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Let's not be led astray by platforms that market their products with the term "Blockchain" - it may not be.... as they say, "it ain't no nevermind".

Well that didn't go well.... I "quote shared" a remote post in my stream and it ended up linking to your post Joseph - apologies, but I'm just going to move along and let the bug stand in the stream. Just know that my post wasn't related to yours 😀

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Looks like the PrivacyTools blog is currently down at any rate...

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Oh that's just great. I've been observing many issues related to stability here and there over the past several months - with respect to many of the various services.

When they bridged Matrix channels with Discord that's when I muted all of the lagging and increasingly spammy discussion forums.

But I do still enjoy Henry's videos, and mirror a few here and there on some of my PeerTube servers 😀

On another note, I've been thinking that I'd like to do a video tut on #Fredlin and cover some basic usage. I'm sure the folks over at toobnix (SDF) would love to have something like that, since there's a lot of retro folks there, and I do directly federate with them.