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[bookmark=]36 years ago, Daniel LaRusso beat Johnny Lawrence of the "Cobra Kai" dojo with the Crane Kick to win the Under-18 All-Valley Karate Tournament.



[bookmark=]This is what our crews picked up on 17th near H minutes after federal law enforcement cleared streets Monday night: Natural OC and artificial CS tear gas canisters. Released green choking gas that attacked our lungs and eyes. Item on right is flash bang. More at



[bookmark=]Welcome home, Falcon 9 B1058.1!

On Saturday, this rocket launched astronauts Bob Behnken & Doug Hurley to the International Space Station, then landed on SpaceX’s “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship.

This afternoon, it returned to Port Canaveral.

📷: Me for @SuperclusterHQ



Martin Luther King Jr. did things “the right way”. He was still brutally beaten, hosed, humiliated, dehumanized, arrested on 29 different occasions, and finally murdered.

Let’s not forget that blocking roads was a…



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nice, nice-- but make the photos of space public domain, like nasa (like you said you would). most of us wont ever get to ride your ships. the least you can do is send the earth a postcard.


First day of remote karate lessons. @ Novastar Martial Arts of Mission Viejo


First day of remote learning complete.


Rain not getting in the way of fashion. @ Laguna Hills, California


Let's try this again.. @ Disneyland - Theme Park


# # We were in line for the new ride Sun Jan 19 at 8:20pm (Group 80) the ride broke down at about 9:20. After waiting 40 minutes we left at 10pm as our young kids were sleepy. We're told we could hope for a fix, did the ride ever come back up that day?


Fun at the San Diego zoo. @ San Diego Zoo


🍬Candy time with the monsters. @ Oogie Boogie Bash - Disney California Adventure


Trying a yeast starter for this batch of Thanksgiving cider.


Spaceships being built.





On our way down under to Australia! When we booked the flight it was scheduled to leave 12 hours ago, but these bumps are all part of the adventure! @ Tom Bradley International Terminal - Los Angeles International…


We found the clues, solved the puzzles, and apprehended the culprit! Scooby Doo themed escape room at the Mission Viejo library. @ Mission Viejo Library


Made the mistake weeks ago buying tickets to see #Endgame at the same time #GOT #Got8x03 is airing. Will have to avoid social media after the movie and come home and watch GoT.