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This Fiat 600 was one of the first models I made in #Blender, since it's my favourite car ever. Over the years I retouched it, only bits each time. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think of it! :)

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I agree @Andy Cuccaro did a really nice job on this.

Steyr-Puch 650 me first one :D

The fastest road car in the world revealed - and it's electric
It's the most powerful street-legal car ever to come out of Italy. And when your competitors include Ferrari and Lamborghini, that's some badge of honour.

It may even be the most powerful road car ever, although when you're dealing with hypercars (the noun supercar is no longer sufficient) it's a fine margin between first, second and third.

But being number one is not the most important thing. Nor that it costs £2m. What's really special about the Pininfarina Battista, recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, is this: it's all-electric.

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Really like this car! I took a picture of my Saab's odometer reading today so I can sell it. (I already have another car.) But it sure would be nice to have an electric convertible sportscar that is an electric hybrid!