In case you didn't know where the feel of this song comes from, or didn't realize how important drumming is, check it out:
marathon mastodon (AP)
SD is one of my favourite all time bands. 🙂

Many of us hams still use quite a few postage stamps. (We used to use a lot more.) It's not often that USPS produces a stamp series that directly applies to us, but they have one now called Solar Science.

These stamps are gorgeous. A photo doesn't begin to show how good they look because they're printed on a holographic type backing. When you move your head, the images change and animate, and the colors are iridescent and on a jet black background. #hamradio

I order mine directly from USPS. I find it easier than standing in line at the Post Office.
susannah mastodon (AP)
those are Such good stamps.
Olaf diaspora
In Germany the first hurdle would be finding a post office. Lots have been closed and their services taken over otherwise. "Services"? Don't expect any...

susannah mastodon (AP)
I’ve been immersed in R for a decade but I think I need to start learning Julia…

Hmm. Despite my love and fascination with earthquakes, quakes in this area are always disturbing to me. I've spent quite a lot of time around Lake Tahoe since 1963. There are three faults that pass under Lake Tahoe and while they rarely slip, they are known to be active.

The problem is that a strong quake at Lake Tahoe would be a human disaster. Not only is a tsunami possible on the lake but the shorelines are sharp and would reflect the wave(s) back and forth across the lake. Severe destruction to the buildings and dwellings on the lakeshore is eventually going to happen.

lambjams diaspora
That's right, Rotorua. Hah. The largest geyser in recorded history existed there. It didn't exist long because it was so large it blew itself apart. I can't remember its name.
lambjams diaspora
Just watched an interesting video about a volcano in NZ - the protected land surrounding it nearly a perfect circle visible from altitude.

Tonight's musical treat:
"As for the Heart girls, their rendition of Stairway to Heaven at Kennedy Center with Page, Plant, and Jones in the audience is one of my favorite musical performances…ever."

Yeah, I watched that live. Good grief. I had tears in my eyes. I'm sure Nancy has hung out with Jimmy Page and knows what he was trying to create with Stairway. And she brought that knowledge to the Kennedy Center arrangement. With Obama being a huge fan of Led Zep, I'm sure the production pretty much had an unlimited budget, hold back nothing attitude, so they went all out to create what Jimmy had in mind, only on a scale that Led Zep alone could never achieve.

You want the dynamics of the song to progress from tiny to huge and back to tiny? Challenge accepted.

And, since it can't be Robert Plant himself, who is to sing this thing? Ann Wilson, of course.

the Boeing 787 needs to be rebooted every 51 days to stop rounding errors causing it to crash


OMG. We've been joking about this. It's not a joke. It's actually happening. There have been a bunch of incidents around the USA where gas hoarders set themselves on fire. Just search with a search engine.
Bob Lai diaspora
Rather lucky that the Hollywood standard of car-on-fire-goes-boom isn't actually how it works.
All the experiences during the pandemic convinced me that human intelligence is at best a rare individual property.

@Karl Auerbach You remember what was across the hall from Boelter 3420. Well, it's here:
@Tom Grzyb - I think I've heard of MIT. Isn't that some college back east? 😉 (My affiliation is closer to Caltech: I was named a Fellow of Law & Technology at Caltech and Loyola/Marymount Law.)
Congratulations! I would feel tremendously honored by that.

I've not attended either, but in industry MIT seems to have more weight on a candidate's CV. Personally, I'd rather have Caltech on my resume. This is purely a personal impression that comes from imagining matriculating into the school and looking forward to the first quarter or semester. At MIT, I'd not be terribly concerned. At Caltech, I'd be worried about whether I was up to the task.
Tom Grzyb diaspora
Oh, I did not attend MIT, I just happen to know some folks associated with the place - and I live in MA.

I'll just leave this here.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) It is barbaric
Absolutely.. and totally completely agree with all the points u have made.

i did a post a while back that talks about humane ways to kill animals and people.. It was not approving of it but like "if u absolutely gotta do it, then this is the best way" sorta thing. It was kind of a bit of a dark post (not on purpose tho) with a very interesting video by i think the BBC or some place like it... just can't remember if my post is public or not.

If death was the punishment then it wouldn't require injections, chairs and all sorts of other things. In the end it is about vengeance... not "closure" just the dark human emotion of vengeance..and schadenfreude and it is being (in the US and other places) enforced by a government. It is government-approved murder.
Exactly. The U.S. justice system is about REVENGE because that's what the barbarians that inhabit this country love.

