Good heavens, Biden is picking people for their brains and experience at the job. After the last four years, I don't know what to think. What I should be taking for granted is stunning me.

What's more, I already know these people. I don't have to hit the search engine to uncover the shady background of Trump's latest pick.

Glad to hear! I'm all for experience, education & professionals who know how to do the freakin jobs ahead of them.....which is a freakin Fed Depts wasteland scene post a cat 5 storm...

Ebrill mastodon (AP)
what a concept!

Roasted murder hornets...
John Hummel diaspora
Exactly 117 deg. Just hot enough to do the job (plus one degree F. just to be safe). AIn't evolution grand indeed!
It's very impressive. I'd be astonished if it weren't for the fact that we maintain our own body temperature so consistently.
John Hummel diaspora
That (body temp.) is a good analogy except that we have a central nervous system whereas a collection of needs does not. (Philosophers have talked about this analogy, and about the question of whether bee communication renders a hive the functional equivalent of an individual nervous system.)

Saturday night I was chatting with a friend, talking about cooking. She was describing all the stuff she's making for the Thanksgiving shindig at her home. I said, "You know, you really shouldn't be doing any kind of get together."

"Oh, it's okay. They're all doctors and nurses. They know how to act."
Doctors and nurses know that the proper way to act is to maintain distances, not gather. Must not be real doctors or nurses.

We're not sure what we are doing for T-day yet - except that it's just the two of us. I may make my traditional Anadama rolls ( and drop some off on our friends' doorsteps.
We are not leaving the house and nobody is coming to our house. So, nothing changes but the menu.
tomgrz diaspora
Same here. ;-(

Thanksgiving Dinner during COVID: Overview of Aerosol Transmission Risk Modeling By Prof Alex Huffmann, University of Denver. (slides, pdf, on googledrive)

Summary: just don't do Thanksgiving. With 10 guests, chances are someone gets infected over dinner. (Unless the dinner is outside.)

Wow. That's all I have to say about this.

No wonder we can't control the epidemic. What a great example she's setting for everyone, especially children.
Richard Healy diaspora
Responding to the original article - yea it's tough. The US system relies on little people all giving up a little bit in misery and money to the 1%. When that fragile system collapses all that's left for all of us is to bitch and moan, help the helpers, and make the best of it.
Karl Auerbach diaspora
@Martin Seeger - Here in California it is almost the case that everybody is a minority. When I lived in San Francisco I lived in the old Russian/Ukrainian district (Inner Richmond) that was evolving in the new Chinese district, but with the largest Synagogue in the city. I bought my rugs from an old Persian trader who had photos of himself on camels in the 1920's. It also had a large Catholic high school (attended by my favorite comic, Gracie Allen) and the club where Robin Williams got his start.

Our ballots are printed in something like 13 different languages.

It's fun. It's like old Baltimore with dozens of ethnic districts. (I remember one night we were at a German restaurant in Baltimore and my friend kept trying to order a Mexican beer.

At least the reaction was more positive then when when my wife and I were in Ghent and she tried [and failed] to order a German beer. Now her favorite beer is a Belgian style one made in Quebec, (La Fin Du Monde

According to this guy, we should enjoy our last Thanksgiving.
greggtaylor diaspora
Atlas + Hoover = right wing authoritarian propaganda.
Nora Qudus diaspora
scifi.....damn no edit auto correct

Bob Lai diaspora
There is nothing benign under the Trump name. It's all vile. I'm sure Barron and the grandkids are equally disgusting.
Nora Qudus diaspora
no doubt at all ...there are no nice people coming from the gene cesspool

It's nice to see a sense of humor returning to the people I follow here. It's kind of weird. I'd almost forgotten than a lot of people I follow love humor.

