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@Karl Auerbach See above.

Got any generous friends?

A look back in time coming forward to today :) When did you first access it?

@Garry Knight... I access USENET via my Thunderbird email client (NNTP) and Works very well! :)

Ah, yes, thanks. I'd forgotten that I still have an account there. At least, I think I do. It was all a long time ago...

Sci-Fi Anthology on Solar Future

The Weight of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures is free to download

Very interesting stuff! Users today don't realize how great we have things in terms of price and capabilities. :)

Kitchen computer, Neiman-Marcus/Honeywell, 1969
The Honeywell 316 microcomputer hidden inside the Kitchen Computer was a successor to the 516 computer that powered the first node of the ARPANET, which eventually became the internet.

Speed: 312,500 adds/sec
Memory size: 4K Words
Memory type: Core
Memory width: 16-bit
Cost: $10,600

From Computer History Museum, Mountain View
Photos are taken June 2017 with MotoG4
#tech #history
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test share for @randulo

Add the opening line of your novel here! (any topic)

Title: "Rest Area"
Subtitle: "The road trip you will never want to experience"
Opening line: "Filthy, but serviceable. Like my life", he thought to himself as he lifted the toilet seat with his foot.


I have been out of teaching in the field for over a decade Ada Lovelace. Early mechanical computers?

There have been some questions recently and interest from role players and gamers about rp in social virtual worlds. This is one of the virtual world grids running open source software and providing free accounts with active role players. The largest group is United Federation Starfleet but I am told there are others moving to this non-profit grid as well. (Public region rating is PG or Moderate.) Take a look and let me or @Rhia Bachman know if you have any questions!
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This is an interesting view. My hope is the implementations by the members of the EU regarding the Copyright Directive will bring some sanity - however I don't have much faith in that given the GDPR implementation. How is your organization or company preparing and what country are you headquartered?

The US, so we're not really affected, but we do have a partnership in Germany...

We don't know yet how the EU members will implement the directive into law and if US companies doing business with EU customers will be affected yet like they are with GDPR.

Come in your best 70's outfit to win Gloebits! Doors are open now city
Click Keng Skate on the board to teleport


Vice's Broadly creates a free, gender-inclusive stock photo library

Stock photos don't have a great reputation when it comes to gender-inclusivity. Options are limited at best or non-existent at worst.

#trans #transgender #nonbinary #StockPhotos

My 23 year old Son is transitioning F2M. And it is really amazing and uplifting. Trans people I know, my age, myself included. We have so much angst about "passing", and conforming to society's stupidity. My Son and friends his age are just like "fuck you, you don't get to choose who I am!" It's really awesome, and it has made me a little braver. :)

Crowdsourcing: What is the best translator addon for Firefox?

Woot! Good to see you. Drop by the meeting tonite please at 8 pm EDT so I can get your gloebit pledge for Doctors Without Borders :) outpost alpha
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So he pled not guilty and they suddenly dropped all criminal charges and wiped his record clean... perhaps the charges were bogus in the first place?

Charges dropped against 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett

"On Tuesday, prosecutors for Cook County, Illinois, dropped all charges against “Empire” star Jussie Smollett. The news comes after Smollett pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on March 14 on a 16-count indictment of lying to police. He has denied the charges.

Today, all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped and his record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic complaint against him," according to a statement from Smollett's lawyers Tina Glandian and Patticia Brown Holmes."

@Shelenn Ayres No I don't think they were false charges - otherwise he would have been able to keep his bail $$, which he wasn't. I personally beleive it was a way to save face for the actor and law enforcement. As to why - I hope it wasn't just to move his career forward, but a genuine effort (although misguided) to keep the spotlight on the social issue going forward.

@Steve From TO If it was just a way to save face, they wouldn't have expunged his record either. But I don't think that we'll ever know the full truth, but I think that people will continue to speculate from whatever they can make the evidence (or lack thereof as they aren't even saying what they had) mean to them.

The money he gave up was 10K - nothing to him. The important flags here are the highly unusual steps taken by the prosecution: complete charges dropped AND complete wipe of the record. That only happens when there was an egregious false arrest that the defendent is fighting. The Smollett lawyers called their bluff and must have had proof or they would not have backed off completely like that. I suspect the 10K was a negotiated chip to help the prosecution save face.

@Shelenn Ayres Well I'm old and a little bit jaded by life. In my opinion if you're on the right side, you don't give away your money, so easily like that, unless there is some truth involved in what the other side is saying. There wasn't any mention of law enforcement having to pay the defence legal bills either - So I stand with what I said. It just doesn't pass the smell test for me. But, I've been wrong before! 🤓

Smollett is also dealing with PR in terms of reputation damage. My position as a member of the LGBTQ community and as an American who believes in the legal system was to let the court process proceed. It proceeded to a conclusion without a trial. If the evidence they claimed to have had was legit, they would have gone to trial. The burden of proof is on the prosecution not the defendent - innocent until proven guilty.
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@Shelenn Ayres Maybe, maybe not.
Possibly it wasn't in the interest of justice? With race relations what it is in your country - I can see a scenario similar to this playing out. An enlightened prosecutor perhaps? IDK, we're playing Devil's Advocate here.
It would be good to know, regardless.

@Shelenn Ayres - we also have to look at the fact that it had already damaged his career in that he wasn't in the latter part of the season when it was planned. Not sure what his contract says for getting paid during that time. And the longer it went on, the more it would have affected his chances to be in the next season. The gears of justice move slowly and grind anyone who does not have the time to spare.

Certainly the legal system moves slower than the court of public opinion. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion does the most damage and is often not correct. My bet is the charges being dropped provide firepower for his lawyers to not only make sure he does not suffer money losses in his career related to unproven allegations but to also excel in new career opportunities.
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Good points @Shelenn Ayres

Day 2 for the Doctors Without Borders fundraiser at No Borders Festival 2019 in the 3rd Rock Grid! Come join us at b


Congratulations to everyone who participated! $1133 dollars were raised for Doctors Without Borders at this 11th annual fundraiser. For every dollar donated the effective impact is 5 times that amount for a total $5665 to help Doctors Without Borders help those in need. Special thanks to @Rhia Bachman of the 3rdrockgrid for a successful event!

If anyone would like to continue donating, this is the place:
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Live Woodstock 1969 time warp at the No Borders Festival 2019 coming up at 9 pm eastern! B