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What is an OAR?

Around the Open Simulator community, we hear things like "save your OAR" or "get an OAR from Outworldz". For the non-technical users learning to host their own regions or grids, OAR is an acronym for OpenSimulator Archive. It is a file type that can contain all of the assets of a region, its terrain, and its parcels. In other words, an OAR can be a complete backup of a virtual world known as a region in OpenSimulator. This feature allows a region owner to save and restore "backups" of their region.

Why do some grids not allow users to save their own OARs?

Unfortunately, this feature is often a topic of controversy associated with intellectual property theft. If we better understand the concerns and how to address them, we can eliminate the vast majority of controversy. If the OAR to be saved contains content that is all created by its owner, there is no issue.

With the evolution of the HyperGrid, marketplaces, and self-hosted regions or grids, it is common for a region to contain assets created by multiple... show more
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