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Sep 17
DJ Shelenn at the Rockhouse
Tue 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Shelenn Ayres
Weekly 1-2 hour event in the RockHouse parcel of the Melody region at 3rd Rock Grid. Come join us! When you get to the region, click RockHouse on the teleport board. See you there!

Best ultra-portable Raspberry Pi Screens in 2019 - $48 to $320

The Raspberry Pi is great when tucked away being part of the internet of things, but it's best when you're enjoying the web, watching a video or doing anything else a more expensive and bigger computer can do. Best of all there are plenty of great products that let you take it all with you. Check out these ultra-portable screens for your Raspberry Pi.



These small displays for the Raspberry Pi are awesome!

Just what you need to turn your little Pi into its own PC that can go anywhere you do.

Hallo!, liebe Shelenn, ich vermisse deine Musik-Beiträge!
Machst du momentan keine Musik ??
Oder kann ich deine BEiträge nicht mehr sehen??

@Andi Droid I continue to do music on Tue and Wed and also some other days probably Fridays too now. I will try to remember to post about them ;)

Fabelhaft !!!
Hmmm, … leider war ich ungeplant einige Wochen abwesend, liebe @Shelenn Ayres .
Vielleicht wurde unsere Verbindung irgendwie gekappt?
Oder vielleicht haben sich die Verbindungsadressen zwischenzeitlich verändert?
Ich werde suchen… ;)))
Einen gelungenen Start in eine fantastische neue Woche, für dich, mein Freund!! Herzliche Grüße, voll warmem Lächeln… : )))
Hmmm, ... unfortunately I was unplanned absent for a few weeks, dear @Shelenn Ayres .
Maybe our connection was cut somehow?
Or maybe the connection addresses have changed in the meantime?
I will search... ;))))
A successful start to a fantastic new week for you, my friend! Warm greetings, warm smile... : )))


Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you do things that you didn't mean to, like buying or signing up for something. The purpose of this site is to spread awareness and to shame companies that use them.

#Wissen #Medienkompetenz #Infonauten

Come to the the dark side, we have cookies (pun intended).

Sep 7
3rd Rock Grid's 11th Birthday Amusement Park Grand Opening
Sat 12:00 PM - Sat 9:00 PM Park
Shelenn Ayres
The community at 3RG is great, the Amusement Park is fun, and the lineup includes live performers... there is something for everyone so make a plan to come celebrate! Congratulations 3RG on 11 years! Music provided by DJ Tek, Singer Khiron, Singer Lucky, Singer Rhia, and DJ Shelenn. My set will be broadcast live from 1900-2100 ET to close out the day.

This event is from 9 am - 6 pm Pacific Time at the Grand Opening of the Amusement Park in 3rd Rock Grid. A day filled with rides, games, live entertainment, prizes and more! Come join us!

Sep 6
DJ Shelenn at Dog's Life Club Grand Opening
Fri 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM;Dog Land
Shelenn Ayres
Join DJ Shelenn and DJ Rosa in welcoming the Hypergrid's newest club spinning all types of music. It is a fun adult rated place called Dog's Life Club from TY Dog! It's located in the Freedom parcel of the Dog Land region but you should land right at the club when you arrive Dog lovers will love partying with some great dogs and puppies nearby too! TY says: "Join our pack and never miss a great fun friendly time :)"

The grand opening is on Friday September 6, 2019 from Noon to 4 pm Pacific Time. (3 to 7 pm Eastern Time) If you are at least 18 years of age, come as you are! From the hypergrid, put the above location in your world map then teleport. From 3rd Rock, put the region name Dog Land in your world map then teleport. Hope to see you there!

Note SpaceX has 60 of these satellites with this software bug in orbit unaware of collision issues with others. Anyone want to guess how many space objects in orbit might have nuclear fuel on them? This is what happens when Republicans allow privatization without NASA oversight to ensure safety.

Better than 'Nope, you move your stuff' that we were left to believe yesterday!

Aug 27
DJ Shelenn at the RockHouse
Tue 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Shelenn Ayres
Weekly 1-2 hour event in the RockHouse parcel of the Melody region at 3rd Rock Grid. Come join us! When you get to the region, click RockHouse on the teleport board. See you there!

Themed show today all over the map. Join us then guess the theme, songs, and artists ;)

Theme Answer: Songs with a Human Rights Political Message

Aug 20
DJ Shelenn at the RockHouse
Tue 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Shelenn Ayres
Weekly 1-2 hour event in the RockHouse parcel of the Melody region at 3rd Rock Grid. Come join us! When you get to the region, click RockHouse on the teleport board. See you there!

Happy 50th! Have a bit of fun with these numbers!

Great for space communications not near suns... horrible for terrestrial. Block the light or even capture the light potentially creates huge security issues. How will it be secured?

