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I'm trying out Friendica here, and trying to figure out how to get cross-network posts to show up. I followed a BBC News Bot ( which is a # network user, and I see them now in my "Connections" list, and if I specifically browse to that profile's "Network" posts, I see them listed here in Friendica, but in my home "stream" I don't see them show up? Is there a way to see a stream of posts from both in-network and cross-network connections?

iSurf Support reshared this. upgraded to 2020.09-rc version

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I've updated to the latest Friendica release candidate. If you notice any new issues, please let me know so we can verify & get bugs reported and squashed prior to the stable release.


iSurf Support reshared this.

I think there were some issues going on with the VPS host - I'm awaiting an answer from them why the VPS was restarted at 2am pacific... it's entirely likely migrated some nodes away from a problematic node, or had some other issue.
Interesting. I've been away all day and just got back on now at 2:15 AM EDT. I replied to a post a minute ago and the reply never appeared, although it was actually there. I had to refresh and it appeared. We'll see how this reply goes. 3, 2, 1 fire!
Bang. My reply to you appeared instantly.

I find it interesting that my likes and replies to your posts are very responsive, while others are not. I wonder if that is a clue.
That item in particular is not related to performance issues, I don't believe - it occurs for me as well and I think is mostly theme related. Could be worthwhile to have a look at the Friendica issues list and see if it's mentioned.
Thanks for the tip.

Hyperlinks darkened a bit today

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I've been meaning to adjust the really light blue hyperlinks in the Frio theme for some time - a pretty low priority item, but I've found it really hard to read the Help section every time I've gone to review pieces of it lately.

So, I finally darkened it a bit today, which will probably be noticeable unless you've customized your theme settings.

Please let me know if you like or dislike the change, if it's affected you.

What nodes/instances are shown in the "global community"?

!iSurf Support
Hello. is there a list of what nodes/instances are included in the "global community" when I access it here on iSurf? I notice that I see posts from the Diaspora server I have an account with, though I haven't seen posts from there reflected here.

I guess I'm just wondering how the interaction with outside Diaspora networks works within iSurf.
The global community feed is supposed to show all public posts that wind up here on the system. If the posts don't wind up here (is someone here following the account at, or, is connected to the relay we're connected to?) then it's simply due to those reasons.

There are accounts that are hidden from showing up in the public global feed that just aren't appropriate for all ages, but they may not be banned/filtered accounts, just hidden in that feed.

So, there's no 'list', no... the 'list' changes dynamically with the fediverse.
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That's a pretty good question, actually, and off the top of my head I can't think of the way to do so, if one exists.

If you were to spend most of your time on a D* account and then try to amplify things with Friendica, you'd probably just wind up with broken noise as I don't think D* would know what to do with any communication that came back through your Friendica account, again if that were a possibility.

If you used a Friendica account as your main account, you don't need to import/export to D* or Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, etc., since it can communicate directly with all of them natively.

However, you may want to ask on the general @Friendica Support to see if there's any direction from the rest of the admins or devs that could help.

!iSurf Support

iSurf Social Registrations open again!

Hi all!

Well, with some of the bugfixes and improvements that have gone in with system cleanup and performance, I've been able to re-enable some cleanup settings. That, in turn, has led me to re-open registrations for new accounts here.

If you know of anyone who's been looking to give a North American Friendica setup a go, do let them know!

Expect an outage this weekend

!iSurf Support

Hi all!

Going to move the site over to another server this weekend. When the outage/shift will occur, I'm not sure - maybe as soon as tonight. If it doesn't occur this evening (pacific time), then it should tomorrow evening.

We should get some performance gains from the move.

I'll post with another status update soon, and when relevant!
Yup! Basics all switched over and appear to be working... Should be good for the most part, checking on some finer details now.
Alrighty, looks like everything's done. Discovered we'd had nearly zero mail deliverability since the last stable upgrade about a week or so ago, so that appears to be fixed too.

System should be in good shape now and aside from some usual tweaks along the way (such as further tuning of the DB after it's been running for some time), the work is complete!

Upgraded our instance to 2020.07 this evening!

!iSurf Support
Howdy everyone!

Just a quick note that we're now running Friendica 2020.07, the current stable release, after an upgrade this evening.

Please let me know if you notice any strange behaviour!


!iSurf Support
So I was under the impression that if you had to port your account, none of your old posts went with you because I ported my key over from an instance that I don't think provided that option a year ago. Just downloaded my backup and looked through the code and it looks like all my posts are saved. Is this the case because if so I've been telling people wrong things. It just doesn't download your saved files and videos yes? Also is this process still in experimental or has it moved beyond to just standard now?
There have been some discussions in @Friendica Support over the past year about this functionality still having issues. I'm pretty sure we can't get a full export from this instance at the moment, but perhaps this has been worked on in the current release cycle.

