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We've only got a few weeks left on G+! Around the hyperverse and the fediverse, I can be found if you need some help #gplusrefugees :)

Friendica is built by the community for the community and has more features than G+ or FB! You control the user interface (how it looks for you), your content (how it works for you), and your privacy (how others see your content). It replaces circles, collections, and communities out of the box but also integrates easily with other social media like blogs and Twitter. is on the latest release candidate. Come check it out! It's free and a great bunch of people connecting not only with each other, but also with others throughout the Fediverse - all 2.7 million users and growign. You can move later to another node if you like at some point - or even host your own.

Here are some quick tips

#signalflare #gplusrefugees You can join many of us in the Fediverse with community forums, news feeds, collections, groups, and full integration with export to Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, and import/export mirror to Twitter and No need to wait for features to be developed. Latest software release this month with a new release scheduled soon. We are the Free Social Network decentralized and federated with Diaspora, Mastodon, Hubzilla, Friendica, and more. We are 2.6 million strong and growing. There is no one single authority or company. We are not a walled garden. As long as users exist we all exist together as one. The power is in the hands of the users. No ads, no BS, no hate speech allowed. Follow the quick tips to get started.


In response to feedback from prospective users, the admin at social.isurf has posted a Terms of Service so you know how that node is run. Here is the url

Meanwhile, all of the posts linked below should help you get started if you want to try it out! See you in the Fediverse! ... show more