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!Steam Punk

Daily Steampunk

Vadim Voitekhovitch‎
Oil on canvas, 50x70 cm

!Steam Punk

Daily Steampunk.

Not sure if I'm allowed to share merch from a company but I am supposed to say who the artist is. I will avoid it in future.

Build your own Nempnett Thrubwell Steampunk Kitchen Timer.


!Steam Punk

Daily Steampunk

Artist unknown after a deep search on google image search. How hard is it to sign your art?

!Steam Punk
Just a heads up. I haven't been free to post because I've been busy getting ready to launch the new Friendica, peertube and pixelfed apps ive made. Sorry. Will get back to the scheduled daily posts next week.

Daily SteamPunk

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Daily Steampunk #steampunk

Daily steampunk #steampunk " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">
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Hey everyone. I had to move to a node using the stable version and not the development version because posting was an issue. So this is the last dump from me.

? @smellsofbikes

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, read by Neil Gaiman

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