You may want to ask in the main Friendica support forum, or have a look at the issues that have been resolved at the repository on github.

!iSurf Support
Hey Guys,
Is it possible to put the language filter in? I have to use mastodon to find new people to follow because going to global is just full of people posting in languages I can't read. Which is great but useless to me. Thanks!
Nm turns out they fixed the problem I was trying to find a solution to two upgrades ago. lol
Alright, that makes it easy. heh

Contributing to iSurf upkeep?

!iSurf Support iven registration is temporarily closed, and we now prune networked posts to reduce storage need -- is it perhaps time to start accepting financial contributions from users?

I'd be happy to chip in several dollars a month - OpenCollective seems like a good way to accept payment. Of course I just realized I don't know what the entity is behind iSurf, so I don't know how practical this is.

Thanks in advance for providing this service and being amazingly up-to-date and responsive!
... and then it takes me 6 days to respond to this! heh

Thanks very much, @Michel Alexandre Salim I really appreciate it. I am the entity behind iSurf, it's been a very mini ISP for a few clients but I've also put up various other services, like our Friendica instance here, under the same domain. They're most personal projects though.

I haven't looked at OpenCollective yet, and I truly appreciate the offer. I did start looking at ways to collect donations for anyone who was so inclined.. and got so far as to setup Liberapay, but I hadn't gone any further than that, didn't announce it yet, or anything ( that part I actually find kind of awkward ).

I will have a look at OC, and ponder those next steps.

Email delivery might be a hair better?

!iSurf Support

Sounds convincing, doesn't it?

Over the past few days I found some evidence that suggested that I had more work to do in DNS in relation to mail being delivered more reliably, and more with DKIM as well. Basically it hadn't been very clear that subdomains were being treated as separate entities from the main domain (though in all documentation I trip across, there seems to be no distinction between hosts/subdomains and domains) on some of the checks that mail services do. While I've had reporting from other systems coming in for months, random sampling of the reports hadn't produced the information that I recently saw.

I am hoping the net result at the moment is that far fewer mails wind up in various services (Gmail / Outlook/Hotmail, etc.) "Junk" folder.

Time will tell, and I look forward to any reports anyone has on mails being delivered from

Updated to 2020.03 stable

!iSurf Support

After numerous bugfixes & improvements, and doing what we could through the release candidate cycle, I'm happy to report we're now running on the latest Friendica stable release, 2020.03!

Enjoy the improvements, and thanks to everyone who pipes up when they notice an issue.

Time for an update to the latest Release Candidate!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

As I'm quite interested in many of the bugfixes involved in the latest set of Friendica updates, I'm about to switch us to the release candidate.

There may be new bugs introduced, so if you notice anything untoward, please let me know!

Routing issue affecting iSurf Social past 36 hours or so

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I didn't notice this until this morning, but there's been a partial outage at our hosting provider (them and others) for about a day and a half. Apparently an IRR messed up and some subnets disappeared to some places, and we're sitting on one of those affected subnets.

If you've been unable to reach the site for a day or two, this would be why.

It's also affecting the mail delivery out from here, so if you have received some emails that are very late, this would likely be why as well.

This is one of those fun situations that unfortunately just takes time to resolve once someone has fixed it up, and apparently it was fixed earlier today.
I am still unable to reach the page... :(

New cleanup settings underway

Needing to move the iSurf Social node to another host

Cool. Running fine here. Nice and quick.

Updated our Friendica software to 2019.12-rc

!iSurf Support
Hi all,
We're updated to the 2019.12-rc release of the Friendica code. If you notice any issues, please let me know!

Closing new registrations on iSurf Social for now

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I've been noticing some interesting performance issues here on iSurf Social, so I'm shutting down new registrations for the time being until I can figure things out a bit.

If you know of someone who you'd like to recommend or allow in as a user here, don't hesitate to let me know, as I'm open to that. Closing the registrations is just to control the accessibility to the general masses for the time being.


!iSurf Support I'm getting a lot of friend request spam and there is nudity that should be blocked in community section.
@Adam Clark Actually that spam was from "", however I haven't though that you could be interested in those kind of feedback, next time I'll keep you posted!

@Adam Clark Thanks for the clean up!

We're on the RC code!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

If you had issues logging on at all tonight, it was due to a further attempt to get on to the new Friendica Release Candidate. Fortunately, due to the abilities of one of the developers, Mr. @Hypolite Petovan , the issue causing us all the problems was found and there will be suggestions & improvements filed.

