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2 months in!

!iSurf Support

Howdy everybody, thought I'd pop a few words in here as this node has gone past it's 2nd month birthday.

As we're all still new around here, I'd like to say "Welcome!" and glad that you're here and are making use of the node in whatever ways you're doing so.

I set up this node just over two months ago after I had been giving D* a try and wasn't super pleased with it's feature set. It became apparent pretty quickly that Friendica's developers were actively involved, accessible, and very interested pushing the software forward. So, with Friendica having, in my opinion, a better feature set and a friendly developer community, I switched platforms and haven't looked back since.

Aside from being listed in the public directories (,, and, I've done absolutely zero promotion of the node yet. People have been able to find the node without issue, and the number of s... Show more...


Slow page loading and updates

@iSurf Support is anyone else experiencing slow load times. It's reminding me of dial up days:) I'm even located in Toronto so don't know what's up.
@iSurf Support help (x) iSurf (x) support (x)

@Adam Clark it's pretty much unusable for me at this time + 10 sec to load the network and then struggles to load images afterwards. Not sure what's going on but i'm able to use Diaspora from this same location/computer and it's snappy as everImage/Photo

@LPS I'm really sorry to hear that the situation is still the same for you.

I would like to find out more about what's causing the problem for you... Do you have the comfort level or skillset for doing things like running pings, traceroutes, running a test or two in the developer options in your browser, etc? I'm going to ask around, too, and see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, since as of right now, I've got what you are witnessing, and what I'm witnessing.

I am very interested in this, though, would love to get it resolved as I certainly don't want people having such poor experiences with the site!


Server moved!

!iSurf Support

It worked? It worked!

Well, time will tell, but things seem to be fine so far. Bigger, better server, plus a geography change to Toronto, which now puts this node in to a bit better jurisdiction for privacy concerns.

Please let me know if you see any issues!
Yep it worked! 🙂

Your directory is still in California or now in Toronto too?

The directory is still in California for now. No plans to move it immediately, and I'll likely not want to run it on the same VM as the friendica instance any longer.


Moving to Toronto!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

It's happening! In 10-15 minutes I'll be starting the process of moving the node to a new server. Maintenance will be about 15 minutes to do so, and then it will just be up to however long it takes the DNS servers you use to update with the new IP. If you have a use for it, the new IP is

See you at the new location!


Moving this node to Toronto soon

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

After much thought about growing this node, I've decided to move VPS providers and move the node from California to Toronto (then it truly will be a .ca, heh).

I'll make a quick post when I'm about to start the move, but I wanted to give advance notice that sometime in the next several days this will occur, and it will likely mean a bit of extended maintenance time. I will be doing some test runs and I expect to keep the move to about 15 minutes, but as there is a DNS change involved, you may continue connecting to the old location for an extended period of time, which would continue to show you the site as being in maintenance mode.

More to come soon!


Maintenance was successful!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

We're upgraded nicely and heading toward the next stable release. Enjoy the system, we'll do it again pretty soon!


Maintenance in a few minutes

!iSurf Support

Hi all!

The site is about to go in to maintenance mode to upgrade the system to the current -rc code. Shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes, but if anyone is around using the system, hopefully you're subscribed to this forum and see the post!

I'll post again when done.


Unsubscribe from posts?

!iSurf Support is there a way on #Friendica to disable notifications for posts? I don't necessarily need to see notifications for posts four days after interacting with it :)

Also what happens when i die. Will the notifications just keep building up forever?

Sure... when you login from your next life they should still be there, if your account isn't yet purged by that point.

You should be able to use the drop-down in the top right of the post (from the network name, like 'Friendica') to Ignore the thread, and stop the notifications.


The #newhere forum!

!iSurf Support

Hi all!

There is now a @NewHere Forum that's open for anyone to join. A great place to post a 'hello' message to the world and let us know you exist, or to ask any questions you have about things! Look forward to seeing you there!

#newhere #welcome #hello #Friendica #community #help #questions



!iSurf Support

Hi all, and welcome to the iSurf Social site. I hope you'll have a read through the Help if you want to find out more about using this site and the federated networks, and feel free to post here for support!