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Mar 13
DJ Shelenn at Club Chocolate
Wed 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM City
Shelenn Ayres
Two hour event at Club Chocolate in Keng City. Join us for club and R&B hits and a little bit of funk! When you get to the region, click Club Chocolate on the teleport board. See you there!


Friendica Stylus Test

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The pictures are in order with the first being the instructions followed for each subsequent screenshot.

I was gonna say that looks like the greyville vid LOL but you already know that now. ;)

Perfect for International Women's Day! Go USWNT!


Since this is the API drop dead day, I thought I would repost this...

Just an interesting look back. There are some products and services that are gone but not included in the list as well as Hangouts cessation announcement.

Anyone care to list all the ones that should be on the cemetery list or will be soon?

Although a lot of those headstones are really true, many of them are merely in the witness protection system or just gone through an identity change surgery.
e.g. Dodgeball had been repurposed at least once before it got married to Google Maps. Also, Wave, which seemed to be a 5th-trimester abortion, is alive without Google as a split set of #OpenSource software's; [matrix] and Riot.

Now that G+ is nearly stagnant, I have a bit more time to do other things :) So here we go with a random topic:

Which is better steamed eggs or boiled eggs? I found out a few years ago that steamed is much better! I just put in 6 eggs to steam and will make some deviled eggs today. Who says they are only for holidays? ;)

I love HB eggs so I make them all the time. I call them "protein cartridges".

I boil them but I have a procedure that results in easy to peel eggs and perfectly yellow centers without that ugly but harmless greenish coloration.

Eggs go in a pot with cold water. Bring it to a full boil but not a boil so violent it cracks the eggs. Maintain the boil for one minute. Slap an airtight lid on and shut the fire off. Let them sit for 16 minutes. Then drop them into icewater so the thermal shock loosens the shell from the contents.

It's best to use eggs that are at least a week old. With super fresh eggs, the membrane between the shell and the contents is really tough. It weakens over time.

I'll have to try this steaming method.

Just a couple of weeks to go on consumer G+. Here is where to find me most often:

For those who have lost your notifications widget already, here is how to get to a list of notifications (left menu for those on desktop).

They are prepping for the improved G+ available to GSuiters. They don't care about all the folks who provided their years long test bed and free labor.

Of which theme?

Discussion is about G+ not any theme in Friendica ;)

That's odd - that comment was meant for a different post.


How To Find People in the Fediverse

There are quite a few ways of finding people using Friendica:

From the contacts page, you can search by name or interest. This looks for words people put in their profiles so it is dependent upon them or you can click on similar interests or friend suggestions.

You can search the local directory or the global directory for people who make themselves "findable". Not everyone has this turned on.

You can invite friends using the link or you can enter an identity or web address you know from someone else.

From the global search box on the navigation top menu, you enter @Hyacinth Landry followed by at least some letters of their name to reveal choices you can click to get to profiles.

You can connect with people from post threads in your network, in the local community or global community post threads, or by looking at visible contacts in anyone's profile including community forum members. It is relatively easy to build up a list from joining communit... show more

On the G+ version where your name appears here is a space or a period
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No worries. Friendica was doing horrifying things, so that's why I decided to cool it for a few weeks and come back to it when other stuff settles down. :)

Adam has this node on the current release candidate. There were some issues that he had to revert - you know how development goes ;) But in the case of this post... the import from G+ obviously got confused. Notice the text from the linked site has your name after the first time the @ symbol appears. That is why you are specially mentioned ;)

!Progressive Refuge

VOTE EVERY SINGLE MAN MOCKING #MomsDemand gun reforms to stop gun violence!

Live Club R&B with a little bit of Funk tonight until 10 pm EST

Enjoy! Join us at City

Click the Club Chocolate sign when you get there :)

Live Club R&B with a little bit of Funk tonight until 10 pm EST

Enjoy! Join us at City

Click the Club Chocolate sign when you get there :)

This is a good source for fact-based information in online debates and offline debates. ;)


The fastest road car in the world revealed - and it's electric
It's the most powerful street-legal car ever to come out of Italy. And when your competitors include Ferrari and Lamborghini, that's some badge of honour.

It may even be the most powerful road car ever, although when you're dealing with hypercars (the noun supercar is no longer sufficient) it's a fine margin between first, second and third.

But being number one is not the most important thing. Nor that it costs £2m. What's really special about the Pininfarina Battista, recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, is this: it's all-electric.

#cars #automotive #BBC

Really like this car! I took a picture of my Saab's odometer reading today so I can sell it. (I already have another car.) But it sure would be nice to have an electric convertible sportscar that is an electric hybrid!

Further proof he is not a Democrat and is only attempting to circumvent the party, its voters, and its platform. He is dishonest.
Bernie is doing it again!

This is one reason I don't support him. How is this legal???

From the article...

"It's not unusual for candidates to file with the F
... show more

"I want all the benefits of being a Democrat without the burden of being a Democrat."

He became a millionaire off the 2016 campaign and continues pulling in money to employ his family. He also still has not released his taxes or answered for the 10 million dollars the FEC caught him with from a foreign source in 2016. Bought his fourth house with 27 buck donations. He is not avoiding the burden - he is a dishonest man sucking the vulnerable dry and lying about Democrats.

And he's managed to create a legion of followers who are just as blinded and devout as Trump did.

That's where Trump learned it from - he even publicly praised Bernie for it.


I agree. The more familiarity, the better it is for a candidate.

The good thing is, technology will allow people to get to know the candidates virtually so we may be surprised who comes out a leader.