Thanks very much, @Hypolite Petovan, and to everyone else on the system, enjoy the improvements! If nothing else, a variety of bugs have been fixed and the back-end database structure has had further improvements.

Likely more up date attempting on Sunday

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I'm not sure if you've noticed along the way or not, but the attempts at getting the node up to the latest release candidate (and on track for the next stable release) haven't gone according to plan.

I am looking to take another stab at it on Sunday sometime, so there may be some short outages happening then. I've updated the date on the home/login page to reflect that I'm still planning on causing interruptions.

Here's hoping things move ahead this weekend! I will post again once I have more useful details.


Random maintenance/outage(s) starting today

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

As I've posted about on the login screen, I'll be trying to get iSurf Social upgraded to the latest Friendica Release Candidate code. Yesterday had a failed attempt and some downtime while the site was restored, and there will be more outage time as I go through the updating process, and rolling back if necessary.

No need to worry if you can't connect to the site at any point over the next couple of days, just me working away on it.

The notice on the login page looks like this:

NOTICE: Aug 28, 2019 - We will be doing intermittent work on the site over the next few days in order to attempt an update to the latest release candidate code. The site may be offline entirely while some of these processes are ocurring. I will remove this notice once the work has completed successfully. Thanks for your patience!

Some unexpected downtime this evening

!iSurf Support

Hi all!

It's been awhile. I went to do the update to the latest Friendica -rc version and had some issues. Unfortunately this -rc update has some significant database changes, so to roll back I had to restore from a snapshot I took just before attempting the upgrade.

Apologies if this affected you. I believe the next attempt at the -rc (after getting some clarifications around the issues I saw) will require some downtime in order to help it succeed, so I'll try and post an announcement about it.

All appears to be running fine again now.

i have a noticed something similar, comparing the number of posts on and the ones actually coming in on my node.

I guess it's not an issue with the forum node itself. Probably related the memory issue where posts get dropped, I suspect.

I'll post over a the forum to discussed this in more detail. I will mention you and ask others to check forum posts coming on their nodes.
Just saw you already posted over there. Followed up now.

!iSurf Support

I just made a comment on the wrong thread and found I can not delete it. What gives?
Says "Permission Denied"

super useful, but events could use invites

isurf / friendrica is looking really spiffy---but events are only useful without the ability to quickly add people who we are friends with to them.
Totally agree. Events should be expanded to include invite capability as well as embedding images, audio clips, and videos from the event with permissions set by the event host.

iSurf Social Updated to latest Friendica Release Candidate

!iSurf Support

Hi all! It's been a quiet little while around here but things appear to have been just ticking along nicely. Hopefully the current release candidate code doesn't disrupt that much, if at all.

If anyone sees any issues, please reach out!


Posts are not published in public community

!iSurf Support
Dear all,
I just realized that my posts are only published to my contacts and my pinboard, but do not go out to local or public community. I am sure that I have changed a switch while "playing" around. When I try to send a post, I select to "public"
Does anyone has a clue where I can change that?
Thanks a lot.
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in preferences, and the dropdown that says public if you dont change the preferences (then you have to remember each time)

Domain blocking

!iSurf Support

I have another tech support question. I wonder when they're going to add the ability to block domains. I've stumbled across whole servers that are devoted to unsavory and illegal content, apparently out of Asia, but see no way to block it.

I considered superblocking with wildcards but have read that this doesn't work, so I haven't tried it.

Minor bug in web interface...I think

!iSurf Support

I think I've found a little bug in the Friendica web interface. I'm not sure where to report it.

Running Firefox on Linux here. It appears that the thumbs up/down indicators are not updating properly. Here's what happens.

If I click thumbs up, the display goes gray for a moment, then the thumbs up turns blue, as it should. If I click the thumbs up again, which should toggle it off, the display grays for a moment but the icon remains blue. You can click again and again and it remains blue. You can click thumbs down and the same thing happens. You can have both thumbs up and down showing blue.

A bit of experimentation manually refreshing the display shows that the click detection and server behavior is correct. The second click actually does toggle it off at the server. It's just the browser display code that's not updating the color.
Also, the problem is deeper than just the browser. The bug involves the server too.

There are two discussion threads about this. In the other thread, one of the commenters also got his browser to display both thumbs up and down at the same time, which should be impossible. The thing is that once he did that, I had the same indication on my browser. It showed him as both liking and disliking the comment. For that to happen, the server must be in an invalid state.
I first posted in my stream. Then Shelenn suggest I post here in the community, so two threads resulted. The other is here:

!iSurf Support

Today I noticed I cannot type in the reply box. I have to click comment on someone else's comment to post to an existing thread. Did something change on the server?
No the issue still persists with the version of Chrome noted above. I am a Win10 Pro user - not sure about the others.
Without doing anything in Chrome, it suddenly works (been out sick).

