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Some more food, suitable for a full-on #medieval style #lent.

Pangrattata on

We’re doing Medieval Lent again this year - although we’re giving ourselves an extra dairy day each Wednesday. Which is why I’m saying yesterday was the feast day of Saint Burrito of Lynn. Next Wednesday will be the feast day of Saint Burrito of Ely, followed by Saints Burrito of Cambridge, Norfolk, Peterborough, and Downham.


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Courtesy @Syreene over on G+. An interesting read, especially for those of us with Asian personas in the SCA. !Society for Creative Anachronism (Unofficial) Forum #japan #sca #samurai #history #medieval

Gender Neutral Titles Approved

The SCA CoA has recently approved three gender-neutral titles for use within the SCA. Read more about it here. !Society for Creative Anachronism (Unofficial) Forum

Women Samurai Erased from History during Meiji Restoration

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I know that in later periods, Samurai became basically landed gentry that didn't really serve as warriors in a practical sense anymore. I don't know enough about Japanese history to know where these women fit in. Do you?
Part of the thrust of the article is that, during the Edo period (when the transition you mentioned happen), that's when women were relegated more to a passive life while men became the bureaucrats. (Scroll about 40% of the way down the page, right past the big picture of the "onna-bugeisha samurai wife with her naginata," to the paragraph that begins
The advent of the Edo Period at the beginning of the 17th century brought a
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