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!iSurf Support

I just made a comment on the wrong thread and found I can not delete it. What gives?

Says "Permission Denied"


super useful, but events could use invites

isurf / friendrica is looking really spiffy---but events are only useful without the ability to quickly add people who we are friends with to them.

Totally agree. Events should be expanded to include invite capability as well as embedding images, audio clips, and videos from the event with permissions set by the event host.


iSurf Social Updated to latest Friendica Release Candidate

!iSurf Support

Hi all! It's been a quiet little while around here but things appear to have been just ticking along nicely. Hopefully the current release candidate code doesn't disrupt that much, if at all.

If anyone sees any issues, please reach out!


The version is 2019.04, and it happened on 2019.03 also. I even thought it was a feature not a bug -_- So how can I investigate into it? Maybe check the log?

With a behaviour like that I would suspect there would likely not be very good logging around it. If I were you I would post to @Friendica Support as that's where developers are, and they might have an idea.


Friendica 'POST' URL for Sharing Extension

!iSurf Support Hello all!

I need to make a custom url link for this extension, as the extension developer hasn't added Friendica to his list. [[url]][/url]

I used the following placeholders, but it doesn't work.${link}&title=${title}
Any suggestions?
I don't want to keep hitting the server using trial/error. Thanks!

Now I'm getting a 'Page Not Found'.


Posts are not published in public community

!iSurf Support
Dear all,
I just realized that my posts are only published to my contacts and my pinboard, but do not go out to local or public community. I am sure that I have changed a switch while "playing" around. When I try to send a post, I select to "public"
Does anyone has a clue where I can change that?
Thanks a lot.
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in preferences, and the dropdown that says public if you dont change the preferences (then you have to remember each time)


Domain blocking

!iSurf Support

I have another tech support question. I wonder when they're going to add the ability to block domains. I've stumbled across whole servers that are devoted to unsavory and illegal content, apparently out of Asia, but see no way to block it.

I considered superblocking with wildcards but have read that this doesn't work, so I haven't tried it.


Minor bug in web interface...I think

!iSurf Support

I think I've found a little bug in the Friendica web interface. I'm not sure where to report it.

Running Firefox on Linux here. It appears that the thumbs up/down indicators are not updating properly. Here's what happens.

If I click thumbs up, the display goes gray for a moment, then the thumbs up turns blue, as it should. If I click the thumbs up again, which should toggle it off, the display grays for a moment but the icon remains blue. You can click again and again and it remains blue. You can click thumbs down and the same thing happens. You can have both thumbs up and down showing blue.

A bit of experimentation manually refreshing the display shows that the click detection and server behavior is correct. The second click actually does toggle it off at the server. It's just the browser display code that's not updating the color.

I'm back. I flushed the cache and cookies. Now I have a slightly different behavior. I still can't unthumb a thumbs up but I can now hit thumbs down and it clears the thumbs up and switches to thumbs down, and vice-versa.

@Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) Hey Phil... got any add-ons enabled in FF?

If it's consistently weird, probably best to post findings on @Friendica Support

I'll have a look myself, but don't have much time this week to dig in to working up good support posts, unfortunately.

Basically, no. The only extension I'm running is Stylus and it only activates when the domain is

Also, the problem is deeper than just the browser. The bug involves the server too.

There are two discussion threads about this. In the other thread, one of the commenters also got his browser to display both thumbs up and down at the same time, which should be impossible. The thing is that once he did that, I had the same indication on my browser. It showed him as both liking and disliking the comment. For that to happen, the server must be in an invalid state.

Hey @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) - what's the other thread you're referring to?

I first posted in my stream. Then Shelenn suggest I post here in the community, so two threads resulted. The other is here:

!iSurf Support

Today I noticed I cannot type in the reply box. I have to click comment on someone else's comment to post to an existing thread. Did something change on the server?

Without doing anything in Chrome, it suddenly works (been out sick).

@Shelenn Ayres Cache probably updated. Seems to be fixed.


Missing in global directory

!iSurf Support

When does a new account generally become listed in the global directory? #newhere and thanks! Loving Friendica so far. I did try searching....

Hello @Brian Millan I guess you've properly set to be listed in the global directory (GD). I think there are a range of factors that contribute to this problem.

Your node has quite a lot of users but is geographically far away in the network from the GD.

I'm hosting one of the global directories: I tried to manually increase the pulling interval from this GD (located in Southeast Asia) of your node (in North America). I noticed that most of the time, the pull is not successful and on the few occasions when it was successful it pulled only three profiles as specified by the current code.

I can see in my GD's database your own profile URL being scheduled for pulling (that means getting the relevant public information from your profile). But by the current rate of success it may take a very long time for new profiles on your node to be listed.

... show more

Thanks Andy, I see now. Distributed, decentralized systems are quite interdependent on each other and net conditions aren't they? (rhetorical). Of course this is all fun to me and I was interested to find out the reasoning. Adam said to me at one point, don't worry, it will find it's way in eventually. Thanks again!
@Andy H3
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@Brian Millan actually we'd like to thank you for highlighting this issue by persistently following up on this. I'll be speaking to the developers of the GD code and will use your case to show the current shortfall in the current design. By the way, you're now listed in this global directory at least..

