to have it be seen when we go live.


Changed Lives

You can loan $25 to hard-working entrepreneurs to start or grow their business. Not only individual lives are improved, but also families and sometimes even whole communities are helped by this process.

microlending poverty


Jisti Video Bridge (Jitsi Meet)

Our most popular video in the 12+ years we've been running VUC:

YouTube: #vuc482 The Return of the Jitsi - Jitsi Meet (Visions Under Construction)

# #VUC482 conference video youtube


Back from Berlin

Just back from Berlin and catching up here. Enjoying Sonomu !
Berlin Germany travel

O need to look into this on Monday.


If you have time on your hands

Over 260 files
There are hours of music, essays, ringtones and interviews to check out on my Soundcloud page. It's all free for the asking. The music isn't all saxophone or jazz, there #blues, #rock and lots of #guitar, too.

Hmmm it says 214 but on the page over 260. I believe it's because the talking ones aren't in the feed, only music.

SoundCloud: saxoholic me! (Saxoholic Me!)

#blues #rock #guitar interviews music podcasts
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