I hope it's not misplaced, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Things found en route to other things:
In the Scandinavian countries, where birth records were well preserved, "herd immunity" to smallpox resulted in 10% of babies dying of smallpox every year.
The US estimates that it spent about half a billion dollars on smallpox vaccination distribution in the 1960's and 1970's, helping lead to its eradication. (The USSR did by far more, and spent more.) The US then calculated the payback time for that half billion dollar investment in vaccination over twenty years to be twenty six days, based on productivity gains from the disappearance of smallpox.

lambjams diaspora
Apologies for fuzzy memory, but I was listening to a podcast about the Civil Rights Act... it was saying that Johnson planned to sign the Civil Rights Act, but intentionally waited until after national television portrayed major acts of violence against protesters, so that there would be more widespread support for the act.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - The US might not have been on Hitler's radar, but it was certainly on both Belgium and Germany's radar when Hoover blocked humanitarian aid. I don't remember the details now. I'd have to watch the video again, but there's much more to the problems of the region than the Versailles Treaty.

For any techie nerds that follow me, I've followed Naomi Wu for years. She just posted a bunch of cool videos from a big machine tool show she attended.
smellsofbikes diaspora
I only recently got on twitter, in part because of her machine tool discussions. I liked how Haas was the only place that seemed to be worried about people being able to walk right up to a machine that was shooting out hot sharp metal chips.
Well, it's China, which I consider analogous to the USA in the 1890s -- hell-bent on industrial revolution and to hell with safety. Hah. Safety will come later. For how, wear a face shield at trade shows. Metal shavings in the eye is a real drag.
I like her. She's personable, easy to talk with, and freakin' scary smart. Holy crap. She's supremely competent over a huge range of technologies, and she's artistic. Like a Da Vinci. I've seen her do stuff years ago that blew my mind. "Well, I needed a robotic device to put this gadget together so I did X, Y, and Z, wrote some software and in an afternoon came up with this... Hahaha, isn't it funny?" A major corporation would have spent three months developing something she knocked out in an afternoon to solve a certain problem with something ELSE she was working on. It takes a lot to make my jaw drop, but she does it with an offhand subproject.

I'm glad you found her. You won't be disappointed or bored.

@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) Two can play that game, is my point.

Gerrymandered districts tend to have slim margins.

So, external USB SSDs (solid state drives). The technology has gone crazy. Hah.

Look, I don't need 4 terabytes of storage on a Raspberry Pi. Mkay? I need something that's faster and more robust (handles more write cycles) than a 32 GB SD card.
I decided to give this one a try. 240 GB is still too big, but for 35 bucks I can't complain.
tomgrz diaspora
Pretty good deal - about the going rate (if you look hard).

Bob Lai diaspora
Yes, we SHOULD.
Gaffer diaspora

Mmm, that middle singer is great -- singer and actress in one.

Time to go...

Mood: Hit the road, Jack!

Feat. a very angry Black woman who has no more fucks to give.
Just to clarify: This is from the 2004 film Ray starring Jamie Foxx. I believe the audio is remastered Ray Charles, but the video is in fact actors. Regina King plays Margie Hendricks with true fire.

It remains an excellent performance of the song.

I think 2021 is going to be a remarkable year in terms of resignations of long-term GOP politicians. Mark my words.
Bob Lai diaspora
One step ahead of the hangman, so to speak.
Exactly. "Yay, I won. But, uh, I don't think I want to be here. Lemme out, nau."
greggtaylor diaspora
Placing that marker on my 2021 watch list. Hopefully to be replaced by Michael Steele repubs.

If you want to get a crowd chant going, here's your song, from right in the center of my generation. It says it all.
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lambjams diaspora
There was another thread where people were talking about the capitalists who fled Cuba - of course they're annoyed.
I knew a guy who was a pilot in the Vietnam War, and then flew surveying missions over Central America after the war. He has some bitter attitudes about the US activity in Central America. And of course, the term Banana Republic is derived from the weak, corrupt governments the US promoted so large companies could export fruit at low cost unfettered by any other considerations.
Yep. I'm sort of a walking expert on those topics. I have known ex-CIA people who worked in those areas, a good friend, now passed, was a US pilot who trained Batista's pilots in P-51s, and I've known lots of other interesting people who worked for and with the CIA and other US interests in Central America.

