The End of ICE

No, no, not that ICE. A different ICE.

Well, well. There it is. Europe has already been moving in this direction. As usual, California leads the way to the future in America.

Governor Newsom announced that as of Jan 1, 2035, it we be illegal to sell gasoline or diesel powered vehicles in California. Since California is, by far, the largest auto market in the USA, this will drive it. After all, today's low-pollution, high MPG, safe, seatbelt-equipped, airbag-equipped vehicles are all a result of California leading the way and forcing Detroit to improve its products.

By the way, Ford Motor Company chimed in, in full support of Newsom's announcement, saying they were already in the process of electrifying their most popular products, including the F-150.
lambjams diaspora yeah - it's interesting the level of coordination in the shift to unleaded. I remember they made the pump nozzles a different size, so you couldn't put leaded in the newer cars. (had to double-check that). Regarding the California situation - I can remember when the fog in San Francisco was smog - a nasty yellowish color. People outside of the state don't realize how much exhaust accumulates in the valleys, creating a toxic brew. I haven't heard the latest, but I recall that the current administration rescinded the exemption that let California set their own standards. Even if the US decides to lower standards, the rest of the world is moving forward.*
*Australia seems to have low standards for air quality... I worked for a few months as a school crossing guard. On the days with no breeze, you really notice the difference between clean and dirty diesel engines, cars that aren't visibly smoking but by smell are obviously burning oil, and it seems many cars emit a significant amount of vaporized fuel out the exhaust before the engine is warmed up.
All true. And yes, both gas and diesel engines have to run a rich mixture until the engine warms up. With computer controlled engines in cars, it's much less than in the 1960s and 70s.

Here's a funny fact, my Toyota Corolla outside could run on the exhaust from my "hotrod" back in the day. Yeah. Hahaha.

You've probably seen a big diesel like a semi-tractor or locomotive cold-start and emit a large amount of white fog from the exhaust for a couple of minutes as it warms up. That white fog is unburned diesel fuel. Sometimes you get lucky and the fog will ignite with a big flame-front -- WHOOSH! Hahaha.

So, in other words, Facebook suspects / expects unrest and even violence during the election. Facebook knows that it's allowing gasoline to be sprayed onto the developing conflict. But, they promise to turn off the gasoline after it explodes.

That's very nice of them. I'd like to know how they plan to do that, exactly -- vet and regulate millions of users and fake bot accounts. Shut down the whole platform?
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)
A bit late if the chaos has started....

Actions should be taken before hand to limit destructive exchanges, and sharing of destructive information.
Unless it's your intention to foment that chaos and unrest.
We all know that chaos tends to incite people to spill lots of virtual ink, as it does for real ink. Moore visitors/viewers, more selling of advertising... :(
Yes, indeed. I believe this is why the media / newspapers in the USA gave Trump a lot more support than he deserved. They knew he would be a nightmare for the country, but would provide an endless torrent of controversy and scandal for them to talk about.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) You don't have to believe, they've said it out loud. Then-CBS CEO Les Moonves speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference on February 29, 2016:
Man, who would have expected the ride we’re all having right now? This is pretty amazing…. Who would have thought that this circus would come to town?

But, you know—it may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS, that’s all I got to say.

So what can I say? It’s—you know, the money’s rolling in, and this is fun.

So this would apply to Donald Trump, since he's the head of his organization, which sponsors thousands of visas for the workers in his hotels, etc. Yes? He must report for full biometric scans that the government will keep forever.

Here is an excellent little story answering a question on Quora. It illustrates the frightening disconnect that can exist between engineers and the people who use products -- like between cockpit designers and pilots. This article should make you gasp. It made me gasp.
lambjams diaspora
Wow - I think I remember a vehicle with a tiny red light for brights indicator, or something similar. And I can definitely recall vehicles where I had to flip between high and low to figure out what it was set on, because there was no indicator or it was not very visible? And yes, also on a motorcycle I've been annoyed by the excessively bright blue high-beam indicator, as well as excessively bright turn signal indicators. Sadly, most motorcycles have no audible indicators for turn signals, and the indicator lights are difficult to see in the daytime - which is why you see so many motorcycles driving with their signal on.
Oh, yeah. Same here. On my last bike I put black electrical tape over the blue light. Just the leakage of light onto the speedo was more than sufficient.

This is an excellent little snippet from STTNG that I love. Yes, it's simple, obvious, predictable, and I love it anyway. It's also true.