Hey @Andy H3 , thanks for following up on things this weekend.

This was an item on my to-do list to follow-up on, as my node reports to my own GD at and @Brian Millan hadn't shown up last time I checked, which was at least a couple of weeks after I mentioned it should show up eventually. I didn't expect it to take this long, however.

Perhaps we could open up a thread somewhere for a separate discussion about the issues you've had polling some of that information from my system. I'd like to know what kind of errors have been reported and why the hit rate would be so low. It would be something I would like to help see sorted out.

Hi @Adam Clark I think we should open an issue here:

I run this console command:
bin/console server-poll [url=][/url]
and ended up mostly getting "unsuccessful" responses (despite seeing your sever online) .

I was thinking about increasing the timeout settings, but I'm not sure yet if the source code actually permits this. I'd like to run some more tests and see how the poll responses compared to ping values.

One thing that is note worthy is that your GD in California [?] seems to experience a similar issue than my GD in Thailand or the main one in France, when polling from the isurf node in Canada . Definitely something we need to look it.

There's definitely something odd with that 'server-poll' console command itself, as it seems to bail on any error even though it's queued up a lot of work to do. So rather than skipping problems and moving on with the rest of it's work, it just seems to give up.

However, is that the same mechanism that is used for getting the profiles from the friendica nodes initially? I'm not sure what process is used to get the directory aware of a profile in the first place.

!iSurf Support

Question: I've been experimenting with features. On the protocols box in the left panel, When I choose DFRN I see user posts showing from Friendica. When I choose Activity Pub I see user posts showing from Friendica (AP). I've seen these in mixed form (both) from this node. What does it mean?

Prior to the 2019.01 stable release of Friendica, DFRN was the only way Friendica talked to other Friendica nodes. I'm not sure if it was used beyond Friendica - perhaps Hubzilla as well.

With the introduction of AP, Friendica is migrating away from DFRN and the system tries to figure out which protocol it can use, preferring AP. I suspect Friendica will have to support DFRN for some time, so that nodes running older versions will still be able to federate, but the new releases I believe will continue to have more and more AP support and prefer to use it when possible.

So, right now it's a mix with Friendica nodes, and I couldn't tell you all the ins and outs of what magic it's doing to figure out which protocol it should use.

Also, please forgive me where I've stated things as absolute fact - I believe I know the details only to a degree, I could be off about some of it. The gist of it is there, and there's talk of it on the prior Friendica release announcement.



Google+ connections may stop working as of today

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

As you probably have already seen, some parts of Google+ are beginning to shut down.

I have received a couple of email notifications from Google about their API being shut down as of today, which means that posts to/from Google+ from here will stop functioning.

Some people are apparently still seeing some functionality so I suppose it's possible that it could take some time for this feature to stop operating completely, but it's probably good to know that it will be stopping very soon.

Apparently the shutdown is not orderly and all users are not affected by different things stopping at the same time. LOL

What I find most amusing with Google's emails on the subject is they state: "This has
been a progressive shutdown where calls to affected APIs began
intermittently failing on January 28, 2019."

That may be true, but aside from problems with our own settings locally, the API seems to have been working pretty consistently well.


We're updated to the current -RC code.

!iSurf Support

Hey everyone,

We're now running the current -rc code. I immediately filed a couple of bugs about admin settings that were acting strange.

If you see any odd behaviour, please report it here or to the Friendica support forum.


@Adam Clark

Thanks, today isurf is working properly for me!

Hi Daniel,
Very glad to hear it! I'm not sure what would have changed, but I did update with the latest -RC fixes last night (not expecting that there was anything that would affect you).

I wanted to ask, though - I noticed your account is set as a soapbox account (advanced account/profile type) - is that something you wanted set for sure?

Hi Adam,

Again thank you very much. It was like a week that I had issue with the connection but I can't tell why, then I found your post. Anyway luckily everything has been solved.

I changed my setup maybe I selected it just to try and completely forgot about then.

Sounds good, was just curious about it. Again, glad to hear it's resolved, but do let me know if you have issues again, or have any other questions!


Chat / XMPP support and testing

@iSurf Support

Hi all,

I'm not sure if you know or not, but Friendica has a built-in chat option that we pretty much have to leave disabled, as it has some bugs that conflict with the two most common & usable themes. It also relies on a javascript chat app that is no longer developed.

That said, we do have an integrated chat system on the iSurf Social platform, which you can use with either a standard XMPP client (such as Pidgin, gajim, or Conversations for Android or Xabber for Android - there's IOS apps too), or if you'd like to test/try out a web-based chat client here, which I'm going to have some discussion with the developers on replacing the old unsupported client with, please give a try. It's a rediculously simple setup, nothing fancy. You use your username & password to login in to it.

If you would like any further information on how to use any of the other clients I mentioned, please let me know!

