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SceneGate Viewer Release 1.0.0 is out and the repository is open to the public. Check this blog for information and download locations.

Jan 28
DJ Shelenn at the RockHouse
Tue 3:05 PM - 6:00 PM
Shelenn Ayres
Classic Guitar Rock today! Streaming early :) Enjoy!

As we head into the 3-day weekend, let's be safe and and civil as we honor this great man. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?' Extend that to: Are we using technology for others? # #

Twitter: Infinite Metaverse on Twitter (Infinite Metaverse)

Twitter: Infinite Metaverse on Twitter (Infinite Metaverse)

Friendica 2019.12-rc Release Candidate available for testing

We are wrapping up the work on Friendica over the last three month since the 2019.09 release, just in time for delivery over the Holidays at the end of the year. But that require
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Dec 10
DJ Shelenn at the RockHouse
Tue 3:40 PM - 6:00 PM
Shelenn Ayres
Tribute to Folk Rock band Indigo Girls winner of 2019 Pell Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award - live stream
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Steam players – beware of fake skins as phishers try to hijack accounts


Phishing scammers have once again targeted users of the popular Steam gaming service, it was revealed this week.Image/Photo
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The Open Beta test period for the SceneGate Viewer is less than a week old but we've gotten some great feedback! Keep it coming! Many questions focused on what's new so this blog post answers some frequently asked questions from OpenSimulator users.

In the article Ramesh does a video review of simplified mode. I would like to comment about that review :)

The reason for faster loading times is not limited to draw distance defaults. It is related to code improvements made for rendering. Most of his other comments are on target. We will talk more about the design approach at OSCC19 on Dec 15.

He does not review extended mode which does provide the user with all of the typical features for most users including build tools and advanced and developer menu options. It is not just for new users :) The simplified mode as Selby put it takes a bulldozer to the steep learning curve by only presenting a new user with options needed to get started in virtual worlds.

When users are ready to "graduate" to more advanced activities in virtual worlds, they don't need to download or switch to another viewer. Go to preferences from the Me menu (or use ctrl P), select the mode button then select extended mode. We've given these instructions to people who downloaded the viewer at the Launch Party. We look forward to feedback!
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Rather than simulate fireworks in 3D with textures, we chose to simulate fireworks in 3D combining physics and particles and a live streamed soundtrack. Every show is different by design mimicking bottle rockets in the real world. The cannons at the bottom of the screen are projecting bottle rockets that explode with different patterns of particles.

YouTube: SceneGate Launch Party Fireworks (Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA))

Waitng for the GNU/Linux version.

The 64 bit Linux version is out and being tested. Feel free to join the fray! It runs on (and was built on) a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.

Nov 25
SceneGate Open Beta Launch Party
Mon 5:00 PM - Mon 9:30 PM
Shelenn Ayres
Congratulations Beta Testers! You've done a great job testing IMA's new SceneGate Viewer for Open Simulator. We've listened to your feedback and implemented the vast majority of your suggestions as a team.

We are preparing the launch of an Open Beta test version for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Download link for the Windows version will be available soon.

So let's get ready to celebrate! On Nov 25, 2019 from 2-6:30 pm PST (5-9:30 pm EST) we will have live DJs and live Singers followed by fireworks and party gifts! This is a public event so everyone is welcome! :) Hypergridders put the hg address in your world map, find, then teleport! Local avs use the region name events in your world map. See you there!
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Anyone who thinks their bitcoin transactions are not being tracked are not facing reality. I am glad it was used to track down these horrific criminals.

I read somewhere it was much higher than that. But there is no doubt it is not stable enough to be a viable alternative to fiat currency at this time. Regulatory measures could help it stabilize but right now it is primarily used by the big players to: launder money, fund criminal activities, avoid income reporting, and evade tax responsibilities. It might be a novelty by innocent users for some but the broader implications are of far greater concern. I predict increased tracking and crackdowns by FinCEN and the IRS in the USA alone with reciprocal activities in other major countries dependent on income and sales tax revenues.

While some companies and organizations are protecting user privacy while others are not, the same is true for antitrust issues. He believes social media platforms are publishers and should be regulated as such. This is an interesting assertion. What say you?

We shall see. It seems to me, all privately owned (meaning the government does not fund them) have full autonomy by law to decide what they allow or don't allow based on the terms of service. This has been upheld in many courts. The private sector has no obligation beyond its ToS. BUT they do have an obligation to enforce their ToS which many do not do like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.