@Karl Auerbach

The only completely intact cave bear mummy has been found. All organs, everything, intact.
Karl Auerbach diaspora
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - I've mentioned it several times here and on Twitter.
I missed the others. I have it marked for reading later tonight when I get caught up.
Well, well. Quite an excellent piece of work. I pretty much agree with all of it, but have some comments. And, it's not something I can address with an off-hand response. Unfortunately, the next two days will be long stretches at the restaurant, doing the restaurant thing, feeding the hungry masses. I also have to get more Italian flag masks done ASAP. People keep buying out my inventory. Hahaha. However, after all that, I'll have time to think through a response and will post your article on my "stream" or whatever it's called on Friendica. :-)

Nice work, by the way. It's clear that you thought it through very carefully. My issues are not with what you said but with deeper underlying problems that have to be fixed before what you propose is possible or even meaningful. Anyway, I'll get to it.
Karl Auerbach diaspora
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - I've got several other pieces in the works. The next one may be about how to deal with lifetime appointments to federal courts - there are solutions, completely legal and completely possible with no change to much of anything.

I would much rather celebrate the greatness of today, but I cannot, because there is none.

Consider this performance: This is actual music. It's not just human speech barked out in a rhythmic fashion. It's music, with melody, harmony, chord progressions, techniques like pedal points that appeal to the human soul, and much more. It lifts us. It feeds the human spirit. It electrifies us.

There is none of that today in the popular genres of music: rock, metal, country, rap, hip-hop, reggae. All of them have become degraded to the level of idiocy.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) Airplay? I haven't listened to something on the radio is ages, lol. Yeah commercial music is probably selected differently today. But the world has moved on. There are thousands of stations, they're just on the internet. Thousands, probably millions more recording artists today. Not sure i'd apply the same standards now. I don't know if the music is better today or yesterday, but what i've heard i wouldn't be too quick to dismiss modern music in general. It's pretty hard to judge contemporary art, time will tell.
Well, people listen to the radio when they drive. Millions of people spend hours in their car every day. That was how we in the 60s and 70s were exposed to such an enormous array of great music and new artists were discovered. Hits were born out of popularity at radio stations, where people would call in and request, by the thousands.

Today, all the radio stations, except for a handful still privately owned, are owned by two corporations, who determine what is played. It's preprogrammed by computer.

Back in the day, each DJ at each station had a personality known to the listeners and would play stuff they liked and that people requested.

Since there's no good music to listen to anymore, people listen to Rush Limbaugh.

My daughter sent this tonight from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She says it's hard to breathe from all the smoke.

just so it's clear: the US West Coast is NOT burning because of riots or any of that bullshit. It's forest fires burning out of control. Possibly some were started by arson, but most likely either lightning, fireworks or some dickhead who didn’t know how to extinguish a campfire.
Ah, another resource up there. Thank you.

I've become quite fond of the first one:

So, I appear to be falling in love with Julia.

No, no, not a girl -- the programming language. I haven't fallen in love with a programming language since encountering C back in the mists of the last century, 42 years ago.

Just thought I'd mention this. If you're a programmer and haven't looked at Julia, you might want to take a look.

Hmm. Friendica was running slower and slower, and now appears to have halted.

Anyone else with this problem? My connection is running at a steady 40 Mb.
Your profile pic is missing... related?
Possibly. I still see it. I'm talking to Adam about it. There is a problem and he's trying to track it down. It may only affect certain users.

In case it's not yet completely clear...

Here's some music that might make you feel better...

I thought so it will be a clash if it comes down to it....@Bob Lai I am glad I am drinking tonight or this would upset me....numbed me down enough to not care at this point.
You're probably the only smart one in this group right now.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) it worked too a nice brandy and a mindless but fun game and I was good.

I don't know what it is about Stevie Winwood, whom I've been a fan of for 50 years now. He stuns me speechless with everything he does.
tomgrz diaspora
One of the Greats. His musicality is legendary.
Legendary is accurate. As a musician, I have my very short list of people I'd like to spend some time with. Unfortunately, most of them are dead now. Winwood still remains on a list that is down now to Jimmy Page, Donald Fagan, Rod Argent, David Gilmour, and Al DiMeola. The list used to be longer. Today, that's all that are left alive.
My favorite. And with all that success, a quiet, modest person. - Few artists are able to burst on the scene as a teenage prodigy and remain artistically great without ever becoming stagnant. And that voice!