#XMPP #friendica #chat #webchat #jsxc

I should follow up quickly on this... I did mis-speak in my original post as I was confusing one chat addon with another. Friendica's 'XMPP' addon uses an old version of converse, while there is another XMPP chat addon that uses jappix mini.

I have been toying with updating the converse code, and it looks like recent versions of converse have some pretty ugly UI bugs in them - at least with the browsers I'm testing with. I'm going to go back a few releases for testing today, see if I can't get a usable solution in place for the addon.

Pluspora also operates an XMPP server.


Terms of Service 1.0 posted

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

Please have a look at the Terms of Service that I've finally posted. If there's anything that stands out to you as a problem or you think should be revised, please let me know.


!iSurf Support

Quick question based on general comments I've seen about Friendica over on G+. Some users are looking for a set of rules, terms of service, etc to decide whether they agree with the way a node might be run before signing up. Have you considered posting some information or a link on the main page?

As for moderation rules, I generally used the Google policy on G+ communities shown here but I will need to setup some rules of my own for community forums I run (which will be similar - I've used a 3 strike rule for many years as a professional moderator.)

OK, version 1.0 of the T&C has been posted. It shows as a link in your user drop-down menu ("Terms of Service") and is linked on the user registration page and the impressum.

Oh, and the Impressum is linked on the home page now too.


Profile Not Found Message (on same or different nodes) - new topic

The problem happens when connecting on this node with a different node, or on the same node:
1. Different nodes: I sent a connection request to someone on the nerdica node. I am on a different node. It said the request went through. Then I clicked on the notifications box to get notifications from the contact, and it said "Profile Not Found." Why? Can I only get notifications if the person decides to accept my connection request?

2. Same Node: Also, when I click on one of my contacts' profiles (on this same node), Allen Middleton, it says "Profile Not Found. This resource may be added in the future" (or something to that effect. He gets the same thing if he clicks on the icon for my profile in his Contacts list or on his profile. He had originally set his account up with 2 profiles & I tried to accept the contact request on both - maybe that is what caused the problem. In any case, there seems to be a problem with being able to click on profiles & see profiles, even with people who have accepted connection request and with whom I have "mutual friendship" marked... show more

Hey @Tara Tisinger and @Allen Middleton - I switched the site over to the new release candidate code a couple of days ago. Are either of you able to check up and see how the contact between each other is going, and whether it needs fixing still?

The same thing happens. If I click on his name in the Directory, or if I click on his icon on my profile, I get the message: "Page not found
The requested resource could not be found but may be available in the future." @Allen Middleton @Adam Clark

This is interesting as I see one other admin who has run in to a similar issue. I wonder if removing & adding again will make any difference. (I will also go to the other support thread and put in my 'metoo')

I will try removing and adding - I will let him know. I will tell you what happens.

Adam, we have disconnected & reconnected, and guess what! I can now see his profile when I click on his Directory icon, and also when I click on his icon in my profile! So, it worked this time! Thank you for all your help!
@Adam Clark @Allen Middleton

Wow, I'm really glad to hear that one has resolved itself! Thanks for letting me know!

@Adam Clark well that might explain why my event calendar is all white. This was something someone else reported with the latest rc... can we get that fixed?

Hmm, I hadn't noticed that the calendar was hooped. I've followed up on the bug hopefully the data provided helps pinpoint the problem.

Should be fixed!

great job! what was the fix?

Rolling back one of the composer components a version.

Thanks for pointing it out, by the way!


new topic test

asking a new question on new topic

The message appears right after I hit the submit button for my comment, and knocks me out of the forum. I return to forum by clicking on my profile, clicking on the isurf support forum icon, and returning to the forum - and then I see that the comment is posted. It just seems strange that it knocks me out of the forum and I have to then return to the forum before I can see that the comment is posted.


Twitter connector functioning again

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

Thanks to @Hank G bringing to my attention that posting to Twitter wasn't functioning, I've gone through fixing that functionality up.

If you were using the Twitter connector, you'll have to go to your settings and disconnect Twitter, then re-connect it (you'll need to use the new PIN).


Ok, I just posted them.

That one (the one I posted directly above this one) posted just fine, without throwing me out of the forum.

!iSurf Support

My posts are still disappearing. I turned off all retire old post settings, and someone turned them back on. What is going on?

I also notice that some peoples comments on my posts have disappeared while my replies remain.

Hey Joeseph... I'm digging in to this. Can you provide any links to examples where comments have disappeared?

I got this comment in an email that I never saw in the comments "Hmm, I see that it's pretty easy to change an advanced setting and move on to something else without saving those settings. Are you saving the settings after adjusting one of the advanced settings?" by Adam Clark(Comment to conversation #2930394). So would that be one of your comments disappearing?
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Do you still happen to have that email?

Adam Clark commented on an item/conversation you have been following.

Hmm, I see that it's pretty easy to change an advanced setting and move on to something else without saving those settings. Are you saving the settings after adjusting one of the advanced settings?

Please visit to view or reply to the conversation.

Thank you
iSurf Social Administrator

I do distinctly recall posting that comment. Thanks for reminding me, and yes, that comment appears to have disappeared. Further digging tomorrow...