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!iSurf Support I'm getting a lot of friend request spam and there is nudity that should be blocked in community section.

@Adam Clark Actually that spam was from "", however I haven't though that you could be interested in those kind of feedback, next time I'll keep you posted!


Thanks very much, will be appreciated in the future, and I am getting more tempted to block pawoo. We'll see how things go.

We're on the RC code!

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

If you had issues logging on at all tonight, it was due to a further attempt to get on to the new Friendica Release Candidate. Fortunately, due to the abilities of one of the developers, Mr. @Hypolite Petovan , the issue causing us all the problems was found and there will be suggestions & improvements filed.

Thanks very much, @Hypolite Petovan, and to everyone else on the system, enjoy the improvements! If nothing else, a variety of bugs have been fixed and the back-end database structure has had further improvements.

Thank you so much for all the efforts you all do for this :)

Looks like the issue is already resolved and we're now running on the updated code.

Yep, you could restore your web server configuration and it would now work.

I don't know if I'll go back - I think as we saw from the documentation, going with the default value is fine and shouldn't pose any problems.

I say that and something else is going to crop up, isn't it... heh.

I don't think you should either, but you *could*.
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Likely more up date attempting on Sunday

!iSurf Support

Hi all,

I'm not sure if you've noticed along the way or not, but the attempts at getting the node up to the latest release candidate (and on track for the next stable release) haven't gone according to plan.

I am looking to take another stab at it on Sunday sometime, so there may be some short outages happening then. I've updated the date on the home/login page to reflect that I'm still planning on causing interruptions.

Here's hoping things move ahead this weekend! I will post again once I have more useful details.


New here, and not sure how this works, but I've noticed the last few days that I can't add any new photos to my albums or create new ones. The process seems to be working but no error messages are raised after the submit button is clicked. The newly selected photo is not showing up anywhere.

Could this be related to your upgrade attempts?

Shouldn't be... just tested after your comment here and they're working for me. Make sure you choose an album when uploading.