!iSurf Support

Question: I've been experimenting with features. On the protocols box in the left panel, When I choose DFRN I see user posts showing from Friendica. When I choose Activity Pub I see user posts showing from Friendica (AP). I've seen these in mixed form (both) from this node. What does it mean?

Google+ connections may stop working as of today

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

As you probably have already seen, some parts of Google+ are beginning to shut down.

I have received a couple of email notifications from Google about their API being shut down as of today, which means that posts to/from Google+ from here will stop functioning.

Some people are apparently still seeing some functionality so I suppose it's possible that it could take some time for this feature to stop operating completely, but it's probably good to know that it will be stopping very soon.
Thanks for the note. I expected it would stop as the API is shutoff.
Apparently the shutdown is not orderly and all users are not affected by different things stopping at the same time. LOL

We're updated to the current -RC code.

!iSurf Support

Hey everyone,

We're now running the current -rc code. I immediately filed a couple of bugs about admin settings that were acting strange.

If you see any odd behaviour, please report it here or to the Friendica support forum.

@Adam Clark

Thanks, today isurf is working properly for me!
Hi Adam,

Again thank you very much. It was like a week that I had issue with the connection but I can't tell why, then I found your post. Anyway luckily everything has been solved.

I changed my setup maybe I selected it just to try and completely forgot about then.

Terms of Service 1.0 posted

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

Please have a look at the Terms of Service that I've finally posted. If there's anything that stands out to you as a problem or you think should be revised, please let me know.


!iSurf Support

Quick question based on general comments I've seen about Friendica over on G+. Some users are looking for a set of rules, terms of service, etc to decide whether they agree with the way a node might be run before signing up. Have you considered posting some information or a link on the main page?
This is a copy of the general posting rules I use for communities:

This community was created as a place for progressives to participate in civil discourse about politics so we can learn together. If you would like a category added, please ask. Banned progressives welcome!

Blocking owners and moderators will not be allowed since it prevents them from moderating the community for everyone.

Otherwise rules for Civil Discourse here are quite simple:

Rule 1: Remember there is a person behind the post.
Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow offline. (Yes, your mother or your employer can find your posts.)
Rule 3: Share expert knowledge so we all learn.
Rule 4: Help keep flame wars under control.
Rule 5: Don't abuse your power as a moderator.
Rule 6: Be forgiving of other people's mistakes, typos, etc.
Rule 7: Be prepared to backup your assertions with verifiable sources.
Rule 8: Don't plagiarize.
As for moderation rules, I generally used the Google policy on G+ communities shown here but I will need to setup some rules of my own for community forums I run (which will be similar - I've used a 3 strike rule for many years as a professional moderator.)

Profile Not Found Message (on same or different nodes) - new topic

Maybe I should have deleted the Ignored Request before attempting to re-connect with him?
Sometimes I have to go to the notifications via the menus to the right of my profile pic (upper right of screen on browser) then delete notifications there.
@Adam Clark well that might explain why my event calendar is all white. This was something someone else reported with the latest rc... can we get that fixed?

The only theme I have set up in the settings is to use pink as the background color and green as the link color. I do not see any theme labeled Frio. I see the comments posted and my new topic that I posted above (called "New Topic: Page Not Found Message - on Same or Different Nodes"). However, the same thing happened when I first posted the new topic. I hit the SHARE button to post the new topic, the message about the account not being there popped up in the upper right hand corner, but when I went back to my profile & clicked on the icon for the iSurf Support Forum & returned to the Forum, the new post WAS posted. So, it DID work, but I got that strange message about an account not being there. I went back to the Help section also, and read the section on posting to forums, and it seems that I am doing it correctly. There is just the strange message that pops up about an account not being there.
The message appears right after I hit the submit button for my comment, and knocks me out of the forum. I return to forum by clicking on my profile, clicking on the isurf support forum icon, and returning to the forum - and then I see that the comment is posted. It just seems strange that it knocks me out of the forum and I have to then return to the forum before I can see that the comment is posted.

Twitter connector functioning again

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

Thanks to @Hank G bringing to my attention that posting to Twitter wasn't functioning, I've gone through fixing that functionality up.

If you were using the Twitter connector, you'll have to go to your settings and disconnect Twitter, then re-connect it (you'll need to use the new PIN).

Ok, I just posted them.
That one (the one I posted directly above this one) posted just fine, without throwing me out of the forum.