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January 15, 1:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Eastern)

Weekly 1-2 hour event in the RockHouse parcel of the Melody region at 3rd Rock Grid. Come join us! When you get to the region, click RockHouse on the teleport board. See you there!

She showed us her true colors during her career. She is not suddenly going to stop voting with Republicans. She is not a liberal or a progressive.

See her actual voting record as a centrist and anti-LGBTQ politician at

FYI you can search for any US politician's record on that site.
Speaking of Tulsi Gabbard......
Tulsi Gabbard Is Running for President. Can She Shake Her Ties to Dictators and Nationalists?

Jan 16, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Eastern) City

Two hour event at Club Chocolate in Keng City. Join us for club and R&B hits and a little bit of funk! When you get to the region, click Club Chocolate on the teleport board located on the ground floor. See you there!

January 15, 1:00 PM Pacific (4:00 PM Eastern)

Weekly 1-2 hour event in the RockHouse parcel of the Melody region at 3rd Rock Grid. Come join us! When you get to the region, click RockHouse on the teleport board. See you there!

facts matter... don't repeat this history

To be clear, the facts reported in the BBC series were..... facts.

For my comment, the facts were pulled from the Trump family genealogy and the public records - verifiable sources. My comment was made for clarification to be sure no one thought Timber's comment was anti-German extending it with facts already reported by other sources.

My primary intention with the top post is to help people see this is not just a political issue - it is a human rights issue regarding a border wall that we should all oppose as humans. The parallels of DJT to Hitler are astounding but not surprising when examining facts.

Speaking of role play folks looking for a new home, a group has setup a Friendica node. See this node for RPGers from G+

VLC passes 3 billion downloads, will get AirPlay support and improved VR features soon


How to attach an image, video, or web URL to a Friendica post (in pictures) on nodes with the release candidate.

Login to your Friendica account.

On the default network or home page, click the "post" icon below your profile picture in the upper right.

Optionally give it a title, optionally add hashtags or a category (like collections), then click inside the share box to type anything you want.

Click the paperclip icon to attach (not the link icon)

Paste the URL into the box that pops up then click ok (This will insert all the necessary code for you.)

Click the share button and you will see your post :) (You can edit by using the upper right pull down menu of the post itself if needed.)
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The link icon is available when you perhaps do not want to embed the content from a URL.

The permissions tab is for you to decide who you want to share a post with. The preview tab shows you how the post will look before sharing. The browser (browses your own uploads) tab seen in the images is what is used to insert an image or video.

Friendica is one of many federated social media network types where users can connect with each other online. The number of new users continues to grow since the announcement of the G+ sunset. I've been tracking the growth since that time. There were approximately 1.8 million users 4 months ago. There are now 2,563,698 users who voluntarily report and make themselves visible online. (There are undoubtedly more!) This is a 42% increase and that is happening without any money interests running a marketing campaign - it's entirely via friend to friend or what we often call word of mouth.

Great job "real people"! Get on board with us :)

Pop-up markets at Giant stores to help federal workers, contractors

Which Friendica node should I chose? That depends on your language and country preferences etc. BUT, my advice, is chose one that is either running the last stable release 2018.09-1283 or better yet, one that is running the latest release candidate (rc) because those are the nodes likely to update to the next release coming soon. There are quite a few improvements in the rc! Great job to a great dev team!

Here is where you can find a list of servers, what version they are running, and statistics on each by clicking the individual projects:

If you find one you like, click the link at the top of their project page to create an account.

Posting screenshots here so people can see what Friendica looks like - users have the power via themes under display settings to change the way it looks for them and how the content is laid out more than G+ and FB ever allowed.

Feature-wise it replaces G+ and FB out of the box. In addition, I will make t
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Now that we are seeing some glitches in G+ that imply the shutdown appears to be starting, I've had a lot of questions from people looking for a new home. Friendica is a free solution that does all that G+ does and more (no waiting for features to be developed). I am going to link multiple tips I've made to help others see how to get started on

When you signup with an email account, it will ignore anything you put in for a password. Check your spam folder if needed to find a credential email from the server. Click the link in the email to find your temporary password and use that to login. Once in, you can go to your profile settings to change the password and begin filling out your profile. The following posts can help you beyond that! Check below on how to add me as a contact using my identity address

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@Shelenn Ayres My sincere thanks to you for taking the time to answer my question, and so fully and clearly. I shall save this thread for future reference.

@Wayne Brander Thanks, too, for your opinion.

I have to agree with @Roy Gardiner - Great post, Shelenn!

I know it's not posted anywhere, but it may be worth pointing out, if this does help migrate a bunch of people over (however many a 'bunch' turns out to be), that I do have the system restricted to 30 new accounts per day, which hasn't been an issue at all yet, but if someone were to abuse the system in that fashion, or we just got a minor flood of people migrating over, the system could kick that restriction in.

We do have a couple of older users having difficulty but i don't think it relates to the system restriction. We are helping them where we can. The greatest problem is what you and I have discussed @Adam Clark where the signup page should not have a field to enter a password since it is not capturing it. The secondary issue is the credential emails going to spam folders. Once people are actually able to login with their new accounts, it gets easier but that barrier is a big one.

On the email front - without actually contacting Google yet, I've checked as many ways as I can think of to ensure that mail delivery is trusted from this site (and from all the servers I run). I am not sure if DigitalOcean network space is just generally trusted poorly by Google, but I've got what are called DMARC reports coming in from places that support them (including Google) and things continually look good. So, mail winding up in people's Junk folders really shouldn't be happening as far as I'm concerned.

I don't doubt your diligence! Yet almost every user I know (and myself) find the credential email in the gmail spam folder. Not sure why but that is why I have to advise people to look there. Usually that is only after they have become totally frustrated trying to login with their chosen password that is never captured on signup. That's why I say we need to fix that issue by design. If some of these folks were not contacts of mine in G+ they would have given up.
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In the very short term, I have changed the initial Welcome message on the registration page/form to read as follows (though I agree the login form requires redesign, I don't think I can do much about that myself in the very near future... though if anyone out there is willing to mock it up in appropriate code for Friendica, I'd entertain importing / using it):
Welcome! iSurf Social looks forward to having you here - but do keep in mind our primary rule to follow is basic Netiquette. Please also note that any username/password you entered on the login form is discarded - at the end of the registration process below you will receive an email with your initial password! - Please check your spam folder for it if it doesn't appear relatively quickly.

If user number 31 in a 24 hour period attempts to sign up, what indication do they have that signup is limited to 30 per day? Will their request for an account be held and processed automatically the next day or do they have to return to get in line again?
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Michael Cohen To Testify Publicly Before Congress About Work As Trump's Lawyer

RT @SenSchumer: President @realDonaldTrump’s priorities when he shuts down the government over a temper tantrum:

↑ Make sure oil drilling doesn’t stop
↓ Make sure federal workers don’t miss a paycheck

This is not how government is supposed to function. #TrumpShutdown