Dear Bill,
I am going to miss you. I have been listening to your music to stay cheerful in this time of fear and darkness. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Google Plus

April 2, 2020

One year ago today, we were all in hell, knowing that in a few hours we would witness the death of Google+. Those of us who were working frantically on the archiving project were at its bedside, watching it die, winking out region by region. Google engineers shut it down from east to west. One by one, India, Middle East, Africa, Europe, then at 12:40 PM, the northeastern USA shut down.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to grab some screenshots of various aspects of Google+ from within my account, shortly before the shutdown, for my own memories. Then I decided to publish them on my blog here:

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Contains a probably carcinogen. Great. How many billions of these have been ingested over the years?

Seems like April Fools Day was cancelled this year. This is fine with me. I'm not in the mood, nor is anyone else, it seems.
We need to have another day called November Fools Day..

So, CDC is considering changing their position on the wearing of masks, finally, which they should have done a month ago or more. If they change their position, what happens in all the states and cities across the USA where masks are against the law?

Lots of places, like California, have outlawed the wearing of masks so as not to interfere with government facial recognition systems. You might be a criminal, you know. Criminal or not, they want to know everywhere you've been. There are lots of variations of such laws across the USA.

What now?
Few hours ago I found this: - complicated, and apparently unmanagable.
Crazy, isn't it?

I assume everybody knows this already, but I haven't seen any posts about it, so I'm puttin' it.

This nonsense has already killed people.

You'd think that Giuliani would be smart enough to recognize bullshit when a person claims that a drug treatment is 100 percent effective. There's no such thing. NO DRUG is 100 percent effective, Rudy, ya dumshit.

A company is claiming they have a machine that can detect the covid-19 coronavirus using a breath test. "Astrotech Corporation announced that the BreathTest-1000 lung disease screening device that is under development detects a known metabolite that is associated with lung diseases at very low parts per billion concentrations." "The Company was able to move quickly in the development of the BreathTest-1000 because the core mass spectrometry technology it utlizes has been fully commercialized and deployed for explosives trace detection."

Astrotech's BreathTest 1000 Confirmed To Detect Lung Disease Metabolites at Parts Per Billion

maybe maybe not
Yeah. But, even if it only did screening, it would be useful. In other words if it gave a positive indication for any lung disease, it would still be useful, especially if the false negative rate was very low.
lambjams diaspora
yes and no... lots of people have lung disease. And given the 14 day incubation, people could have the virus in their nose and upper respiratory tract, be contagious already, but not yet have it down in their lungs where it causes the serious damage. I'd put this in the "can we put a COVID-19 tag on our existing product and get more attention / investors?" Yes we can! Maybe their stock will fly off the shelves like toilet paper!

When Tweets don’t age well...

Are there any Chinese speakers in the house, who can verify the translation in this meme?

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This shows the location data of phones that were on a Florida beach during Spring Break. It then shows where those phones traveled.

First thing you should note is the importance of social distancing. The second is how much data your phone gives off.


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lambjams diaspora
Yikes. I've heard that as cases grow, New Orleans has some concern about the Mardi Gras crowd as well.

I highly recommend this video to everyone:
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lambjams diaspora
A significant number of the staff in my local grocery has started wearing masks to avoid spewing things onto the produce. A cashier was wearing gardening gloves. The Michigan doctor doesn't address what to do about the change you stick in your pocket, though he (or was it someone else?) talks about the card touchpad.
..those touchpads are the reason I still carry around a damned ballpoint pen, and alcohol prep pads in the car..done with use, wipe it down outside the car, pull off gas glove & alcohol pad in one inside out bundle, and toss.

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Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride

Since I work in a restaurant, here's a tip. Lysol spray disinfectant and equivalents are basically the above active ingredient in a 60 percent ethanol solution. It kills viruses and bacteria. Lysol and equivalent tends to be sold out these days and isn't cheap even when available.

Restaurants and bars use tablets to dissolve in water to make a rinse or sprayable sanitizing solution. Most of them have a blue dye so you can judge the concentration just by looking at the color of the water.

There are various brands like Steramine. For six bucks you get a bottle of 100 or more tablets, each of which makes a gallon or gallon and a half of solution. The solution isn't terribly dangerous but the tablets are, so be careful. Avoid handling the tablets with bare hands.

This is not an endorsement of Katom, just an example.

Here's an example:
The good thing is that all these related chlorine / amine / ammonia compounds, even in very low concentration, "kill" or "deactivate" viruses, given a little time, like 1 to 2 minutes.

I learned this a long time ago when I was learning how to sanitize drinking water. Exposure time is key. If you're in a hurry, you have to use a lot more disinfectant. But, if you can treat the water and then let it sit for 8 hours, you can use a microscopic amount of disinfectant that's harmless and undetectable to you.
Yes, indeed! A little goes a long way!

It's confirmed that anosmia (sudden loss of sense of smell) is a common symptom and possible indicator of Covid-19 infection.

The quizzes have been updated:
What about a long-existing loss of all sense of fashion?
I have that, but I don't know what I'm sick from.
Yeah, I know the quizzes look like a Gopher search from 1994. I'm trying to start a trend -- a return to web sites that just do what they're supposed to do. No colorful distractions, no dancing clowns, no video, no music, no dynamic content that makes the page reformat every few seconds, and so on. ;-)
lambjams diaspora

Uh, what if the rest of us are not willing to risk our health?

What a selfish POS.
Bob Lai diaspora
I’ve had too many turns with sick co-workers bringing the crud to the office. Patrick should go all-in on a prefrontal lobotomy with a railroad spike.
Agreed to that solution...

Okay, this got a genuine LOL from me. Nice job.
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Learn more about the Covid-19 virus and test your knowledge here:

What's going to happen in your state?
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That's what they pay him for.

Medical Worker Describes the Lung Failure in COVID19

warning: graphic content

Steve friendica
That is incredible! And he's got 3 more! A wet dream ...

How-To Videos that are Garbage

This video is longish at 25 minutes, but I think everyone should watch it at least halfway through. This thing explains why there are more and more how-to videos that are garbage. It's very informative about the how-to problem and YouTube / FB videos in general.

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Astronaut Al Worden, who circled the moon and once earned record for 'most isolated human being,' has died.

Al Worden, an astronaut from the Apollo lunar program, has died, NASA says.

Worden was command module pilot on the Apollo 15 lunar landing -- and although he never got to walk on the moon, he performed three space walks on the flight back from the moon to retrieve film from cameras on the spacecraft, according to NASA.

As astronauts David Scott and James B. Irwin explored mountains during the 1971 mission, Worden circled around them.

"During this time he earned a world record as 'most isolated human being' while his crew mates roamed the lunar surface, and he was 2,235 miles away from anyone else," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a statement.

He died Wednesday in Texas at the age of 88. He spent more than 295 hours in space.
RIP Mr. Worden, and Thanks!
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An exceptionally warm night last night apparently triggered all the dogwood trees in town to spring into full bloom. On March 20th???
I love dogwoods, that was the one joy I had in North Carolina was Spring.
Magnolias are blooming here. So are the daffodils. TOO EARLY!

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ein paar Egoisten es nun endlich lernen im Häusle zu bleiben.

Rubbing Alcohol

In the middle of the night here in Northern West Virginia and the temperature outside rose to 71F. Freaky.
Steve friendica
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) Same here in southern Ontario.

Some pics from Walmart in Clarksburg, West Virginia
The stores down here in SD are stripped bare again..
Well, there's a limit to how much crap people can buy. Once the house is filled with toilet paper, you're done.

On the other hand, right now all of our means of production and transportation are fine. Store will be restocked. Everything's cool.

However, I understand that there are reports and studies from DHS, FEMA, etc. that are classified, that only certain politicians get to see, that show our food and distribution systems breaking down at some point in the future. This is because we did not act swiftly to "flatten the curve" and it's now too late to slow the trajectory enough. The best we can do, if we implemented a hard lockdown like China did right now is 50 percent of worst case. If you believe those reports, we're going to get crushed by this.

I dunno.
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