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Friendica 2019.04 released

This release fixes a bug allowing unauthorised access to private postings under certain circumstances.

How to update

For this release notes we assume, that you are running Friendica 2019.03 if not, please update to that release before pro
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Hi !Friendica Admins,

if you missed it this morning, please update your node to the 2019.04 release as soon as possible, we fixed an important privacy issue.

It looks like a bad game of GO.

The state of Linux graphic design tools in 2019 - A candid review test by a professional designer for work-readiness

This was a test by a designer who is not a software developer, and mostly uses Adobe software on a Macbook. The question he was seeking to answer with this investigation wasn't just how good is open source design software, but also could he use it to do his job every day?

He has some interesting observations and I would really like to have seen him include Krita.


#graphicdesign #foss #opensource


That's sort of the ultimate test, right?

Gosh, yes, thid Gee-Whizzy Bang tech is cool. But, can I get any work done with it, and does it make me more efficient?

It's nice that people are asking that question.

Certainly Blender's trajectory has been can't win'em your money for the hardware

Pluspora cross post test @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ)

Method: Upper right Diaspora pull down menu, select link to source, then copy url to clipboard. Return to Friendica, post using paperclip icon/button.

Hmm. I will try this out and report back. Thank you.

Hmm. When I click the image above, I'm taken to the post on Pluspora. There, I have no controls whatsoever. In the upper right, it invites me to create an account on Pluspora, etc. Of course, I can grab the URL from the browser.

Back on Friendica, I see no paperclip icon anywhere. Last night, I tried using the link icon and it didn't work. Today, I tried it again and it did work. So I guess that's how I can do it. Grab the URL from the browser, then post on Friendica using the link method.

On mine, each post and comment shows the network it came from -- Friendica, Diaspora, Pluspora, Mastodon -- but it's just light gray text. Nothing clickable.

However, this seems to be solved for now. Yay.

Might be your theme. In default Frio (before customizing) the pull down menu of each post in the upper right (where it shows which network type it came from) has plenty of contrast for clarity. The first menu option (like on your own posts or comments) is Link to Source.
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Hmm. It would seem the same functions must be on this theme also, perhaps under different names. There is an icon here that says "view on separate page" that might be the same as Link to Source. I'm still studying it. Lol. Thanks for bearing with all my stumbling around. I rather like this theme, and it seems that it ought to be fully functional or it shouldn't be here.

I am live with R&B Club Mix tonight in Keng City Grid's Club Chocolate!

Nice! Funk and groove. I was doing the boogaloo and shing-a-ling back in the day. Great memories. Thanks, @Shelenn Ayres!

Glad you enjoyed it... that last hour was just an unplanned live mix since the second DJ had some issues and couldn't make it ;)

Want to have some fun and escape the offline world for a while? Role play in social virtual worlds bridges gaming aspects and social aspects in a way that can be both fun and educational! But I find the more important yield is, like social media, the possibility to develop lifelong friendships both online and offline. One need not always be in character but there are some "characters" we grow to love ;)


One popular role play is Star Trek themed - no this is not a video game or app. You create a free account for your avatar, download the free client software, then login with your account to customize your avatar. It's not that much different than using social media - it just happens to use a 3D environment!

If Star Trek or SciFi is your thing, I encourage you to check this out on "3rd Rock Grid" (a social virtual world server hosted with open source software called Open Simul... show more
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Eine wunderbare Idee, liebe @Shelenn Ayres !!
Ich wünsche, ich hätte mehr Zeit für alle interessanten Dinge...
Einen fantastischen REst der Woche, für dich, mein Freund!!
Ah!, ... und Dank auch diesmal wieder, für die wunderbare Musik!!! Herzliche Grüße : ))

I was just over at Fred's Outwoldz Trek build and am highly impressed with the detail I found there. It almost looks like he built the Enterprise 1:1 scale!


Can be got to via Alpha Centauri Trek.

verryyyy interesting ;)

#AI #surveillance #escape

This colorful printed patch makes you pretty much invisible to AI - The Verge

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@Shelenn Ayres I have so experienced that...riding on my bike...late at night

When the White Cop stopped me, it was over in 5. Unlike the normal "swarming" of police, in this college town.

It's like the image he's hanging around his neck made him a building relative to the indiscernible pastel people in the image. I suspect a whole new genre of clothing will be coming out soon.

Apr 25
IMA Thirsty Thursday
Thu 6:00 PM - Thu 10:00 PM outpost alpha
Shelenn Ayres
It's that time again! Thirsty Thursday in the Party Zone of IMA Outpost Alpha to celebrate virtual world arts of all kinds and the contributions of creative commons on the HyperGrid. The latest installation and testing of Satyr Farm scripts are underway so feel free to drop by, explore, and make a landmark!

Step through the gate to see Caro Fayray's art exhibit then hang a left to join us for the party! Why is it called Thirsty Thursday? Because that is the Friday of overachievers ;) DJ Rosa Alekseev will kick it off followed by Singer Southern Redwine and a new guest DJ! I will round out the four hour party with some great tunes and will take requests for your favorites :) See you there!

A tribute to progressive and classic country guitar favorites for International Guitar Month today! Live at the top of the hour - meanwhile, some 80's reunion radio ;)

This Fiat 600 was one of the first models I made in #Blender, since it's my favourite car ever. Over the years I retouched it, only bits each time. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think of it! :)

#b3d #blender3d #3dmodelling #3d #3dart #cars #argentina #fiat600 #fitito #mastoArt #art

I agree @Andy Cuccaro did a really nice job on this.

Steyr-Puch 650 me first one :D

@Trevor Schadt

although it is a constant problem, i try not to be hyperfocused on pointing out individual fallacies, as much as trends and endemics. this is why:

i dont like to encourage that one. intellectual honesty is an art, and should be encouraged. its extremely difficult to enforce-- particularly in such a narcissistic culture.

AI for Fun: Awesome Web and Mobile Apps You Can Test Right Now

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. What is it? Just another hype, modern trend to name the technology, or maybe, it is a potential superpower to kill humans?! Today we hear those buzzwords and what is more serious, wrong assumptions about them from everywhere, but only a few understand what it really is and how it works. And if
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A California City Just Launched a Basic Income Trial

#ubi #basicincome #stockton #california #SEED


VR and Wine Tasting?

Preview of what VR Wein is doing in #berlin. We'll be joining them May 6th.

Watch at 17:00 UTC (6 PM Paris/Berlin, 5 PM UK) :

Impeach the SOB then indict on perjury and prosecute. The report makes clear he attempted to protect many from indictment.

Bill Barr's standing as AG may never be the same

Bill Barr appears to have lied and acted as an extension of the White House, almost certainly knowing he'd get caught. Will there be any accountability?
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