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#Peertube I am looking for an alternative for livestreaming video from a laptop to the Internet. I know I can do this with YT but can I do it with Peertube?

Out of the blue, I remembered BigBlueButton servers do this. I set-up an experimental BBB server once over a year ago, but turned it off. I found out about that system because they are heavily linked to the open source Moodle online college system. You can run a BBB server as a stand-alone. Depending on the server's set-up you can record the live stream. Because it's designed for MOOC/MOOT's having lots of viewers is a cinch. You can do interactive boardroom stuff with it too.

I've never looked for public servers, but there must be some. Or if you can find a friend at UCLA, you might get access to one. You can try it on the official BBB demo server,, and they have tutorial videos about it too.

We ran a BBB server a couple of years ago. It can be a resource hog but we didn't find many people liked it unfortunately.

Saw some new thing worth mentioning. My local Drupal group found a new thing for remote meetings. They used Google Hangouts in the past and it was pretty lame bandwidth. The new place we're going to meet is on which happens Wednesday. Seems like an always open chat room type thing. You get a subdirectory of your selected name that the stream runs in.

If they didn't have a free version, I wouldn't have mentioned it.

We use virtual worlds for meetings. You experience a virtual presence as well as have chat and voice communications. This is far better than 2D meeting platforms and tools IMO. It combines 3D avatar technology with a social experience i.e. social virtual worlds.

O I C. I know that the [matrix] backend system supports VR type live streaming.

Most people use Riot to interact with Matrix instances.

Thanks that is interesting to know about! (I should clarify where am headed with this project.)

I have a virtual world running on an open source multi-user social virtual world server rendered by open source client viewer software. The virtual world has several purposes so moving it to another platform is not an option.

One purpose is to provide access via a URL "looking into" or watching the virtual world without interaction in the virtual world itself. The watcher can observe dynamic interaction with the virtual world by other avatars or non-playing characters via this URL. My mother envisioned a virtual world where people can use 3D to learn about gardening. She is no longer able to use her tablet or laptop so accessing the virtual world with the client application is not an option for her. But, giving her a URL to a livestream of that virtual world will allow her to see her vision in real time and enjoy a unique virtual garden similar to the one near her since she is no longer able to get out and garden in her offline life.

The current plan is to simply vi... show more

I don't see an "Add a Contact" field in pluspora. Perhaps I'm failing to find it....

Since I am using Friendica I have different options. I think @David Thiery said he didn't think it would work in pluspora.