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Connections seem a lot slower the past day or so

!iSurf Support Is it just me, or is anyone else finding connections to slower than normal?

I know the nature of the internet is that so many things vary at times, but I'm suddenly seeing it a lot slower anytime I connect. I'm not experiencing the same kinds of slowdowns on other sites I frequent.

Page load time 36.2 seconds this morning.

I'll start running some dev tools to see if I can monitor each and every item being loaded. I suspect a major contributor may be one or more external links that is taking a long time to respond and holding things up. If I see any pattern or anything that jumps out I'll let you know.

A view of the page performance can be seen here;

One of the things that jump out for my current page load is I see delays of several seconds each for links resulting from There is a post in my feed that provided a link to that in the past few days. There are a number of images that load as a result of that post which seem to contribute to the majority of the total page load time.

I am guessing that friendica does no caching or preview image creation for links to external sites like that. If that is the case then page loads will vary and be dependent on delays from such externally linked sites as well.

The good news is that pretty much everything from friendica servers loaded quite quickly. I don't think there is anything on the server end that can be done unless links to foreign pages can be cached in some way, or simply a preview snapshot image provided.

Hmm, well, friendica does do caching and proxy caching, but I think it has some limitations as to what it can cache or it can recognize as cacheable... and I forget whether that is based on the type of embedding or if I'm just mis-remembering.

That said, perhaps I could see a reference to a post that has something from a slow-loading server, and I can check in to whether or not friendica is making a local copy, and if so, when. (ie, would be nice to determine if friendica is doing the appropriate thing with helping speed things up, which it sounds like it may not be)

!iSurf Support

When scrolling my network feed sometimes I see popups in the upper right warning me there are 3 in this group (no idea what group it is referring to) that do not allow non-public messages and will not be included. Can someone explain please?
That's one I hadn't seen before, but there is a setting for that. Under your settings -> display, you'll see "Suppress warning of insecure networks".

But it isn't an insecure network indication. It simply means some people in the stream only accept public posts (probably the Mastodon contacts since I know they can't see private posts). The point here is that I was only scrolling and reading posts on my network stream - not posting. So getting the warnings is nonsensical ;)
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I don't disagree and it's functionality that should probably be best to be folded away. It's a function of the main friendica code, so it may be worthwhile bringing up in the main friendica suppport forum, as they are looking to restructure quite a bit of configuration items in the near future.

Agreed but I am waiting for the new release as soon as RC testing is done. Then I can put a team of users in place to use that fine tooth comb and develop a wish list and fixes list.


New User Difficulties

!iSurf Support

I have been bringing some people over from G+ and Open Simulator. Almost all of them have the same difficulty getting on board. After a lot of discussion, we've determined why so I want to provide this feedback in the hope it helps:

The confusion begins at the page because the login and signup is a combined tool. New users generally think when they enter an email address and a password then click signup they are registered with that username and password. They don't realize the password they used is ignored and that they need to get a temporary one from a link in an email from

This is a common usability design error. The preferred method is to have a registration or sign up button (with a text link underneath it that says something like already a member? Login) where clicking on the registration button opens a registration form or clicking the already a member link opens the login form.

An alternative method... Show more...

OK, thanks, Adam. I tried all combinations of nickname, email address, old password, and new password. I'll try changing it again.

Great, that worked. I can now log in on the browser on my PC, tablet, and phone, and in Friendiqa on the latter two.

Cool, glad to hear!


Community Guidlines

!iSurf Support Is there a page of rules and community guidelines for this server for reference?

Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

Mostly just having proper netiquette. Good to hear. Thanks for sharing that. Just out of curiosity too, if users wanted to help with funding and paying for the server space is there a way to do that, like a patreon? Found one instance that did that and thought it was nice idea letting it's users help out that way.

Hey, no problem - it's something I should get on soon, and glad you asked!

I have only put cursory thought in to fundraising as well (it's almost like there's a pattern here...), and I think it may well be a good idea to do to keep the doors open for new people (I can turn off new registrations at any time if I needed to due to user load, but I would only want to do so temporarily if/when it comes to that). There isn't currently a place to do so for this node, but if I decide to get one going, I will be looking to do so in a way that is as non-obtrusive as possible.

!iSurf Support Why is the birthday reminder widget thing telling me that one of my contacts' birthday is "October 29 [today]"? Today is October 30! Thanks!
Good question - could be a timezone management issue, but we'd have to check with the Friendica developers. Might want to post this in @Friendica Support - or, if you're not in that forum, I can forward it along there and see if anyone's aware.


right_aside element and mobile view

!iSurf Support Is there a reason why the "right aside" element isn't shown in the mobile view of the page? At least having the "Find people" section ("peoplefind-sidebar") accessible without having to go through the Contacts page (where it's still hidden behind the collapsed left-side menu) would be helpful. Thanks!
I didn't know if that was something pod specific. Thanks!


G+ Mirror

!iSurf Support

I love that this works! It is going to provide users with a nice way to transition from G+. One thing I noticed is the timing. Sometimes it takes a long time to see the post on Friendica. What controls this?

The function for pulling the feeds from G+ has a built-in 30 minute timeout on it, so it may appear to take some time if you post something and there's another 28 minutes to go before the node polls for it.

Having a look at the Google+ API quotas it looks like it can handle a lot more - I've just changed it down to 10 minutes, so things should likely appear more quickly more often now. We'll see how long it takes for the new setting to take hold. I'll check on this in a bit.

Looks like the delay is still about 30 minutes. But at least I've confirmed that (a) it's working, and (b) posts made to public Collections also come through.

Ok so I should expect to see mirrors in 10 minutes after a G+ post. Thanks!


Server moved!

!iSurf Support

It worked? It worked!

Well, time will tell, but things seem to be fine so far. Bigger, better server, plus a geography change to Toronto, which now puts this node in to a bit better jurisdiction for privacy concerns.

Please let me know if you see any issues!
Yep it worked! 🙂

Your directory is still in California or now in Toronto too?


Moving this node to Toronto soon

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

After much thought about growing this node, I've decided to move VPS providers and move the node from California to Toronto (then it truly will be a .ca, heh).

I'll make a quick post when I'm about to start the move, but I wanted to give advance notice that sometime in the next several days this will occur, and it will likely mean a bit of extended maintenance time. I will be doing some test runs and I expect to keep the move to about 15 minutes, but as there is a DNS change involved, you may continue connecting to the old location for an extended period of time, which would continue to show you the site as being in maintenance mode.

More to come soon!