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"Did you mean to go to...?"

Today I went to and the Brave browser put up a message "Did you mean to go to" Does Chrome do this? It looks like it did, but I have never seen this in Chrome. It's as annoying as hell, too. Ok, if you type, it would make sense, and I have seen those, inside Google results, when you type in an address that doesn't exist.

Here's what I found in a search:

It makes sense. It could be just the warning you need to avoid typing in a password to a typosquatting site.

I respectfully disagree. This was not a search result, this was me typing in a URL that works. It lands on the URL but asks if I wanted Bing, which I never use. Even if it was "protection", it should be optional and oddly enough, it does seem to be in Chrome but not Brave, although the people complaining in the above Google forum didn't seem to see that.


You've Changed

Played two months ago

SoundCloud: You've Changed (Saxoholic Me!)

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About Google's (DoA) Ethics Counsel

An interesting collection of thoughts by people experienced in the idea of ethics and technology.
company ethics Google


Friendica and stream filtering

I love that Friendica has a filter (or at least iSurf does, I'm not sure if it's optional by pod). Go here and add stuff you're sick of seeing. I just did.
content filter freindica stream

Yes it's a Friendica thing - I also have Advanced Content Filter on node.

this is an excellent thing!



Friendica has an add-on I appreciate, in the settings:addons page. There are settings to black profiles, but more important to me, you can filter words to collapse posts. If you do, you'll see one short text informing you of which word was caught. Very cool, highly recommended.
blocking filter


Part of Lunch

A homemade blue corn tortilla with some cheese and hot sauce.
cooking cuisine food tortilla

A balanced meal.

@Peter Lindelauf Only a part of the meal! Fèves au jambon de parme was the main dish.


Live in 55 minutes (17:00 UTC 12 Noon EDT)

No idea at all what we're talking about. Maybe Google+ becoming Currents for a minute.
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Google Currents to Replace GSuite Google+

Sounds like a money app...I don't trust G any longer

Gsuite is a paid service, so, yeah :-)


Come Sunday (Alto)

Another take on the Duke Ellington song

SoundCloud: Come Sunday April (Saxoholic Me!)

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About jazz and jazz musicians

In this video, the preview shows Billie Holliday sitting next to guitarist Mary Osborne. Pianist Marian McPartland gives insights into what jazz is about. Very cool.
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Fear, Anger and How They are Spread... By Us

This is not a new theme for me. I have to cull my feed every day to remove profiles that continually post things I consider as destructive as the issues they describe. Give it a read and make sure you're not one of them.

We all build the world we live in.

Fear and anger
Anger and fear are the human refuse that pollute the Internet today. While they are concentrated on Facebook, the same concept can be found everywhere from in-person conversation, depending on who you frequent, to platforms like this one.
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Berlin May 5th - Relax!

Kamailio World in Berlin, May 6th-8th
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My Tea Stain Gallery

Welcome to the Tea Stain Gallery
I often post the processed tea stains from afternoon tea on Pluspora and now iSurf. I put some of my favorites into a gallery on Medium. If you've liked some of those I posted here, please check these out. If you enjoy them, a "clap" or two is much appreciated!
AbstractArt teastains

Interesting how we are capable of creating so much beauty, but also so much misery.



"Socialism Leads to Death"

Life causes death, too.
I wrote this exactly one year ago as a reaction to an article I read about a guy complaining that some college kids got everything free and didn't know what it was like to build a business. Thing is, this man inherited his business from his father.
capitalism socialism

It's like some sort of reactive imposter syndrome


Diaspora/Mastodon: The Inmates are Running the Asylum!

Note: I extended this and published it as a Medium article. I'd love it if you could go read it:

Social networks
I think everyone is pulling back a little. The sobering and repeated Facebook "scandals" and the bitterness over the Google+ closure has awakened a lot of people. They now realize they were wasting more time online than is reasonable when they have lives, families and potential to do other things. Google+ was obviously a poor investment, other than temporary gratification.
The trick is to not be so insecure as to need those online distractions to ma... show more
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What I find, even among normally intelligent friends, is that they don't see the time wasted. I consciously avoid looking at my phone in waiting rooms, unless I know it's going to be really long, or I am waiting for something. Even time wasted as in a waiting room is better spent reflecting. When I want to get things done, which is every day, I love to post and chat, but I break away as soon as it's time to get to what has to be done; Then I'll take pauses and go look at the networks.

It can be a good way to kill time while in the passenger seat on a long drive.


If you have a GSuite Account

Come and ask to join the "Join the Fediverse" community:
google+ gsuite


How Long Bossa

"How Long Has this been Going On?" Sounds like it's about infidelity, no? In fact it's more about virginity, or more precisely, a girl's first kiss (in the original).

SoundCloud: How Long Bossa (Saxoholic Me!)

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Apple Bought Texture, Now They're Killing It

What's unfortunate is that Texture is a good app and was a service worth using if you like to read or browse through a large number of magazines. The cost was around $10 per month. How many magazines can you buy for that? Two, if you're in an airport kiosk! Texture ends on May 28th.

Apple is replacing Texture with Apple News+

Same price, but there's a problem: the app is iOS and MacOS only, and on MacOS, it's only the latest OS version, which my computers can't get, because they're from 2011.

On the one hand, I like the concept of Texture (I haven't seen News yet, but I already don't like the idea of new s being any part of a magazine library). But this is a model that is pretty much the only hope for magazine publishing. Maybe that's why Apple is taking 50% of the subscription fee for their commission. The math probably does work for both sides, though.

Now it's up to Google or Amazon

Someone needs to step up in the non-Apple world to get Android tablets a magazine app similar to Texture. Texture was one of two use... show more
apple magazines media news

So we had a discussion today, and my wife gave me several reasons why she wants nothing to do with Apple ever. This latest move I describe (no Android version) is annoying. I looked at Zinio and then which has a $10/month plan. Both have international choices, but Zinio doesn't seem to have a pay one subscription price. I'll look more later. So, when the old Nexus 7 dies, I will look at 10" Android tablets, I guess. Meanwhile, our tablets still work, more or less, as reading and media devices.

Ha. One reason I 'upgraded' my original Tab 10 in buying a new one is that the new Zinio app wouldn't work on old one. The new one, on the other hand, lacks an accelerometer so I can't use it with star chart apps. Or or have to use my Samsung phone. All of which is way more complicated than just looking up at the stars. The splintering of various markets into a host of viewing options and tech requirements can get a bit annoying sometimes. On the other hand, the book and the magazine are starting to feel like quaint artifacts.