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New cleanup settings underway

!iSurf Support

Hey everyone,

This will likely affect no-one, but I thought it prudent to note that I'll be making some system and user cleanup adjustments.

The new settings will be like so:

If you don't login to iSurf Social for a year, your post expiry settings will get set to 90 days.

If you don't login to iSurf Social for 1.5 years, the auto-deletion routine will kick in (this routine notifies users via E-Mail when it starts - users have 7 days to prevent it from happening).

Users that register but never confirm their email address will be nuked after 30 days.

Up until recently, things have been pretty infinite - I initially set the system up with some sane values but they all got wiped during a configuration migration, setting things fairly infinite. So, this has contributed to weird database & storage growth and while we've started to make some minor adjustments, and they've worked out well, it's time to start putting the othe... show more

And I should mention that I'll be making the changes over several days, so as to see what the adjustments look like after they've been completed.
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Needing to move the iSurf Social node to another host

Hi everyone, this was just sent out as an announcement via E-Mail. I figured I'd post it here as well

Hi there!

This is probably the first E-Mail announcement I've sent relating to the iSurf Social site - there's likely a couple I will need to send in the short term.

Anyway, it's been apparent to me for some time now that the resources required to run iSurf Social well are a little more than what we currently have. I have found another host that I've been testing out that provides double the RAM and CPU of the current host for the same price. The only catch is that the physical location of the service moves from Toronto to New York.

I don't know if that will make a difference for you or not, but please let me know if you have any thoughts in this regard.

Unless any major blocker comes up, I plan on moving the service tomorrow, Monday (probably evening Pacific time). Please expect some downtime during this activity. Depending on your DNS provider, it could take a little while for the switchover to occur for you. I expect the actual down
... show more

Cool. Running fine here. Nice and quick.

Copy that - smooth as butter here. 😁

My Posts are all stuck in pending mode.

Just started this morning — all my posts made earlier today are marked still pending. Anyone else having the problem on our instance?

Hey Steve - I just received another report a short while ago about this. Looks like something jammed up my worker process a few days ago. I believe I un-jammed it a short while ago and there's jobs going back several days that it's working on now. Hopefully it is sorted out in a few hours.

@Adam Clark Thanks Adam! I'm also having difficulty logging in with Gajim my XMPP client.

Hmm, it got caught up in some OOM purges, and I had kept it down for a bit. It's back up again now.

@Adam Clark Fantastic! Thanks for this providing the service, much appreciated. 😁

Indeed. Thank you very much for all your work. You are doing a great service for all of us.

I admit that I do like the idea that is hosted outside the USA, but there's no practical reason for me to feel that way.

Updated our Friendica software to 2019.12-rc

!iSurf Support
Hi all,
We're updated to the 2019.12-rc release of the Friendica code. If you notice any issues, please let me know!

Closing new registrations on iSurf Social for now

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I've been noticing some interesting performance issues here on iSurf Social, so I'm shutting down new registrations for the time being until I can figure things out a bit.

If you know of someone who you'd like to recommend or allow in as a user here, don't hesitate to let me know, as I'm open to that. Closing the registrations is just to control the accessibility to the general masses for the time being.


!iSurf Support I'm getting a lot of friend request spam and there is nudity that should be blocked in community section.

@Adam Clark Actually that spam was from "", however I haven't though that you could be interested in those kind of feedback, next time I'll keep you posted!


Thanks very much, will be appreciated in the future, and I am getting more tempted to block pawoo. We'll see how things go.

We're on the RC code!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

If you had issues logging on at all tonight, it was due to a further attempt to get on to the new Friendica Release Candidate. Fortunately, due to the abilities of one of the developers, Mr. @Hypolite Petovan , the issue causing us all the problems was found and there will be suggestions & improvements filed.

Thanks very much, @Hypolite Petovan, and to everyone else on the system, enjoy the improvements! If nothing else, a variety of bugs have been fixed and the back-end database structure has had further improvements.

I don't know if I'll go back - I think as we saw from the documentation, going with the default value is fine and shouldn't pose any problems.

I say that and something else is going to crop up, isn't it... heh.

I don't think you should either, but you *could*.
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Likely more up date attempting on Sunday

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I'm not sure if you've noticed along the way or not, but the attempts at getting the node up to the latest release candidate (and on track for the next stable release) haven't gone according to plan.

I am looking to take another stab at it on Sunday sometime, so there may be some short outages happening then. I've updated the date on the home/login page to reflect that I'm still planning on causing interruptions.

Here's hoping things move ahead this weekend! I will post again once I have more useful details.


Could this be related to your upgrade attempts?

Shouldn't be... just tested after your comment here and they're working for me. Make sure you choose an album when uploading.

