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Do I know them?

!iSurf Support
Being new here, I sent out some requests to Connect with like-minded people. In each case, the form asked "Do you know them?" And in every case, the reply 'Yes' was pre-selected and I couldn't change it. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

No, the button is still showing 'Yes' and won't change.

Part of the problem is that, with 4 different browsers on each of two different machines (PC and Android tablet) and with several themes which might be responsible, it's taking time to go through checking everything. Time which I don't have much of these days. I might end up having to live with those things I can't change (as the saying goes).

Fyi, I just verified the above support tag valid on Android browser. Many tags tested before today result in page not found....

!iSurf Support

Hey folks! I am not sure why the community forum account type is not showing in global search after a !

What I did was create a new account with a different email address and set the account type to community. When I bring it up it shows to be a forum but users find it using @ instead of !

How do I change it so it can be found either way? (which is registered by me via another email account then changed it to a community forum advanced account type).

I've just updated the site's code to the latest release candidate. Please let me know if this affects this at all for you.

I will check it later tonight thanks!

Can't federate with Osada?

!iSurf Support - Libranet can federate with Osada but we can't it seems? Trying to connect with Mike results in 'can't detect protocol'

see for a reshare from Osada on Libranet

Osada 2.0 released

Merry Xmas from Zotlabs.

Osada is an easy to use social network server of the blogging or "conversational" persuasion running over the ActivityPub protocol. There's a great deal of mature and proven functionality available as the underlying codebase has been developed since 2001 and part of the fediverse since 2010.

Privacy groups
File management
Photo Albums
WebDAV access
and more...

There are several plugins/addons providing LDAP authentication, personal wikis, content filtering, "friend/acquaintance zoom control", Twitter/StatusNet API and much more.

Hi there, @Michel Alexandre Salim

Yes, we're running the latest stable code, not the RC at this time. I'll be waiting for the stable to be released as I haven't had the time to babysit a buggy system this month.

I've been watching for the release announcement, so it won't take long once it's released.

And we're updated, see if this works for you now!

Federating with Pixelfed?

!iSurf Support - I can federate with Mastodon and Diaspora just fine from iSurf Social, but somehow I can't follow anyone on Pixelfed (which gained federation support to Mastodon a couple of days ago)


tried following:

federation (x) pixelfed (x)

I'm not sure how a Friendica node should know how to federate with something that it doesn't federate with.... Pixelfed may federate with Mastodon but that doesn't mean we can reach pixelfed users directly.

I think it's he same issue with my other question - Pixelfed only speaks ActivityPub, and Friendica doesn't until the 2018.12 release. Sorry for the noise!

Could be, we'll see what things look like after the stable update!

Connections seem a lot slower the past day or so

!iSurf Support Is it just me, or is anyone else finding connections to slower than normal?

I know the nature of the internet is that so many things vary at times, but I'm suddenly seeing it a lot slower anytime I connect. I'm not experiencing the same kinds of slowdowns on other sites I frequent.

Page load time 36.2 seconds this morning.

I'll start running some dev tools to see if I can monitor each and every item being loaded. I suspect a major contributor may be one or more external links that is taking a long time to respond and holding things up. If I see any pattern or anything that jumps out I'll let you know.

Hmm, well, friendica does do caching and proxy caching, but I think it has some limitations as to what it can cache or it can recognize as cacheable... and I forget whether that is based on the type of embedding or if I'm just mis-remembering.

That said, perhaps I could see a reference to a post that has something from a slow-loading server, and I can check in to whether or not friendica is making a local copy, and if so, when. (ie, would be nice to determine if friendica is doing the appropriate thing with helping speed things up, which it sounds like it may not be)

!iSurf Support

When scrolling my network feed sometimes I see popups in the upper right warning me there are 3 in this group (no idea what group it is referring to) that do not allow non-public messages and will not be included. Can someone explain please?

That's one I hadn't seen before, but there is a setting for that. Under your settings -> display, you'll see "Suppress warning of insecure networks".

Agreed but I am waiting for the new release as soon as RC testing is done. Then I can put a team of users in place to use that fine tooth comb and develop a wish list and fixes list.