Look man, we're all going to die and be forgotten. You've been dying since the moment you were conceived. What do you accomplish by torturing someone? You detract from your own humanity. You cost yourself your humanity. Nothing else. Your victim is already dead but you get to carry your broken self around for a few more years before you die and are forgotten, just like I will. So, stop with the revenge stuff. It's the childish thinking of a three year-old, not an adult.
don't know if this will work or not but it is public (4 months ago) and here is the link thingy.. it was not exactly a popular post 😅😖😿

This is the best peanut butter I've eaten since the 1950s. I could eat the whole jar in one sitting. No additives, no sweeteners of any kind (doesn't need it), no removing the peanut oil and replacing it with hydrogenated coconut oil. They don't even remove excess peanut oil so it's very soft and messy. Certified non-GMO and Kosher.

Just grind the peanuts, add 1 percent salt, put it in the jar, done. It's screamin' good. Highly recommended.

unsalted grass fed butter too : ) though EVOO is obvs more vegan/vegetarian friendly..
"Natural" means nothing on food labels. It's not a regulated term so it means nothing .
And no, this is far from the best. Kroger has peanut butter grinders, $2.99 a pound. No oils or added anything. Just grind and go. You have to use the $2,500 grinder that they have, it's the only way.
If your PB has oil in it it's not good.
Smucker's is just another big name business creating waste with products that nobody recycles.

I never realized what an arrogant organization Amazon is until now. I've searched exhaustively and find no way to give feedback on a malfunction in their web site. I guess they think their shit's perfect. Hahaha. It ain't.
Only low IQ people use Amazon .
Actually, very busy people use Amazon. It's the fastest solution to most acquisition problems. IQ has nothing to do with it.
Cєℓєѕтє diaspora
Éire ghaelach, english and deutsch (intermediate) is enough for me...chinese is way way way way way way too difficult! Thankfully there are many places that make things locally or operate under ethical practices far away from the suicide nets and slave houses.

Change will not fully happen though until the same people who cry foul of the evils of manufacturing stop shopping from these unethical companies. Irony being people some ppl who with one breath cry out in anguish to the status quo then go talk to their Alexa to get them more stuff....that they don't need.

I'm guilty of it too...we all are.

This AM and PM, I drove through precip ranging from flurries to blizzard. Temp now 32F. Forecast for Tuesday: 85F. I must be on the Genesis Planet.
Tom Grzyb diaspora
We had some flurries this evening in the Berkshires also. Not something I wanted to see...

Do you like the blues?

I said, do you like the blues?

If you do, I've got a little something here you might like. 1989. Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray, live, doing blues improvisation. Serious fun. Like REALLY serious fun. This is the shit right here.

If you don't know who Buddy Guy is, he's the guitarist who was the strongest inspiration to Jimi Hendrix when he was learning. Do you hear me now?

Check it out.
With that amount of history I had to find my "new" discovery Gary Clarke Jr. play Catfish Blues. He did play it. What do you think?

Now let me dive into that new Kingfish rabbit hole.
Yeah, Clark is great, but Kingfish is even better. Kingfish is actually a prodigy, a genius, a freak. His playing is perfect. The only one I can compare him to is SRV.

And Kingfish can play any style. He loves the blues and that's what people want to hear. But, he can shred as well as anyone. He can bring Eddie Van Halen back to life with an Eruption that would blow your mind. This guy is something else -- a natural born prodigy.

When he's performing blues, sometimes he'll throw in some shredding and an Eddie lick just to blow your mind. I've never seen anyone like him.
Kingfish, I just heard a live performance now from a Dallas Guitar festival. Excellent Hey Joe version, very much playful and.. eloquent, if that were a word to use for musical expression. I might go with most of the attributes already.

No way can I call a contest, but that Live at the Surf Lodge would be fantastic to hear from Kingfish. I'll dive in some more, definitely.

Hmm, just got home from work to discover Prince Philip has died. I have two namesakes. My parents agreed on Phillip. My mother because of Prince Philip. My father after his father, Phillip. Now you know.
lambjams diaspora
There's also a significant number of women who outlive their spouses, but when you start getting into your 90s, you're already past that point. Yes, it seems she still has a role to play in this transition.
Yeah, QE2 is a tough girl. She may not be affected by this as most are.

