Aww. Ennio Morricone is dead. He composed my favorite tune to play on the recorder.
Bob Lai diaspora
I've never associated GBU with a recorder. My wife and I used Gabriel's Oboe as the processional for our wedding. (I'm a movie soundtrack nut.)
That's very cool. As you probably know, I was a serious pipe organist in my younger days, gave recitals in Europe, etc., and played for events in the Los Angeles area in the 1970s, like weddings. Haha. Lots of weddings. It was rare that the couple requested special music outside the traditional tunes, and usually it was something like "We've Only Just Begun". They usually went with my recommendations.

For the recessional, I always recommended Purcell's Trumpet Air, and I had my own arrangement with lots of spectacular embellishments. I love this tune. It kicks ass. Diane does a good job on it here. Since this particular organ has a rank of Trompettes En Chamade, I would have put them to full use on this piece.

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Pay attention.
tomgrz diaspora
I'll just get a pipe instead.

After selling out, they are replenished. The Italian flag is the best selling mask I make.

Il Tricolore

Il Tricolore, Italian flags in standard and high-performance are now up on my eBay listing.

Quantities are low at the moment because they are selling here locally, too. There will be more by the weekend.

Y'know, it's really getting f*cking annoying that there's so much shit in the world that I'm almost always posting something negative.

So, to compensate, and pull things back towards where they ought to be, here's this. Check out out. I have NO doubt whatsoever that it will help.

Excellent, wonderful. Short video. All you need to know.

And yeah, she plays this style of fiddle really well.

Paging @Karl Auerbach

It was just yesterday, actually yesterday, that I was telling a friend that the termites infesting her house hate clog dancing and that if she had a clog dancing party all the termites would flee (as opposed to flea).

BTW, I wondered whether she could use her own hair next time the bow needs to be re-haired (I don't know the right verb for that.)
Hah! She certainly could use her hair but it wouldn't be as durable or sound the same as horsehair. Her hair is too wispy.

Not sure what verb is used for re-hairing (not re-herring) a bow. I'd suppose "restrung" since that's a common one in music. Hmm.

I'll remember that about clog dancing and termites. Now if only I knew how to clog dance.

Gaffer diaspora
2020 does seem like it was based on a Cro-Magnon skinning chant.

Need a good laugh as we paddle along in this sea of feces?

You're welcome.

Isn't it odd that the USA is the only country in the world where people resist wearing masks? Where a scientific issue is treated as a political issue? And it's an issue that is dead simple and obvious to anyone who thinks about it. And, wearing a mask is seen as a threat to masculinity?

We've got a goddam weird-ass society in this country that is deeply screwed up.
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@Carsten Raddatz (劉愷恩) Natural selection isn't about happy endings.
But it is about endings.
In the end, it all comes down to one. Surely this is not where this is heading!!1eleven

In a brighter mood, how long until the next cutting edge in genre films comes up in cultural production?

Il Tricolore

Il Tricolore, Italian flags in standard and high-performance are now up on my eBay listing.

Quantities are low at the moment because they are selling here locally, too. There will be more by the weekend.

[bookmark=]NASA will rename its headquarters in Washington, D.C., after Mary Jackson, the agency's first Black female engineer.… [/bookmark]


The study found that in households where everyone was wearing a face mask indoors as a precaution before they knew anyone who lived there was sick, the risk of transmission was cut by 79%.

Do we need any more reason to wear masks?
The positive tests right now are primarily younger people @Doug Senko. This is insanity.
Well, "the economy" is going to shut itself down soon at this pace. I mean one more positive for my friend's CFA will likely mean a complete shutdown for at least 2 weeks.

Yeah! My first actual LOL of the day.

I don't like Bolton. He's a warmonger. But I also know he has strong principles. I may not agree with those principles, but he has them, which cannot be said for anyone who is a willing Trump sycophant.

Long ago, I used to be a Republican, and I know Bolton's type. If you look back in posts I made in the past, I expressed an observation that Bolton was constantly visibly disgusted by Trump, which didn't surprise me. I also said that Trump is taking a big risk with Bolton. Bolton is not someone to mess with. He will fuck you up. And I'm sure Trump messed with him.

Hahaha. Trump is far beyond the pale and Bolton hates him.
He's a competent salesman. He is not a competent leader or politician. Who's buying his notion that the coronavirus should just be ignored?
people who prioritize short-term profits over anything else
people who think disease is God's will more than a matter of medical advancement
social Darwinists who aren't concerned about older people or the poor dying
people who are in denial regarding their own mortality / vulnerability
people who have no concept of the vulnerability of the medical system and don't read much news
people who think that America is somehow exempt from factors that affect other countries

BLM protest has worked for EVERYBODY

Here is a less redacted version of the Mueller Report that was just released by DOJ. It's hard to imagine how someone could be pro-USA and a Trump supporter.

A good response to a certain right-wing meme circulating these days.
WWII is what made the Greatest Generation Great -- they came together as a country at a time of great peril.

sounds like a mob threat doesn't it?

so the mob morphed - the operations took over wall street and our government and the hitmen wear badges?

I've mentioned here before that I'm a long-time participant in the Flu Near You program. I'm sure the data they gather is useful and I like to know when things are happening around me.