Random maintenance/outage(s) starting today

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

As I've posted about on the login screen, I'll be trying to get iSurf Social upgraded to the latest Friendica Release Candidate code. Yesterday had a failed attempt and some downtime while the site was restored, and there will be more outage time as I go through the updating process, and rolling back if necessary.

No need to worry if you can't connect to the site at any point over the next couple of days, just me working away on it.

The notice on the login page looks like this:

NOTICE: Aug 28, 2019 - We will be doing intermittent work on the site over the next few days in order to attempt an update to the latest release candidate code. The site may be offline entirely while some of these processes are ocurring. I will remove this notice once the work has completed successfully. Thanks for your patience!

So I've just gone through my 2nd attempt on this update, and it's got an issue. Will be investigating further before attempting again.

Some unexpected downtime this evening

!iSurf Support

Hi all!

It's been awhile. I went to do the update to the latest Friendica -rc version and had some issues. Unfortunately this -rc update has some significant database changes, so to roll back I had to restore from a snapshot I took just before attempting the upgrade.

Apologies if this affected you. I believe the next attempt at the -rc (after getting some clarifications around the issues I saw) will require some downtime in order to help it succeed, so I'll try and post an announcement about it.

All appears to be running fine again now.


I see your post over on, but on I don't have anything in the support forum in the past 6 days. I wonder what might be going on.

i have a noticed something similar, comparing the number of posts on and the ones actually coming in on my node.

I guess it's not an issue with the forum node itself. Probably related the memory issue where posts get dropped, I suspect.

I'll post over a the forum to discussed this in more detail. I will mention you and ask others to check forum posts coming on their nodes.

Just saw you already posted over there. Followed up now.

!iSurf Support

I just made a comment on the wrong thread and found I can not delete it. What gives?

super useful, but events could use invites

isurf / friendrica is looking really spiffy---but events are only useful without the ability to quickly add people who we are friends with to them.

Totally agree. Events should be expanded to include invite capability as well as embedding images, audio clips, and videos from the event with permissions set by the event host.

iSurf Social Updated to latest Friendica Release Candidate

!iSurf Support

Hi all! It's been a quiet little while around here but things appear to have been just ticking along nicely. Hopefully the current release candidate code doesn't disrupt that much, if at all.

If anyone sees any issues, please reach out!


The version is 2019.04, and it happened on 2019.03 also. I even thought it was a feature not a bug -_- So how can I investigate into it? Maybe check the log?

Friendica 'POST' URL for Sharing Extension

!iSurf Support Hello all!

I need to make a custom url link for this extension, as the extension developer hasn't added Friendica to his list. [[url]][/url]

I used the following placeholders, but it doesn't work.${link}&title=${title}
Any suggestions?
I don't want to keep hitting the server using trial/error. Thanks!

Posts are not published in public community

!iSurf Support
Dear all,
I just realized that my posts are only published to my contacts and my pinboard, but do not go out to local or public community. I am sure that I have changed a switch while "playing" around. When I try to send a post, I select to "public"
Does anyone has a clue where I can change that?
Thanks a lot.
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in preferences, and the dropdown that says public if you dont change the preferences (then you have to remember each time)

Domain blocking

!iSurf Support

I have another tech support question. I wonder when they're going to add the ability to block domains. I've stumbled across whole servers that are devoted to unsavory and illegal content, apparently out of Asia, but see no way to block it.

I considered superblocking with wildcards but have read that this doesn't work, so I haven't tried it.

Minor bug in web interface...I think

!iSurf Support

I think I've found a little bug in the Friendica web interface. I'm not sure where to report it.

Running Firefox on Linux here. It appears that the thumbs up/down indicators are not updating properly. Here's what happens.

If I click thumbs up, the display goes gray for a moment, then the thumbs up turns blue, as it should. If I click the thumbs up again, which should toggle it off, the display grays for a moment but the icon remains blue. You can click again and again and it remains blue. You can click thumbs down and the same thing happens. You can have both thumbs up and down showing blue.

A bit of experimentation manually refreshing the display shows that the click detection and server behavior is correct. The second click actually does toggle it off at the server. It's just the browser display code that's not updating the color.

Also, the problem is deeper than just the browser. The bug involves the server too.

There are two discussion threads about this. In the other thread, one of the commenters also got his browser to display both thumbs up and down at the same time, which should be impossible. The thing is that once he did that, I had the same indication on my browser. It showed him as both liking and disliking the comment. For that to happen, the server must be in an invalid state.

I first posted in my stream. Then Shelenn suggest I post here in the community, so two threads resulted. The other is here:

!iSurf Support

Today I noticed I cannot type in the reply box. I have to click comment on someone else's comment to post to an existing thread. Did something change on the server?

No the issue still persists with the version of Chrome noted above. I am a Win10 Pro user - not sure about the others.

Without doing anything in Chrome, it suddenly works (been out sick).