Like I've been saying...
tomgrz diaspora
I just stay home. Too lazy to go out and take much risk, now that I'm retired.
Yeah, I'm allegedly retired, too. What that really means is I'm retired from what I used to do, from my "official profession", and have now built a new profession, or two, or three. My whole life has gone like this. My hobbies turn into businesses. The only hobby I haven't turned into a business is ham radio, although I did use my skills in that area to make a lot of money in the 70s, leveraging off the CB radio craze at that time.

This is a very very good read. Well worth your time. The hypothesis seems viable. Covid-19 kicks off a Bradykinin storm, and it can account for all the unusual symptoms. Best of all, we already have approved drugs for treating Bradykinin storms!

With some good testing, we might be on our way to an effective treatment.


{please RT}


🟥 Boogaloo Bois (Trumpists)
🟥 Proud Boys (Trumpists)
🟥 Militias (Trumpists)
⬛️ Anarchists (apolitical)
⬛️ Organized Crime (apolitical)


🟦 BLM (progressive)
⬛️ Antifa (anti-fascist)

USPS Board Chairman Revealed as Director of Mitch McConnell, Trump-Linked Super PACs

Long ago and far away, there was a new operating system...

29 years ago today came the first announcement of what would become the most ubiquitous operating system in the world.

@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - Have you ever been to a Whole Paycheck . . . err . . . Whole Foods market? I haven't, but there a reason that it's "jokingly" referred to as the former by many. I'm not implying that you're wrong about sugar. I'm only saying that it's more than just sugar that we are being overcharged for.
Yup. Haven't been in a Whole Foods since 2008. It's not my kind of place, anyway. You can find good healthy food anywhere if you have discernment. I think the whole place is powered by snobbery.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - I understand, but even your average grocery store charges more for "healthy" foods over others. One example is the price of Raisin Bran and Special K, especially the latter, versus less healthy cereals.

I'm sure this video will be a point of pride for DeJoy's children and grandchildren for decades to come.

DeJoy is on record admitting that he knows nothing about postal rates or how the post office functions. And this is who Trump appoints to lead the Post Office. Clearly, DeJoy is a hit man, and nothing more.

..I remembered the anthrax letters, did not know the names...

Rep Lynch belongs to a family who have been involved the USPS over several decades. Ooooo...this Gent is pissed

Doug Senko reshared this.

Along the lines of what I was just saying elsewhere... This is what we're dealing with. These people belong in Nazi Germany. They've lost all sense of humanity and reality.

Truth be told, they would agree with what I said above.

Six months and we still can't make rubbing alcohol or Lysol. What a country we live in. Amazing. Good job, Donald. #
@Doug Senko - The link to Las Vegas is moving ahead. It just got the permits to build down the center of I15. Right now the plan is Victorville to Las Vegas, but there is a link to the Palmdale Calif HSR station planned. The Las Vegas train is not truly "high speed" by current standards. The Calif HSR is 220mph (350kph) while the Las Vegas part is something on the order of 150mph.
@tomgrz - Acela suffers from using old (as in ancient) rights of way with bad curves. It also suffers from Federal regulations that added massive amounts of weight. (Modern HSR trains are like airplanes on tracks, Acela is like an airplane with coal fired boilers and a swimming pool on tracks.)

The Calif HSR is a fully modern HSR design, with huge curve radius (3 or 6 km I think) except in the urban approaches to downtown LA and San Francisco.

Too bad trump can't be the person in the short story Enoch Soames
Hmm, I'd never heard of that story. I've added it to my list because it sounds like an early attempt at magical realism, which is the style of my all-time favorite author. And yes, that would be a fitting punishment for Trump -- probably the only one that would make any impression on him.

On the other hand, Trump's narcissism would rescue him as always. "Oh, people are all stupid fools. They didn't recognize my greatness when they had it."

It's impossible to get through to someone like that, which is why they are truly incorrigible.

Today, just today:
  • The Most Dangerous Man in the World said he will block billion in funding for the U.S. Postal Service expressly to prevent people from voting by mail during a pandemic.
  • His economic advisor Larry Kudlow dismissed voting rights as part of a “liberal left wish list”.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recessed the Senate until September without voting on a second economic stimulus package, leaving 30 million people unemployed and facing eviction from their homes.
Remember this next time you hear someone say “both parties are the same”, or “my vote doesn’t matter”, or “I’m not voting for Joe Biden because he wasn’t my first choice” or “I don’t think he can win.”

If there ever was a time to vote like your (or someone else’s) life depended on it, this is that time.