Good morning everybody!
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) Everyone that has your phone number associated with your Signal account in his contacts knows that you’re using Signal.
In theory. Problem is that most people have never heard of Signal. Lmao.

Martin Powers mastodon (AP)
Part 1/2
The Guardian published an article about where all the pseudoscientific, conspiracy, antivaxx memes and disinformation comes from. We all knew the states would be the culprit, but it is down to just 12 US citizens. Yup 12! The Guardian didn't name them and the link The Guardian cited also didn't name them. So I did some digging on the 'disinformation dozen'.
The latest crap I'm hearing here in West Virginia and reported to me from Idaho is "Now that Covid is getting better, the Democrats are trying to get more mass shootings happening."

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Google+ Memorial Day. Never forget.

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Doug Senko diaspora
Those mthrfckers!

Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”

On Jan. 11, Ubiquiti Inc. [NYSE:UI] — a major vendor of cloud-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as routers, network video recorders and security cameras — disclosed that a breach involving a third-party cloud provider had exposed customer account credentials. Now a source who participated in the response to that breach alleges Ubiquiti massively downplayed a “catastrophic” incident to minimize the hit to its stock price, and that the third-party cloud provider claim was a fabrication.

#91 #93

Two undocumented x86 instructions discovered that allow modification of the CPU's microcode.

The instructions are decoded in all modes including user mode. However, the microcode throws an error unless the CPU is in Red Mode.

This should be fun.

@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - I've heard about the super-privileged rings of control on Intel processors. I believe that most modern Intel processors have a system management controller processor that runs separately from the main x86 engine and that has considerable control. I don't know how that relates to the EFI firmware - there seems to be a lot of magic in there. (At a higher level most modern data center machines have a "baseboard management controller" (BMC) that let's one do pretty much everything that one previously required physical access (except for replacing things like power supplies.) For a while Intel, Dell, Supermicro were proposing a way of dynamically assembling components - processors, memory, networking, storage - in data center racks in order to have software defined computers.
Well, I've long had my own theories about modern mainstream CPUs that I'll keep to myself. Discovering these hidden instructions is no surprise and I'll bet there are many more. And, there are even more hidden things that no one will ever find that give access if you just know the trick.

NSA isn't stupid, you know. They have some of the smartest people on the planet working for them 😉

Some people are unfit to function in a society. Those people are self-selecting themselves into the limelight here.

So, I took a look at a container of fruit juice that's frequently handed out to the kids in the neighborhood. 100 percent juice it said. So I read the analysis that lists all the vitamins and minerals. 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, and 0. All goose eggs. Puzzling.
Bob Lai diaspora
"100% Juice" likely means that the amount of juice added is such, but not that the product itself is 100% juice.

It's like '100% grated parmesan cheese' on a certain green bottle one finds in the grocery store. It contains 'celluose powder' and potassium sorbate, so it can't actually be 100% parmesan cheese. It could be 100% grated ...
Hahaha. Genuine lol there. Thank you. also confused...what the bloody hell does that mean?

Playing with yourself, Level 100


YouTube: Foggy Mountain Breakdown (FCTV Floyd Central Highlanders)

This "attorney" is apparently incapable of researching Supreme Court decisions. This was clearly decided 100 years ago. The court said the exact opposite. I've read the decision that he or she hasn't.

The Bill of Rights is overridden by the fact that you DO NOT have the right to endanger your fellow citizens. The court's decision goes on to point out that governors have the power to force mask wearing and arrest those who do not comply, vaccinate their state's population by force if necessary, (arrest, vaccinate, release), and require proof of vaccination to be allowed into public venues like stores and restaurants.

So, this "attorney" has nothing to stand on here, at all.

God? God has nothing to do with the Constitution, it was written by men.

Separation of Church and State.

Exactly. The introduction of God into discussions of the Constitution is an immediate bullshit-alert.

The founders of the USA were a lucky confluence of brilliant educated men. Yet there is nothing in the Constitution that had not been done or tried before (just not all together at once) except one thing. The USA is the first government ever established (as far as we know) without any connection or blessing from a religious body or organization. (Some of the founders were worried about this, but we did it anyway.)

The only time you see God mentioned in the writings of the founders is in reference to our rights. You'll see "inherent" and "God-given" in reference to rights to illustrate that the rights in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere are not granted by the government but are inherent in us. The Bill of Rights guarantees those rights. It does not grant them since the founders felt that governments do not have the power to grant those rights. They are inherent or "God-given" depending on who is talking.

