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Dear everybody reading this,

we are at the verge of going into the last phase before the next release of ~friendica ~friendica. If you happen to speak English and a second language and furthermore feel qualified enough to tra
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Yes, it is quite easy to understand how it works at Transifex. I'm a lambda user and found my way even without this well done help post.
I'll concentrate on the message.po


I don't see an "Add a Contact" field in pluspora. Perhaps I'm failing to find it....

Since I am using Friendica I have different options. I think @David Thiery said he didn't think it would work in pluspora.

Friendica Federation/Fediverse Statistic

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.226 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.558.623 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

#Friendica (375/14255)
#diaspora (305/672293)
#red (8/92)
#hubzilla (255/6495)
#GNU Social (142/13119)
#StatusNet (9/81)
#Mastodon (2704/1829557)
#Pleroma (421/21609)
#socialhome (4/906)
#ganggo (3/216)

#Federation #Statistic #Fediverse #WeAreFamily #JoinFediverse

Categories vs Hashtags in Friendica

I mentioned using hashtags in another post using the tag cloud. Friendica also has categories you can use as well. This is quite useful in community forum posts to categorize types of posts. How do you find them and what do they look like? The image on the left shows them just above the tag cloud in my status page or wall (found when I click the home icon). Notice the ones without the # in front of the words? Those were created when I gave at least one post a category when it was created. The image on the right shows the different colors for a hashtag versus a category. I will illustrate the usage with a community forum on another post. :) But the important point here is categories are currently local to the user that created them. Other users will only see hashtags.

#Friendica #tips #tutorials
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Sorting Friendica Network Posts

Your network page is your default page that loads. What is it? Your network page is a list of posts made by your list of contacts like your home stream in G+. In this image you can see the links at the top give you options on how to sort the posts by commented last, posted last, and so on. This selection will also be remembered next time you load your network page. Quite handy!

#Friendica #tips #tutorials
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Adding Your Blogs and other Social Networks to Friendica

You can integrate your Friendica account with G+, Blogger, Twitter, WordPress and more!

This image shows settings for social networks where I've added my G+ account. Every public G+ post I make shows up in Friendica after a short time. Our admin has been tweaking the time (last I remember it was 10 minutes).
Adding Your Blogs and other Social Networks to FriendicaYou can integrate your Friendica account with G+, Blogger, Twitter, and more!This image shows settings for social networks where I've added my G+ account. Every public G+ post I make shows up in Friendica after a short time. Our admin has been tweaking the time (last I remember it was 10 minutes).

#Friendica #tips #tutorials
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Finding Contacts on Friendica

Your profile information helps people find you. Other people's profile information helps you find them. When you pull up your contacts page, you may find suggested friends! You can also search by topic, specific users, or the public user directories including support and other community forums.

#Friendica #tips #tutorials
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Learning about Events in Friendica

A special form of postings are events. The events you and your contacts share can be found at /events on your node. To get there go to your wall and follow the tab "events" Depending on the theme you are using, there might be an additional link from the navigation menu to this page.

Here I am showing my calendar. I see any events that any of my contacts post. I've gone into my settings on the second image to allow anyone to download my calendar.

You can find out more at #Friendica #tips #tutorials
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Learning to Connect on Friendica and How to Use Friendica

Another way to connect with others is within the threads. I can mouse over a commenter's name then click the people icon with the plus on it to bring up a connection request page.

Notice here the thread shows in the upper right corner of each commenter which network type they are commenting from.

Also notice I have red indicators on the menu icons. This tells me I have some notifications and some contact requests waiting for me.

Across the top the icons for this default Frio user interface theme are:
Network (posts all of my contacts have made), Home (all my posts), Target (select to see local or global community posts), Messages (private messages), Calendar (all events in my network of contacts), Contacts (used to see my contacts or find new ones), and Notifications (all things my settings are set to notify me about).

In the middle of the top is the global search. To find a person, I type @ followed by a name. To find a community forum, I type ! followed by a word like Support to find a community forum. To find a hashtag, I type # followed by a topic... show more
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Exploring the Global Community in the Federated Web Space

Without an account, anyone can see public posts. You can provide a link source to any one post, any community forum, any news feed, any profile, or the entire local community (the server you are on) or the entire global community (all servers). This is the global community link. #Friendica #tips #tutorials
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Finding a Public Friendica Server

(All Friendica accounts can connect with other Friendica accounts regardless of which server you are on. Friendica users can also connect with users on other network types like pluspora (Diaspora) or Mastodon or Hubzilla)

Public servers

If you are not interested in hosting your own server, you can still use Friendica. Here are some public server run by enthusiasts that you can join. We recommend these based on their health.

Keep in mind that different servers may support different features like communicating with additional networks besides Friendica. It's best to pick the one that best suits your needs. #Friendica #tips #tutorials
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Learning to use Friendica

This page will be present on your user interface for the first 14 days of your account to help you get started.

New Member Checklist
Getting started

Friendica walk-through
On your Quick Start page - find a brief introduction to your profile and network tabs, make some new connections, and find some groups to join.


Go to your settings
On your Settings page - change your initial password. Also make a note of your Identity Address. This looks just like an email address - and will be useful in making friends on the free social web.

Review the other settings, particularly the privacy settings. An unpublished directory listing is like having an unlisted phone number. In general, you should probably publish your listing - unless all of your friends and potential friends know exactly how to find you.


Upload profile photo
Upload a profile photo if you have not done so already. Studies have shown that people with real photos of themselves are ten times more likely to make friends than people who do not.

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Learning to connect on Friendica:

you can view a user page like this

or this

I brought up Selby's profile then clicked connect after I got to his page. Then I entered my identity address and submitted a request. Your identity address is shown below your profile picture.

If he has his account set to accept connections automatically, I will be connected automatically. Otherwise I wait for approval. He gets a notification of the request.

If you bring up my profile, you can see all who are my public contacts listed. You can click any of their images to get to their profiles to see if you would like to connect with them.

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For the techies out there, this is news out today! New Release Candidate and how you can participate in testing.

I will wait until the release is available before launching a Friendica node for IMA and creating a new theme. Then we can roll in code from Hyacinth. #friendica #news #feed #announcements

Learned something new today about Friendica that makes it even more awesome :)

Is there an overview of social network alternatives to G+ with an emphasis on #GDPR or #PrivacyShield compliance?
I'd very much like to use decentralized alternatives not connected to (global) companies like #diaspora or #friendica or anything from the #fediverse but as far as I can tell each (EU based) server admin becomes responsible in regards of GDPR. All my querys on that regards to such admins either came to no conclusion or to something on the lines of "if a legal dispute over gdpr comes up I will shut down the server immediately" which makes me wonder why I should register at all.
Has anyone taken a closer look to such topic or can point me to some external resources?

Öffentliche, private Beiträge und Direktnachrichten in Friendica

Bei Öffentlichen, privaten Beiträgen und Direktnachrichten in Friendica, gibt es ein paar Dinge, die man wissen und beachten sollte. Daher erstmal ein bisschen notwendiger Hintergrund.

Friendica ist Teil des großen Fediversums (Netzwerke
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