-written by Mark Hersch, copied from a friend's share on FB.

Back Again

The GOP's plan of subverting democracy is right out of the fascist playbook. You're headed for one party rule with an autocrat in control; autocrats never retire. They can't retire, they can only go into exile in a friendly country. I'll bet that the Trump family will take up residence in Moscow right after he loses the election.

I used to get very little spam. Two months ago it started to pick up. Now, it's a firehose.

It's all Trump related garbage. I'm getting emails from (allegedly) every member of the Trump family, past, present, dead, or alive, out to third-cousins twice-removed.

Anyone else have this problem?
Bob Lai diaspora
Yeah, I’m using a whitelist app, and the volume of spam calls has dropped.
You have it give it to Trump: he managed to make Nigerian Princes to look like honest businessmen in comparison ...

From some product information: "Manual / Auto Power OFF optional, Back Light Screen to let you see clear even in dark. 2x1.5V AAA batteries included to get you started when you receive the wind tester. Add to Cart, Buy it, Use it, for any quality problems, we’ll replace you. "

Well, all righty then. At my age, that sounds pretty good.
Bwahaha! Obvious omission however, no human replacement feature mentioned. Are you sure product does what you might think it does...?

Sounds almost like stuff on 😁
Yeah, after 50 years you'd think that Asian companies would learn to hire a real English speaker to at least proofread their copy. But no, the arrogance of certain Asian cultures, especially Japanese, prevents them. "We can just use a dictionary to transliterate the text into that barbaric language that Americans speak."

The world thought the Germans were arrogant with their ideas of a Master Race in the 1930s. Hahahaha. You haven't met the Japanese.

Trump is a symptom. And such blabbering makes it to easy to focus on him as the problem.

He could be vocalizing /dev/random for all I care, it does not matter. What matters are the things he does. And that is totally ignoring climate change, doing all to dismantle healthcare during the worst health crisis for a century, rolling back environmental and consumer protection, etc... And don't let me start on the people he appoints. His ambassadors to Germany have done more damage to the relationship than all troll factories of the world combined. That are not his ideas, he has no idea on how such stuff works. That is the work of a completely dysfunctional conservative party. That is why I call him just the symptom.

On the plus side I have only one item and that is not something that he's done but absented from doing: military adventures. But with his ratings plunging, who knows what he will do in the next two months.
I'm all with you there. I've been worried because Trump said he wanted to be a "wartime president". (Now there's a truly idiotic thing to say.)

I wonder if Trump realizes that he had the opportunity to be a wartime president. Fighting a pandemic is not much different from fighting a war, but he missed it. Went right over his head. Whooosh

Mask compliance has gotten pretty good here in West Virginia. Talking to my daughter who is out west, Montana / Idaho, she tells me that nobody out there is wearing a mask or paying any attention to the epidemic. Even in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where they have 1,700 cases, nobody pays attention and everyone thinks it's all fake. Government fakery.

Why do they believe that? Nobody knows a single person who is sick or has caught Covid-19. Zero. And the hospitals are idle. Even medical people at the hospitals don't believe it. All they see are numbers on the Internet but no evidence.

I don't know a single person with it, or anybody who knows anybody that caught it. Do any of you?

I don't doubt that it's real for the simple reason that it's too big, too worldwide, for it to be fakery. But if we're going to get people motivated to combat this thing, they need something more to go on besides numbers on a computer screen. How do we fix this?
Yeah, I can think of reasons for why perceptions are as they are. Clustering is one. Epidemics consist mainly of clusters.

I'm trying to think of how to change people's minds. Short of piles of rotting corpses on the sidewalk (this happened in Philadelphia in 1918), how do we make this real for all the people in those wide open spaces between clusters?
@Bill Brayman: yes, it was me. The short story is "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. It's a creepy good bit of scifi.
And, yeah, we've just hit the point where 1% of the country has or has had it, and the numbers are much higher than that in urban areas, so they're much lower than that in rural areas. If they're 1/1000, it's no wonder nobody has personal experience with it. (Then again, that's comparable with polio rates in the 1940's, and very few people seemed to doubt that was a big deal.)
I know two people who have had it. One was largely asymptomatic, the other, a guy my age, spent five weeks in the hospital.

Some new mask designs are up -- Irish flags in official colors, German flags, and a high-performance design for nurses and schoolteachers.

The store for the mask you want is:

I'm not sure if you were looking for the mask itself or a blueprint...
That's very cool! Hahahaha. You weren't kidding. Thanks for the link.

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