There are a bajillion apps for Android covering every imaginable thing, and often 20 apps that do the same obscure thing. Yet I can't find a trangulation app. We used to write our own 25 years ago. This is used in radio direction finding to locate a transmitter or noise source.

You walk or drive to a location and take a bearing on the noise. The app places a pin on the map where you are and draws a straight line representing the bearing you measured. Then you walk or drive some distance and take another bearing. The app puts another pin and another line.

Where the two lines intersect is the target. Simple. With radio it's a good idea to take several bearing to improve accuracy.

I can't find any app that does this simple thing. I can't even find a decent app that lets you draw arbitrary straight lines on an OSM map.

Well, not the Power Company, but when is that ever the case?
Well, German ham radio operators don't have this problem because, unless things have changed since I was last there, all power lines except the long distance "marching giants" are underground. Problem solved.

Yes, 300,000 dead. Torture perpetrated by puppet dictators trained in the United States of America and placed into power by us. Now there is something to be proud of, eh?

Sister Dianna Ortiz—US Nun Who Survived Guatemala Torture and Became Human Rights Champion—Dies at 62

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If it seems like I'm not participating or ignoring comments, it's because here on Friendica, I stopped receiving notifications about a week ago. I have no idea what's wrong.
Since I now have a Friendica account as well (but not yet using it), I'm interested in what happened and how to find out. Wouldn't your podmin have an idea?
Adam friendica
Hey @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) I'm glad you mentioned it - please do feel free to throw instance-related things my way in the @iSurf Support forum if things like this come up. But, again I'm glad I caught your post.

I'm seeing the same thing - no emails being sent from Friendica and I can see some errors in the logs. I'll see about getting that resolved.

Something to consider about the nonsense we are fed here in the USA. McDonalds has restaurants all over the world, including Denmark. Denmark has strict requirements for all employers, which include paying a living wage, vacations, sick leave, 1 year of maternity leave, and a retirement plan. In US dollars, the price of a Big Mac in Denmark is 45 cents more than in the USA.
Sheila Nagig diaspora
Do you know one thing that almost never happens here? Medical bankruptcy. I remember my brother's daughter was born premature and spent months in an incubator. I think the final bill after insurance was $180k or thereabout. That was in America. I tell people here about it and they're aghast. That could never happen here. People don't go around worrying that an illness or an accident could wipe them out financially for the rest of their lives or lead to bankruptcy. They don't put off going to the doctor or try to treat themselves because they're afraid of the financial repercussions of simply going to the doctor.

You know another thing they don't have here? Commercials for pharmaceuticals on television or radio or in print. Here your doctor makes the suggestions and you do not ask for a medication by name.
lambjams diaspora

TIL: I knew that broccoli contains various chemicals that negatively affect cancers and tumors. I didn't know (didn't care) what they were called: glucosinolates and isothiocyanates. The really important thing I learned is that boiling your broccoli is a bad idea because it washes away most of the aforementioned chemicals. Steaming, microwaving, and stir-frying have little effect on these chemicals. Now you know.
Gomez :baner: mastodon (AP)
can't remember the last time I boiled any vegetable (except maybe potatoes for mashing occasionally) it's steaming or roasting all the way for me.

Feb 1, 2021, "Republicans Unveil New Stimulus Plan".

What year is this? Democratic majorities in both houses and the presidency. I shouldn't have to see the word Republican for at least two years.

The only unveilings I want to see are criminal indictments against their own.

And just like that...

ProtonMail mastodon (AP)
There is no such thing as a backdoor that only lets the good guys in. Together with Tresorit, @threemaapp and Tutanota, we are calling on EU policy makers to rethink anti-encryption proposals that would introduce backdoors in encryption platforms:
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Flav pleroma (AP)
Would be nice if you guys had your app in F-Droid like Tutanota does. That would be very useful for people who use degoogled phones.
ProtonMail mastodon (AP)
Thank you for your suggestion! We're focused on building a new version of the Android app right now, and we will put the ProtonMail app on F-Droid after we release it. Stay tuned for updates.

"I put eyes on the cat’s bed and could not be happier with the result"

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Be sure to watch the video.

With the resurgence of the sea shanty style on the net, I thought I'd post this collection of classic sea shanties.

Local GOP officials warn the party they will put Trump allegiance first - Raw Story

Deny them use of any and all GOP corporate logos/trademarks (yes there's a hint of sarcasm there). Make them start their own party.

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