It seems to me that the potential security issue is, if anything, less of a problem than it is with W-fi. After all, the latter is broadcast through walls and other barriers whereas Li-fi is intrinsically localised.

This "Li-Fi" idea is literally AGES old ..... and it's early variants, IRDa, are actually getting ripped out of modern systems....

So .... i think it is still some variant of vaporware and we won't see such stuff as actual networking equipment in the next years or decades.....

JUST because the problems @Roy Gardiner already mentioned are intrinsic to the technology....

Millions of Books Are Secretly in the Public Domain. You Can Download Them Free | Motherboard

A quirk of copyright law means that millions of books are now free for anyone to read, thanks to some work from the New York Public Library.

#copyright #PublicDomain #books #library

All Refrigeration or air conditioning does is remove heat from one place (like your house, or the inside of the fridge) and deposit it outside. And they run on electricity, so the resistance of the motor also deposits more heat into the atmosphere.

It seems to me these can be drone vessels operated remotely.

General Notice:

1) When someone tells you they are not interested in your romantic pursuits in PM, stop.
2) Continuing the same pursuit after being told no is online harassment that may constitute a felony.
3) Further continuing the same pursuit in a bully fashion may constitute felony cyberbullying.
4) Continuing to request contact after being removed from contacts and told to stop making contact may constitute felony stalking.
5) If, after removal from contacts and blocking via user account tools, harassment, cyberbulling, and/or stalking continues, I will not hesitate to report these activities via documentation to federal law enforcement and press charges.

I generally accept contact requests until someone makes it clear to me I do not want them in my contact list because they exhibit the above behaviors. But make no mistake, as trusting as I am to give people an opportunity to engage in useful conversation, I will take action when warranted. Have a great day!

For those out there who do not have these protections, Friendica provides them.
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As an average dude, I don't run into the people who need these remedies. Early on Twitter (like 2007), I started badgering a guy who was stalking a black-empowered-female blogger. She had insightful tweets. I bugged him so often he stopped bugging her. He was threatening me with beatings at first then court. I'm so easy to find in real life that I don't worry much about the law cause I'm the law-abiding type. I told him I would love him to go to court with it so the world could see what he was doing. That was about the end of it.

While you may feel that was noble, and she may have appreciated it, i prefer to be empowered with tools so I can protect myself without help from others. That leaves people like you to be available to those who are not as empowered because they don't have the tools or the strength to handle things by themselves.

In any case, through our actions we need to help others see racism is wrong, see misogyny is wrong, see ableism is wrong, see homophobia is wrong, see xenophobia is wrong, see ageism is wrong, see bullying is wrong, see sexual and non-sexual harassment is wrong, and see stalking is wrong. People who practice any one of these atrocious behaviors that are wrong are also likely to practice some or all of the others.

These core belief systems are carried by extremists who engage in terror rooted in fear and weakness. Neo-Nazis/KKK/White Supremacists/White Nationalists for example justify their acts of hate in the same manner Al Qaeda justifies their acts of hate - through the perversion of religious beliefs designed to oppress others.

People who stand up a... show more
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Jul 28
DJ Shelenn at UFS Astraios Beach Party
Sun 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Astraios

landing coordinates = 225, 95, 22 for East Beach

hop:// Astraios/225/95/22
Shelenn Ayres
United Federation Starfleet Astraios (Role Play Group) Beach Party - out of uniform beach attire allowed ;) Come join us for special Star Trek themed 80's dance music!

This is a special Star Trek themed show (mixed by DJ Shelenn) that will make you feel like your favorite Star Trek characters are with us at the party ;)

Jul 25
IMA Thirsty Thursday
Thu 6:00 PM - Thu 9:00 PM outpost alpha
Shelenn Ayres
It's that time again! Thirsty Thursday in the Party Zone of IMA Outpost Alpha to celebrate virtual world arts of all kinds and the contributions of creative commons on the HyperGrid. The content in the region is always evolving so feel free to drop by, explore, and make a landmark!

Step through the gate to see the art exhibit then hang a left to join us for the party! Why is it called Thirsty Thursday? Because that is the Friday of overachievers ;) DJ Rosa Alekseev will kick it off followed by Singer Southern Redwine. I will round out the three hour party with some great tunes and will take requests for your favorites :) See you there!
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Jul 24
DJ Shelenn at Club Chocolate
Wed 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM City
Shelenn Ayres
Two hour event at Club Chocolate in Keng City. Join us for Club/R&B/Funk! When you get to the region, click Club Chocolate on the teleport board. See you there!

Jul 23
DJ Shelenn at the RockHouse
Tue 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Shelenn Ayres
Weekly 1-2 hour event in the RockHouse parcel of the Melody region at 3rd Rock Grid. Come join us! When you get to the region, click RockHouse on the teleport board. See you there!

Favorite Jurassic quote:

Dr. Ian Malcolm: God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.

Dr. Ellie Sattler: Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.