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What Is Open Source Software, and Why Does It Matter?

Geeks often describe programs as being “open source” or “free software.” If you’re wondering exactly what these terms mean and why they matter, read on. (No, “free software” doesn’t always just mean that you can download it for free.)

Whether a program is open-source or not doesn’t just m
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The state of Linux graphic design tools in 2019 - A candid review test by a professional designer for work-readiness

This was a test by a designer who is not a software developer, and mostly uses Adobe software on a Macbook. The question he was seeking to answer with this investigation wasn't just how good is open source design software, but also could he use it to do his job every day?

He has some interesting observations and I would really like to have seen him include Krita.


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That's sort of the ultimate test, right?

Gosh, yes, thid Gee-Whizzy Bang tech is cool. But, can I get any work done with it, and does it make me more efficient?

It's nice that people are asking that question.

Certainly Blender's trajectory has been can't win'em your money for the hardware