Too busy over the next couple of days to write, but I intend to post some background on Latino viewpoints in contrast to USian viewpoints, and what words like fascist, socialist, and communist mean to them. It's unfortunate, but I can easily understand how events over the past few months turned Latinos away from Democrats.

The good news is that demographic voter info shows that the above seems to have had only a small effect on the numbers, except in Florida.
lambjams diaspora

Nope, nope. This is not looking good at all.

Another factor in this election might be that Americans are romantically attracted to crime families and mob bosses. It's our form of royalty.
Gaffer diaspora
Where's my "dislike" button?
Hah! You have the thumbs down, but I suspect that's not what you mean.

I guess we're stuck with Mitch and Lindsay for another four years.

I'm not looking forward to the next few weeks of hearing, "We re-elected Donald Trump. Thank you Jesus!"

Have pity on me.

See what I mean? This is what I'm talking about here in WV when people suggest to me that I mess with my neighbors' signs or replace them with Biden signs.

I’m sorry but Americans be crazy...

“Three people are in the hospital following a shooting in North Topeka Saturday night, after a man thought he found the people who stole his President Donald Trump signs.”

“Topeka Police told 13 NEWS the shooter said in a statement that signs supporting Trump were recently stolen from their property and thought the people near their house may have been involved.”
lambjams diaspora
Not worth getting shot over!

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So now, on YouTube, I'm getting ads for cremation for only $1395.00.

Does Google know something I don't???
Wilco Roos diaspora
Wilco Roos diaspora
Also affordable, is the cake and coffee afterward included? 😉

Muse diaspora
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) I don't know why people believe certain things about cats.

Cats are not apex predators. So they must behave in a more cautious manner. They will follow many commands just like a dog, but they take their time and don't do it in a straight line. Good tactics to keep a hawk from eating you!

I should probably film Moki responding correctly to my pointing. What really impresses me about our "find the treat" games is that I can point to something that the treat is under or inside, and she knows to follow the point through the barrier. This means she is both imagining a line from my finger and the placement of the treat.

My cat Taka loved laser pointer games. He would run around "catching" the dot. If I stopped before he felt through with the game, he would come up and tap me on the hand holding the laser pointer.

Now I will say that I have Tonkinese, who are known to be particularly bright among cats. However, breeds of dog have varying degrees of intelligence as well.

Sad news.
If anyone remembers Harold Chester from g+, both of his grandsons were killed this morning. His daughter is in coma, burns all over body.
He is a friend.
He is devastated.

I don't have Facebook.... please please share this all over your social media accounts for me.
Thank you.


So now we have sociopaths engaging in terrorism while hiding behind a political cause. Oh, wait, that's exactly what the Brownshirts were in Germany.
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Looks like click bait. It's not.
lambjams diaspora
(based on a documentary I watched) There's every indication that in the beginning, Jim Jones (Jonestown Massacre) was running an organization that helped a lot of people in a positive way. Local politicians collaborated with him, because it seemed like his movement was gaining a lot of momentum. It could be that the insiders were well aware of his darker side, but it wasn't publicly known until later in the game, when they moved to Guyana and the whole thing unraveled.

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Check YouTube. Trump's campaign is just BOMBING the main index page with all kinds of nonsense. It's a nonstop firehose of bullshit.
I'm subscribed to a lot of channels, so that's what appears on my main YT page. Feelgood dog rescues, ballet, gym moves and the beautiful stuff. Ya gits what ya reap 😄

But I do sometimes share political stuff here, and on Twitter & FB. And I never (<that's no exaggeration) see adverts on my FB, because I don't look at the pathetic "home" stream, just posts from FB "friends". The big bods of the internet try to game us; it's up to us to game them back.

Seen in Silicon Valley...

Karl Auerbach diaspora
A do-until (not alive) would have been shorter.

We all have to start somewhere. Who would have imagined Led Zep in 1957?

Here's Jimmy Page, just starting to learn guitar, age 13, in 1957.

Lewd onions...
Probably a computer vision algorithm glitch.
Exactly. Hilarious.
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