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Problems with Populism

Some comments on populism.
Problems with Populism


Medical Malpractice?

Is a crime being committed right under our noses?
crime healthcare malpractice


Is curing patients a sustainable business model?

Well, well. Here we have the real question at the root of the whole healthcare problem in the USA. Someone finally said it out loud.

Yeah, this has been a "disconnect" in my mind for the past 40 years that I still haven't completely resolved. Really good doctors are a special breed of cat that are more interested in your health and well-being than their bank account. It's always a messy situation when there's a conflict between doing the right thing and personal gain. Not everyone has the altruism required.

@Phil Landmeier

Especially with medical school throwing them into huge debt, and/or locking out all but the rich from becoming doctors. It's the same problem with teachers, really. Money just fails, when someone provides you with a gift that keeps on giving (knowledge, long lasting health) because they can't force you to keep giving them money. We need to stop valuing money, and start valuing reputation in my opinion, so that people who do great good rarely can still support themselves.



FYI, I will be too busy to do much networking until at least Sunday.

Have fun!

This is a profile of Alex Stamos, — former security chief at Yahoo and Facebook who was at ground zero of major cyberattacks and Russian election interference.

Seriously? The regular tiny type size on pluspora is bad enough on mobile web because it ignores accessibility settings and hardcodes type sizes, but at least I can manually increase it with a JavaScript bookmarklet. But embedded posts just get tinier and tinier...

Who thought this was a good idea? Don’t mess with type sizes. Don’t hardcore them. Don’t break accessibility settings.

Please? I really want to switch to Pluspora, but until this is fixed, MeWe is my only refuge. Have pity on those of us with old eyes. Or anyone with vision issues.

I keep trying Pluspora, almost everyday, and leave it with a headache.


Hmm. No Firefox for iOS? Bummer.

There is a Firefox for iOS, but I assume like other iOS browsers it doesn’t support plugins. Downloading now to check.

I have a lot of sympathy for this plaintiff - I rant and rave about computerized systems and websites that are designed for people in their 20's who have perfect vision. But I also operate various websites and can attest that it can be very difficult and expensive for a business to deploy a website that can be used by people with an advanced state of impaired vision. (I wrestled with these issues with regard to voting
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On a Raft in the Middle of the Ocean

I must say that finding contacts that I know on this Friendica is far more difficult than it is on MeWe. Admittedly, I'm still learning how to drive here.

Are there groups of Plussers where I have greater odds of finding friends? Is it possible to raid the contact lists of my contacts like it is on MeWe? Back in October, I found a hundred of my G+ contacts in the first day. How do I do that here?

It's good to know that I'm visible. Hah.

I rather like this Friendica setup but there's a hundred times as much activity over on MeWe. Nevertheless, I will maintain a presence here since some of my friends are here.

I'm looking for quality over quantity - which isn't to say I've yet found the ideal mix. I have very active streams both on mastodon and here on diaspora, but it's the #retrocomputing which is of greatest interest to me. (And also and and and but those are secondary for me)

Well, one thing I observe is very strange, and I can't figure it out. The top referrer to my main blog is The bottom referred is G+. MeWe has never registered as a referrer at all. I don't understand these statistics at all.


Understanding Portable Electric Heaters

I'd better post this while winter is still upon us.
Understanding Portable Electric Heaters

I love the TV commercials about these little pipsqueak quartz heaters that plug into the outlet and make a 400 sq ft living room just toasty warm. Sorry, folks physics does not give you something for nothing. You're not going to plug in some device that only pulls 3 amps and expect it to warm your house.

The ONLY portable heaters I use in my home, (actually the ONLY heat sources) are the radiator-type oil filled heaters. These are the most efficient and safest space heaters out there. They may not work that will in Minnesota in January, but in Florida, they keep my house toasty warm (three of them).


Greed Backfires


RSS Simplified for Users

RSS Simplified For Users
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Hello All

Just joined Friendica. Exploring a bit. I'm not familiar with the structure yet, so please pardon any goofs.

EDIT: Aha. I see one can edit posts here. That's good.
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