I just learned they also have a Covid Near You program here:
I did report though, @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ)

APOD just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Check it out. You won't be sorry.

What's that saying? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? My experience says that's true.

Also, be careful who you fire.

The Facebook Container. You've likely seen me complain about surfing the net and being shown ads that are little bit too on the nose -- or a lot too on the nose. I visit a ham radio store and instantly, ads on every platform are showing ads for ham radio equipment. I find this disturbing and annoying because I can imagine what it's like to search for things of a personal nature and suddenly, it's all over the web. This is one reason I've never used the web for anything of a personal or potentially embarrassing nature, and never will.

I don't use Facebook either, but I ran across this and thought it may be of interest to those who do use Facebook.
Gomez :baner: mastodon (AP)
I use that it works well, especially when combined with Privacy Badger!
Thanks for the input.

Do you wear a mask?

Pan-African Flag

First prototype of a new mask turned out okay. Had the idea last night.

(Photo taken before pleating and top-stitching.)

Yeah, I read about this somewhere earlier today.

Grrrrr. I so want to be optimistic. I see things happening as a result of the protest movement that are VERY encouraging. People are discussing things that I never dreamed Americans would even think about, much less discuss openly -- things that MUST happen if we are to fix our world.

But life experience tells me that it won't happen, and I try to avoid disappointment if possible.

Grrrrr. That little voice of wisdom keeps saying, "Don't get your hopes up. It will all blow over and we'll go back to the same old rotten shit."

Bob Lai diaspora
I'm reminded of Frodo's lament at the end of Lord of the Rings:

'We set out to save the world, and we did. But not for me.'
Ugh. Yeah. WW1 was an education for Tolkien and he brought that to life in his mythologies. Even poor Samwise couldn't escape his ultimate fate. I remember when I first read that, in the afterwords, in the 1960s. I just slumped with my head hanging.

It's usually best not to think about those sides of life. Just keep moving forward until you can't, and then death rescues you.

"Projection" is actually a thing. Remember, the Republicans have been making a big stink about voter fraud. And now we're starting to see that voter fraud is rampant among Republicans. Trump committed voter fraud. Now we learn that the cop that killed George Floyd committed voter fraud.

What's going on here? Is this standard procedure for Republicans? They know they can't win fairly, so they all cheat? Is that how it works?

Tweet von James LaPorta (@JimLaPorta) um 7. Juni, 05:33 Marine lance corporal and recipient of two Purple Hearts stands alone at Utah Capitol with 'I can't breathe' covering his mouth
Bob Lai diaspora
Anything that gives the impression that the member is speaking for the service in an official capacity, protest marches and political rallies especially. (Klingenschmitt was also misrepresenting actual policy and what he'd been told by superior officers.)
Hmm. Interesting. Very fuzzy ground that is. Seems to me that wearing your uniform is not an "official capacity" unless you have a gold star on your collar. And even then it's not concrete. If you're in the military, you wear a uniform. That's your everyday attire -- seems to me.

I wonder where we can find official policy on this. Surely, this has come up and is discussed somewhere.
Gaffer diaspora
"Event" also does not describe this fellow's solitary protest. So there might be another loophole.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, that we have a president that has a close relationship with The National Enquirer and considers them an ally.
@tomgrz, no. Most of us change and develop and learn throughout our lives and while we might achieve consistency or become set in our ways, it's not necessarily a good thing when it's consistency in a bad behavior, for example. Like being consistently unstable or being consistently abusive as he is. All it means with him is that he's predictable.
tomgrz diaspora
"Personality" is consistency. Myself, some of my views, and even behaviors have changed over the years, but my "personality", not much (I don't think).

Some psychological studies have shown that "personality" is labile. I don't buy it...

Jimmy Kimmel said that it's hard to believe that Donald Trump even exists.

That's the most accurate synopsis of how I've felt for the past three years.
Wish real hard when blowing out your birthday candles this year!
I did. We need all the help we can get. If prayer is something you engage in, now would be a good time. ;-)

Bonobo diaspora
Haha, @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ), from what age on does it count as an achievement? I’ll be 63 in less than three weeks, I feel as if I were eighty … always lived as if only asteroid impact could kill me (but meanwhile I’ve scaled it down as I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the collateral damage).
Rock on, brother!
Well, in the Age of Covid-19, I guess 55 would be a good threshold.

You could look at it another way. Hard-living has toughened you up...maybe.

Democratic Party Masks

Two Democratic themed mask designs are now available, along with several new patriotic themes.

Made by the Little Old Maskmaker Me:


Anyone remember Lycos? The search engine? The first search engine to go public, before Yahoo and the rest?

They're still around, as are their properties Angelfire and Tripod. Remember those? They're still active.
Right... Yahoo was useful as a directory. By the time it became a search engine, there were other search engines. A look at the wikipedia page says Yahoo became a search engine the same year as Alta Vista (1995). Things were evolving pretty rapidly then - looks like Yahoo started as a directory only in 1994. Oddly, I never used Lycos. I never used bulletin boards. I remember driving by the iconic Yahoo! billboard, which this article says was put up in 1999 - the year everyone was worried about the Y2K problem!
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - That's cool. Never owned a Radio Shack computer or console. I had a Commodore 64 when they first came out and used it through most of the 80s.

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