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CONGRATS TEAM JPL! This is such an exciting accomplishment. Now we wait around 5 hours or so for the dust to settle and arrays to deploy so we can determine if we can begin the 2 year mission to learn about the inside of Mars, learn about asteroid impacts, and more. This was a very successful experiment. besides that, the names of my mother, my sister, my wife, and myself are on that lander along with others from Earth. :) WOOHOO!!!
📸 Wish you were here! InSight sent home its first photo after #MarsLanding:

InSight’s view is a flat, smooth expanse called Elysium Planitia, but its workspace is below the surface, where it will study Mars’ deep interior.


Question of the day: If our InSight lander is traveling at 14,000 mph and has only 6 minutes to slow down before it reaches the Martian surface, what is required for a safe #MarsLanding?

See how our engineers at our Langley Research Center tackled this question and more:
Landing on Mars.mp4


We’re just days away from our first #MarsLanding in six years! The landing will kick off a two-year mission for our InSight spacecraft to study Mars' deep interior and help scientists understand the formation of all rocky worlds, including our own. Tune in to NASA TV at 1 p.m. EST and 2 p.m. EST to learn about the science and engineering behind this mission. Here’s how you can watch: