Hello! I've now written 600 postcards for Postcards To Swing-States and spent $240 on postage. If you support what I'm doing and would like to help, please do.
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Good article.

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Things are heating up.
Bob Lai diaspora
It has nothing to do with enforcement, only to highlight the double-standard.
Understood and agreed. I wish I'd save the photo of a MAGA person sunning his fat ass on a huge U.S. flag beach towel. I almost puked. (I'd like to see him do that in the 1940s.)

I admit I'm going on memory. I could be mistaken. I don't have time to delve into it at the moment but I will -- working 12 hour back-to-back shifts feeding the hungry masses. Hah.
Oh, and tonight I tried to get that shitty plastic wrap to stick to a pot that's coated with non-stick inside and out. Hah. Good luck with that. No trick worked.

PVDC sure was nice. It also has a much higher temperature rating than polyethylene. You could stretch it over a glass dish and stick it in a 350 degree (but not higher) oven.

Another year has gone by. This month marks my 53rd year of computer programming. O.O
Wilco Roos diaspora
Ha, programing tends to attract a certain type it seems 😉
It should. Programming is a skill, and an art, and to be really good at it requires a level of mental and physical discipline that most cannot muster. Anyone can learn to program. Few can become great at it.

Holy shit, this is actually true. Memes like this immediately trigger my suspicion, but I did some digging and it's true. Also true on Snopes, who surely did even more digging than I did.

Bob Lai diaspora
My Mom, who taught kindergarten, had one of those moments. A gentleman came to pick up his grandson and told her, "You were my kindergarten teacher."
Wow! That's totally cool.

We lost 3,300 people on 9/11. As a result we passed the most draconian infringement on the Bill of Rights (Patriot Act). Total gun deaths is 38,000 per year. Today, we're losing 14,000 per week to Covid.
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@Martin Seeger yep. And that's why people are afraid of nuclear plants and terrorism, while dying from diabetes and cancer.
NOTE: There's a brain fart typo in the original post. It should read 14,000 per week, not per day. I've corrected it, but I don't think edits propagate into the fediverse. The good thing is that the error makes no difference in terms of the point I was making.

We're getting close to October. Tropical Disturbance #1 looks promising. And nice and low, too. We shall see.

So there was a written plan to throw the election.
Nora Qudus diaspora
this is a bummer to even think about.
Bob Lai diaspora
Insurrection / Misprision of Insurrection.

You've got Eastman's 'plan' in writing, and you've got Trump still trying to make it happen in his letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. That's two distinct counts.

The ~~Doormats~~ Democrats need to stop fucking around. Indict. Convict. Imprison. Enough of the absurdity. Trump belongs in prison, not in the Oval Office. (Or in a care facility for dementia. And, really, no one would notice if Trump himself wasn't trying to hide his condition by calling out Joe Biden's 'symptoms.')

Round 'em all up. Meadows, Gosar, Ellis/Trump Jr., KIMBERLEY!!!!!!, Boy Wonder, ~~Piece of Ass~~ Princess, Lindell, Hawley, Cawthorn, Gaetz, Greene, Gohmert, Jordan, McCarthy, McConnell (if you're not taking active steps to stop the Big Lie, you're complicit) ... jail until they're old and grey. And if they're already old and grey, until they're leaving in a pine box.

Hello all. I've set up a little fundraiser for the get-out-the-vote project I'm working on. If you could spread it around a bit, that would be cool. Thank you.

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Stolen from a post on Twitter.

From 103 years ago, we've done all this before.

Anti-vax, anti-maskers take note:

"The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant." -John Stuart Mill
Gregg Taylor diaspora
If reason fails, fear seems to be taking command. Some numbers of prevention practices rising, a bit. Just a bit, in a few places. Maybe not enough to stave off ENDEMIC DISEASE.
Problem is that fear is the easiest of all emotions to manipulate. Fox and the rest are way ahead of us in that game.

@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - California does not have common-law marriage. You gotta go through the procedure to create a marriage here. That removes ambiguity.
Not even 60 years ago? And I think maybe it was 7 years.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - The California rejection of marriage simply through the passage of time (and cohabitation) definitely pre-dates the 1970s ... looks like it goes back to 1895.

Calif apparently does recognize some rights arising simply through the passage of time, but it's not "marriage".

Good article that pulls it together in one place.
Rob Anybody diaspora
Onomastic's comments are spot on in her article. And I can't think of a better representative illustration than the use of Luciano Garbati's Medusa with the head of Perseus for the article. I saw this sculpture (on line, not IRL) some time ago, and, had I a bunch of spare cash and the place to put it, would love as close to a full-scale reproduction of it as I could get.
It's a badass sculpture, that's for sure.

Well. Here's the whole problem in a nutshell.

They still perform together from time to time.

Back Again

The statistics tell the tale: Americans aren't very well educated. The people here are an exception; many of the worst offenders can't even read what we post here.

Bob Lai diaspora
The GQP doesn't want an educated electorate. As I'm often pointing out, the Texas GQP adopted a stance against higher-order thinking skills (critical thinking) because they promote rebellion and a turning away from God.
Exactly. An ignorant populace, incapable of critical thinking is super easy to manipulate.

The government learned its lesson with my generation, the most educated this country has produced. We scared the shit out of them and the dumbing down became the most important goal.

Eivind mastodon (AP)
I'll have to go global with this, and it's still a very long shot: Does the fediverse have a #tractor #mechanic? I'm struggling with a ca. 1982 Shibaura SE2540. The tractor itself is brilliant, but the engine (an LE892, also used in old Fords) spits oil and leaks water. These engines are known to be trouble. Is it possible to just replace it with another type of engine, eg. from an SE4040? Boosts welcome! #agriculture #farming #repair
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You might find some agrarian anarchists though. They might know literally anything at all, when it comes to reusing, repairing etc.
Eivind mastodon (AP)
Agrarian anarchists! What wonderful two words.

My respect for Joe Bonamassa just went up by 100 points.

Oxycontin peddler claims he and Purdue Pharma bear no responsibility.
Have you seen John Oliver's take on that 2 weeks ago?
I had not seen that. However I've long been aware of the history of oxycodone, its development during WW I and subsequent banning. Purdue decided to revive a dangerous drug that the Germans had banned 60 years before and market it as something new. That's straight up sociopathic capitalism.


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You just can't fix some people.
Yeah, this guy didn't break a year ago. He's been a sick puppy for a long, long time, but undetected, undiagnosed, untreated. But he fits right into the ethos of half the U.S.A.

Fountain pen herders or hoarders, if you're looking for an excuse to exercise your pens and do something substantial in politics, you might consider this.
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Welp, with lots more experience with these TWSBIs, I think I've finally found a pen I like better than my lifelong obsession with Sheaffer school pens. I did some nib tuning on two of them. For the third, I bought a Jowo #5 F nib from Goulet which was great from the start and only needed a tiny touch up. Now they all fly across the paper. Yippee!

So, no more using Sheaffers as eyedroppers in order to get more capacity. When I get going writing, I spend too much time fiddling with hypodermic needles and cartridges, or small converters, so I go eyedropper in order to get a useful amount of ink into the pen. But the TWBSI slurps up a nice amount of ink and I can write for quite a while, I'm sold. They also feel good.

I realized that I like pens that feel noticeably heavier when full of ink. The TWSBI does that.

Here's a good one from tonight. Waitress seats a party at a table. When she returns, she finds the table moved, and in such a way that it blocks access to another party's table. And it's not even wintertime where people might want to move a table to get a better view of the fireplace.

What do you do with people like this???
Hopefully no lasting injuries 🙁

The time for the courts to shine may be coming. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 100 years ago that you do not have the right to endanger your fellow citizens and that this prohibition overrides the First Amendment.

So, courts are on solid ground here if they want to jam up this nonsense.

Being blocked from enforcing a ban.. this is the n-th level of absurdity on top of a bizarre situation..? Oh my

A good outcome, at that.
Yes. Exactly. We'll see how this ends up. But the Supreme Court decision has been there for 100 years with no challenges. This makes it REALLY hard to change. The Supreme Court is extremely reluctant to reverse previous decisions, especially when they've stood for such a long time. And this is as it should be. It's kind of the classic definition of conservatism.

You see this in the Catholic Church. Overturning long-standing doctrine is extremely difficult because doing so implies that you were in error.

Here's a puzzler for the computerheads that know more about Internet skullduggery than I. I haven't engaged in skullduggery for at least 30 years so I'm kind of rusty. Lol.

So I've had an instance of Enterprise / Unlimited Wordpress installed and running on my server for a long time. My server is a Linux machine that I rent from 1and1 / ionos.

For top level administration, I disabled the default admin user and created a different user with admin privileges that I use. This account is under continuous login attack. I'm not terribly worried because the password is a long random string and I have timed lockout measures in place. It's kind of hard to try billions of possibilities when you're locked out for 20 minutes.

What puzzles me is how did they discover the username, which is also a random string? They have the right username. How was it discovered?

Any ideas? I'm really just curious.
@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) did you check against the info from the reddit link?

Two stand out:
Wpscan can reveal a bunch of juicy details about your wordpress site. Try disabling your feeds ->
It's easy to identify WordPress username. Try this:

Increment 1 to get other usernames on the domain (if available).
All good advice. THANK YOU ALL. Lots to look into now.

I've been away working two days of very physical 12 hour shifts. Soon I must sleep and recharge my elderly body, and then return to the battle. Then, I will delve into all the great info and suggestions above.

I had a feeling there might be answers since I'm not the only person using Wordpress. Lol.

This is pretty good, actually. Worth watching.
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hackbyte diaspora
Yes indeed. ;)

In case you didn't know where the feel of this song comes from, or didn't realize how important drumming is, check it out:
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marathon mastodon (AP)
SD is one of my favourite all time bands. 🙂

Many of us hams still use quite a few postage stamps. (We used to use a lot more.) It's not often that USPS produces a stamp series that directly applies to us, but they have one now called Solar Science.

These stamps are gorgeous. A photo doesn't begin to show how good they look because they're printed on a holographic type backing. When you move your head, the images change and animate, and the colors are iridescent and on a jet black background. #hamradio

I order mine directly from USPS. I find it easier than standing in line at the Post Office.
susannah mastodon (AP)
those are Such good stamps.
Olaf diaspora
In Germany the first hurdle would be finding a post office. Lots have been closed and their services taken over otherwise. "Services"? Don't expect any...

susannah mastodon (AP)
I’ve been immersed in R for a decade but I think I need to start learning Julia…

Hmm. Despite my love and fascination with earthquakes, quakes in this area are always disturbing to me. I've spent quite a lot of time around Lake Tahoe since 1963. There are three faults that pass under Lake Tahoe and while they rarely slip, they are known to be active.

The problem is that a strong quake at Lake Tahoe would be a human disaster. Not only is a tsunami possible on the lake but the shorelines are sharp and would reflect the wave(s) back and forth across the lake. Severe destruction to the buildings and dwellings on the lakeshore is eventually going to happen.