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Yikes. I like it. What happens when citizens stop putting up with police bullshit? I really don't know. In this case it went well.

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That was great..

Guitar Mastery

Oh, my, gawd. You know, Jimi Hendrix didn't consider himself the best guitarist in the world. Jimi Hendrix had idols like the rest of us. Unlike Jaco Pastorius, who considered himself the best bass player in the world, and he was right. Jaco was like the Pagannini of bass guitar. There's no question in Jaco's case. Nobody else came or comes close, and I'm not holding my breath for another like him.

But, if you want to see Hendrix demonstrate his absolute command of his instrument, here you go. You may not like the music, but his skill is unquestionably absolute.

Jimi was a very nice, easy going guy, easy to talk with, very cool, very modest. But with a guitar in hand, and an audience in front of him, he transformed like a werewolf into a force of nature that left anyone who saw him stunned speechless. This is an example. Watching the audience cracks me up. The audience is lost. They have no idea how to act, what to do. They know. They know they've just seen something amazing and they have no idea how to act. Lol.


Don't Look Away
The reality of concentration camps in the USA is undeniable. Quibbling about the nature of those camps is a distinction without a real difference. Make no mistake, ignoring their existence or "explaining" the difference to those of WWII is to condone the sequence of events that will (not "might") result in the very sorts of practices that took place du
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Using Gmail confidential mode is neither secure nor private. As long as Google can read your emails, its privacy promises will always be disingenuous. Here’s why Gmail’s confidential mode isn’t actually confidential:

The link icon is to post a link without embedding (so one can post a list of urls) while the paperclip embeds/attaches audio,video,image,and web urls.

Hmm. I'll experiment some more. This is an issue for me too. I have images that are already on my own server so I should be able to just link to them, but find that I have to download them to my computer, then upload them to Friendica.

I’ll experiment some more.
Me, too! :)


@Chiwy M.F.T. - Many TCP/IP stacks have problems that can linger until a reboot. For example, we came across on (very popular one) that didn't quite do TCP congestion handling correctly. It would detect congestion and do the backoff - and then never recover. So if you had a congestion event, the server would kind of stall, dropping its throughput to very low levels until a reboot cleared things up. This was discovered through some simple testing with some of our tools, but this testing had not been done previously and there were tnes of thousands of these large server boxes out there on the net, all vulnerable to something that happens fairly naturally and routinely without active attack. The internet is far more brittle than people want to believe, and that brittleness is not helped by the kind of hype we see from some providers (such as Verizon's recent video advertisements of things like doing surgery via 5G networks.)

@Karl Auerbach Ok thanks for info :)


Morse Code Catches Google Swiping Lyrics | Hackaday

They used straight and curly quotes as dots and dashes to embed a Morse code message in several lyrics. The message? REDHANDED.

#google #lyrics #geniusdotcom


Yeah, it's well beyond the threshold of believability. But since it's reality and not fiction, there are no limits.

Hopefully she is demanding child support payments. ??

It is Alabama. Lol. I wouldn't count on it.


Deep Fried Catfish


<--- spent many years cooking in grandma's restaurant as short order cook... there is a finesse to deep frying so food is not oily ;)

There is, kind of like broiling steaks. I'm not an expert but I've learned some things. The first mistake I made long ago was not having the oil hot enough. (I was a little afraid of it.) That will result in an oily product. I didn't understand it until it was explained to me that when the oil is the right temperature (and the range is very narrow around 355F +/- 10 degrees) a thin film of water vapor (steam) forms between the food and the oil, preventing the oil from penetrating but still transferring heat into the food. Once that was explained to me, it was a turning point.

Yes and also making sure the oil is clean of batter remnants that tend to fall to the bottom and burn after a few pieces. Using a strainer spatula will hep you clean those out when you drop new pieces in to prevent any bitter taste transfer into the oil.

Hmm. I'll look into that. Yes, that does happen. I've been straining the oil into its appropriate container in order to clean it and reach the bottom where the gunk collects. I'd like the ability to do a little cleaning on the fly while the oil is still hot.

Just be careful with hot grease... good to wear safety googles, gloves and protective apron even if it looks wierd lol

If I didn't wear big glasses, I'd wear goggles. I wear a nitrile glove on my holding hand all the time when working with food. I usually don't wear an apron when cooking at home, though. At work, yes, and heavy waterproof rock climbing boots. They're saved me at least twice. One time about a pint of boiling hot marinara sauce landed on my feet. Dodging was not an option because two of us were carrying a 125 pound cauldron full of it. Hahaha. Would have been a disaster, but no harm at all.

My wife wears glasses and has a pair of safety goggles made for overglasses... perhaps prescription safety lenses would be helpful especially in your job

I dunno. It would be a source of continuous laughter, that's for sure. I feel pretty safe with just glasses.

Early on, I wore boots most of the time, but became religious about it when the oldest chef there told me he of a disaster he had. Had a pot full of boiling water in hand and the handle broke. He was wearing sandals. Put him in the hospital and couldn't walk for a week. Now he at least wears running shoes. Me? Boots. No exceptions.

Now, when I work in my shop, cutting and welding steel, etc., I look like an alien with all the safety gear I have piled on. You learn real quick when a little ball of molten steel falls into your shoe.

Hmm. Lots of them on Amazon but haven't found exactly what I want yet.

The tank of my fryer isn't just a box. The sides angle in at the bottom to direct the gunk into a rectangular area 2 by 4 inches in size. I'm sure I'll find what I want if I look hard enough.

Thanks for the tip.

Hah! I prefer more length, just past my knees, and I'm tall, but I like it.

Oh well you could look at some of the adult rated ones lol

Hah. They do make standard restaurant ones in different sizes. We usually have 30 or 40 in stock and I pick one I like. When I put on one of the smaller ones I say, "What is this? A miniskirt?" Lmao


Chai Flavored Iced Tea


Les Paul

This guy...

The video is only 9 minutes long. Watch it until the end. Then you'll know why Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and all the rest, bowed down when they found themselves on stage with Les Paul.

Les Paul was "shredding" almost 70 years ago, before any of those guys were born, before I was born, before rock and roll was born.


His supporters could care less as they won't believe it anyway.


Protonmail IP Logging

So, Robin Trower still rips as good as ever, but he's like 347 years old. Hendrix is gone. Stevie Ray is gone. Gary Moore is gone. Now what?

This is what:
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I had a very good friend to whom I dedicated a posting here recently. This fellow picked up a guitar when he was about 7 years old. By the time he was 16 or so, he had mastered Page's licks on most LZ songs. I was amazed at his talent with a guitar. He died young (36). He never made any profitable use of his talent. He just loved to play. That's all it was for him.... love of the music. And that's a good thing.

Yeah, music has to be done, first, to please yourself. If you stop there, it's fine. I suspect all musicians feel this way. It's mainly non-musical people whose first reaction is, "Wow! You have to go make money with that and get famous."


Thank you for sharing. My isurf contacts are chosen based on their contribution to progressive thoughts, and because I enjoy different reliable news sources.


Ladybugs on Radar

Sounds like a name for a rock band.

As you've probably noticed, the effects of climate change are gradually making themselves felt and observed. Weird event after weird event is taking place in the atmosphere and ocean ecologies. These will accelerate as we head into the apocalyptic weirdness that is to come. Here's another freakish one.

Must have been "interesting" to pilots flying at that altitude.

Yes, a bit too interesting, depending. I've had two bad encounters with swarms, neither while flying. One time I was driving north from Mojave to California City and hit a swarm of bees or wasps. I don't remember. All of the sudden CRUNCH and I was blinded. The windshield was completely coated with yellow goo. Light traffic, mid-day, I was able to come to a stop without incident. Wipers just smeared the goo without improving visibility. The goo also dried quickly so I had to work fast to make a little window so I could keep going. When I got to Cal City I used water to wash it off but it took a long time. Once dried, the stuff didn't want to come off.

Same thing happened one time in Florida when I hit a swarm of love bugs. Blecch.

That happened to our weather report in Denver a couple of years ago but it was Monarch butterflies. Very cool.



Or, just another Trump-supporting, racist, criminal. There seem to be lots of them.

Yeah, that too.